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Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards

Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

Founded 10 July 1946




(split in two parts in 1960, renamed to Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in 1962)




Theo Albrecht

, Germany (Aldi Nord)


, Germany (Aldi Süd)
Number of locations






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


121.1 billion (2021)



Trader Joe’s

(Aldi Nord)



The older you get, the more you can appreciate a nice gift card as a present. When you have gotten over the temporary thrill of pulling open wrap paper, you can feel that thick card inside an envelope feeling and know that you’ll be buying exactly what it is you need very soon.

A gift card to Aldi would give any foodie something to cheer about. But does Aldi sell gift cards, both for their own company and for other retailers? Here’s your answer below.

Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

Aldi To Sell Gift Card Cards in 2022

Aldi sells gift cards for both their stores and other retailers. However, these are not available year-round. Aldi gift cards can be purchased and loaded with up to $100 per card, while price points on gift cards for non-Aldi retailers vary.

  • Continue reading to learn more about Aldi’s gift cards, including gift cards from other retailers. You can also find out where they can be used and whether or not you can redeem them online.
  • What Can You Spend on an Aldi Gift Certificate?

    Aldi gift vouchers can be loaded only with 100$. You will need several to get more. A minimum purchase is five dollars.

    Aldi websites also state that increments cannot be placed in more than five dollars sets. However, you won’t be locked into increments below 10.

    Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

    Can You Buy An Aldi Gift Card Online?

    Aldi gift card can only be bought in physical stores. If you find a site selling them online, beware!

    Unfortunately, Aldi gift certificates cannot be sent “virtually”, unlike Amazon gift cards.

    Do Aldi Gift Cards Expire?

    Your gift card will not expire if it has a balance greater than zero.

    So if you do find an old gift card in a jacket pocket, check the balance! If there is a balance, you can still put it toward your next Aldi haul.

    If the gift card reaches a zero dollar balance, or if it isn’t reloaded in 30 days, it will automatically be deactivated and you will need to buy a new one.

    Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

    How Do You Use An Aldi Gift Card In-Store?

    Aldi makes it easy to redeem your gift card. At checkout, mention that you have the gift card. They will take it and scan it; if your funds are insufficient for the entire bill, they will have you cover the rest with a debit or credit card.

    After your order has been processed, the cashier should give you the amount still on your card. If not, the amount is located at the bottom of the receipt (some cashiers will even circle that for you).

    Aldi sells gift cards from other stores?

    Aldi can sell gift cards for other retailers. This is a difficult question.

    My research indicates that the other gift cards don’t usually sell during winter holidays.

    Typically, right about the beginning of November (at the start of the gift-giving melee) is when the special third-party gift card displays appear.

    You might find gift cards for restaurants such as Applebee’s and Buffalo Wild Wings or Outback Steakhouses.

    It is possible to also find video/tv or gaming cards like AMC Theaters (Hulu), Xbox, Steam, and Xbox.

    There could be general/apparel stores like Amazon, American Eagle or Barnes & Noble, Cabela’s and GameStop as well as Kohl’s Old Navy/Gap and Sephora.

    Aldi offers pre-paid debit/credit cards that allow recipients to shop as freely and easily as they like.

    The cards can be purchased in either a combination of fixed or variable prices (you choose the amount).

    Note: The following list does not represent a complete listing. It is meant to be an illustration of what gift cards might be available. Stock may change.

    Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

    Where Can You Find The Gift Cards At Aldi?

    Aldi’s gift cards will be available at the cash registers. You should find the gift cards while you are standing in line. You can ask employees if you are unsure or cannot see them.

    Gift cards from third-party retailers are often displayed in separate display cars, close to the registers. An employee, manager, or supervisor can be contacted to inquire if or when they may be available.

    Can You Use An Aldi Gift Card Online?

    Unfortunately, you cannot use an Aldi gift card online. Aldi’s online shopping service does not allow you to use this gift card.

    Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

    What is the Aldi Gift card for Alcohol?

    You can now use your Aldi Gift Card to purchase alcohol, so rejoice! Your Aldi gift certificate can be used, unless otherwise stated, to buy any product you see in the store, such as a Winking Owl 2.00 bottle or Vista Bay 12 pack hard seltzers.

    Aldi has gift cards for food that are only available to purchase. These are for food and do not apply to alcohol.

    What is the best way to find my Aldi gift card balance?

    The best way to determine your Aldi balance on a gift card is one of these two methods.

    Aldi has a helpful balance-finding webpage. Simply enter your number and security codes and the balance will appear.

    The card can be taken into the shop with you and checked by an employee. They will check it while you shop and at the till before you checkout.

    To learn more, you can see our related posts on if Aldi accepts coupons, if Aldi sells alcohol, and if Aldi accepts EBT.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi does sell their own gift cards, exclusively in stores, as well as third-party gift cards for other retailers around the winter holiday.

  • Even though an Aldi Gift Card might not be what you first think of as a present for someone, consider just how far $40, $50, and 50 can take you. Plus, how beautiful the Aldi Finds aisle.
  • Aldi offers gift cards to other shops?

    Aldi has gift cards available for purchase, but they’re not all the time. Aldi gift cards can be purchased and loaded with up to $100 per card, while price points on gift cards for non-Aldi retailers vary.

    What Gift Cards Does Aldi?

    ALDI Stores can accept credit, ALDI gift certificates, cash and debit cards. Visa and MasterCard are not accepted. As a payment option for Westfield stores, we accept Westfield Gift Card. December 20, 2020

    Do Aldi’S Grocery Store have gift cards?

    Yes. ALDI gift certificates can be purchased in increments of $5, and up to $100. ALDI gift vouchers can be purchased at your nearest ALDI retailer. A staff member will be more than happy to assist with the purchase. Unfortunately, gift cards cannot be purchased online.

    Is it necessary to spend an Aldi gift card all at once?

    You can order a Shopping Gift Card. You can learn more about each option and then order yours.

    .Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards In 2022? (Stores Types + Their Own)

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