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Does Aldi Drug Test

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

Founded 10 July 1946




(split in two parts in 1960, renamed to Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in 1962)




Theo Albrecht

, Germany (Aldi Nord)


, Germany (Aldi Süd)
Number of locations






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


121.1 billion (2021)



Trader Joe’s

(Aldi Nord)



It’s exciting to land a new job. However, before you are allowed to start working, most companies will require extensive paperwork. A little more than half of US employers require drug screenings.

With their squeaky-clean brand image and reputation for treating employees well, you might wonder – Does Aldi drug test its new hires? Let’s find out what to do.

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022?

Aldi workers have reported that Aldi tests all new employees when they are hired in 2022. However, it can also test existing employees if needed. Aldi pre-employment drug testing is usually done at an offsite facility.

  • Aldi’s drug testing policy is complex. They have specific guidelines regarding what drugs are tested for, how you will be tested and any changes that might occur in legalizing pot. Continue reading
  • Why Does Aldi Drug Test?

    Aldi corporate has this to say in its employee handbook

    “Working, operating Company vehicles, machinery or equipment or being present on Company premises or in any other location performing services for the Company, under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted.

  • Illegal drug use or possession is strictly prohibited on the company’s premises.
  • This strong focus on drug-free working environments makes it fitting that the company conducts drug testing of new hires.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Is Aldi Drug testing all new hires?

    Judging by sources who have been hired, it is safest to assume that everyone will be drug tested as part of their pre-employment at Aldi.

  • Aldi has posted all of their job descriptions on the career site. It includes this passage: “Employment could be contingent upon ALDI receiving an acceptable job-related drug test or motor vehicle report and/or reference check.
  • It couldn’t be stated more clearly. It’s not a mistake to assume you won’t be drug-tested at Aldi just for hearing about another person who didn’t.

    Aldi conducts drug tests.

    Aldi has a reputation for conducting drug tests in different ways. However, the most common is the first.

    This happens during a second, or even third, interview. The hiring manger will direct the potential new employees towards an off-site, third party testing facility (a company such as the Associated Clinical Laboratories).

    This facility will conduct the test at a time and date that has been agreed upon. You are the only person using the bathroom when you collect your sample.

    Another possibility is that potential employees were surprised by trips to an off-site drug testing facility after arriving at interview.

    Aldi, a company that promotes a drug-free workplace, is a good example of how you should take their word for it and be ready to undergo an unexpected test.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Aldi is a drug test for.

    Aldi checks for various drugs in the urine. These include THC, opiates and cocaine.

    Aldi performed a urinalysis to detect these chemicals.

    What Happens If Your Aldi Drug Test Comes Back Positive?

    A positive result will knock you out. Most likely, you will receive your results within a few days via regular mail. However, Aldi may get faxes from the laboratory.

    If you have tested positive for one of the listed diseases, there is a good chance you won’t hear from them again. Or, if they do call, it will just be to inform you that they are stopping the hiring process.

    Aldi can be an attractive company so it is tempting to apply again. However, you should avoid using drugs before applying. According to one site, you should wait at least six months before applying again.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Does Aldi Drug Test Current Employees?

    Aldi was known to test employees for drugs! Aldi knows that once employees are hired, they will be using company property frequently so it is important to ensure that the environment is drug-free.

    Aldi has a written policy that prohibits drug use. However, testing can only be done if there is good cause for the management to suspect drug abuse.

    Aldi has no intention of spoiling anyone’s joy. Safety in retail stores is of paramount importance, as heavy machinery and equipment are the norm. Hundreds of customers walk through these shops every day.

    Aldi Drug test in states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal

    As more states legalize medical marijuana, this is an emerging and complicated situation.

    Aldi corporation hasn’t made any public statements. There has however been some conversation on sites like Aldisubreddit. People claim that Aldi will no longer refuse to hire/fire people based upon a positive THC-test.

    To keep things standard, they claim that it applies to all shops in all states.

    A few legalized patients in medical marijuana states have mentioned they knew that THC would be present in their tests.

  • Some people report that Aldi has stopped drug testing non-management employees as of 2021!
  • Aldi has yet to make any statement, or amend its employee handbook, despite the assertions of individuals.

    So while they might make these policy changes in the future (and in accordance with federal law), it is not worth taking a chance on currently.

    Aldi may be a good place to start if you’re looking for a job.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi conducts drug testing on both current and potential employees. This is part of the company’s strict anti-drug policy. Potential employees who go through the Aldi hiring process must expect to have a drug test administered before being officially hired.

    Does Aldi Drug Test New Hires?

    Does Aldi perform drug testing? Yes.

    Aldi uses what kind of drug test?

    ALDI workers say the drug test involves the sample of urine. The drug test is done to determine the level of THC (opiates), PCP and Cocaine in the body. Some people who use drugs sometimes submit synthetic urine for drug testing. May 4, 2021

    Can you get drug-tested before getting a job offer?

    Many companies insist that potential employees undergo drug testing before they offer a job. May 15, 2020

    Does Aldi Do Random Drug Test?

    Yes. Yes. ALDI conducts drug screenings before employees are hired. However, random drug testing will not be performed by ALDI.

    .Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

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