Germ Guardian Review

Germ Guardian Review Guns, Germs, and Steel Cover of the first edition, featuring the painting Pizarro seizing the Inca of Peru by John Everett Millais Author Jared Diamond Country United States Language English Subject Geography , history , social evolution , ethnology , cultural diffusion Published 1997 ( W. W. Norton ) Media┬átype Print (… Continue reading Germ Guardian Review

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When Should You Buy A Potty?

When Should You Buy A Potty? The Question is “When Should You Buy A Potty?“ The key thing is to take a gently-gently approach – don’t force your toddler if they don’t feel ready. The tell-tale signs that let you know your toddler is ready include: Being aware of their bladder and when to go.… Continue reading When Should You Buy A Potty?

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