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Is Aldi Coming To Canada

Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

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Expanding grocery stores in different countries can be a difficult business. Many chains don’t have the resources to manage this.

Aldi is a supermarket chain based in Germany. Aldi started in North America when it was founded in the 1970s. Although they now own over 2000 locations, Canada has remained untouched by Aldi’s discount merchandise.

Is Aldi going to Canada in the near future? The company’s continued expansion in the U.S. might surprise you.

Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022?

Aldi does not plan to travel to Canada, or any Canadian cities as of 2022. While many market experts predict the move is inevitable, so far the company has made no visible moves toward expanding to Canada, nor released any statements concerning the prospect.

You may be asking yourself why Aldi hasn’t come to Canada. Or whether the Canadian public is willing to support the Aldi chain. Keep reading for all the details.

Aldi is Coming to Canada, Why?

Aldi appears to be determined to dominate the American discount marketplace and ignores Canada for several reasons.

Aldi’s business model relies on the sale of low-priced foodstuffs that will keep your kitchen and pantry well-stocked.

Aldi has the ability to stay within their budgets and still offer competitive prices in the United States.

Canada has a 40 percent discount on grocery shopping, but that is only because of its budget/discount policy.

American shoppers might be impressed with Aldi’s grocery prices but Canadians may find it harder to wow them.

  • Another reason Aldi hasn’t come to Canada and shows no signs yet of doing so, is that of geography. CanadianGrocer.com claims that the country has “lacks of reasonably priced real estate”.
  • Aldi takes its store placement very seriously, even laying out some of the core requirements it looks for when scouting new locations via their website.

    Aldi has made it hard for shoppers to believe that they will find success in a market by keeping their operational costs as low as possible.

    Aldi follows the lead of Lidl, their main rival in Europe. Lidl also went to great lengths to create a Mississauga-based headquarters and hire people.

    Lidl ended up closing the office, scrapping plans and firing everyone. A few years later, Lidl instead opened their first store in the U.S. Aldi might find this story a warning.

    Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

    Do Shoppers Want Or Even Need Aldi In Canada?

    Aldi’s hype machine is so effective that Canadians do not really require Aldi stores within their already-discount-focused country.

  • A Facebook user in Aldi Aisle of Shame commented on how she visited Aldi stores throughout the U.S. despite having come from Canada. She couldn’t because of coronavirus closings. For Aldi, she went to another country!
  • A commenter on Reddit described themselves as “Desperately waiting for it [Aldi] to come to Canada.”
  • Aldi Finds are likely to be a solution. Canadians are able to get cheap bread, cereal and frozen veggies. Aldi’s finds such as character pet beds, inflatable outdoor seating and exercise bikes would nevertheless be popular.

    Where Could Aldi Build Stores In Canada?

    Aldi could start in the big Canadian cities Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. Combined, they have a population of 10.5 million people. Canada’s current population density would mean that Aldi would prefer to stay in bigger cities or urban centers.

  • For the record, Canada has a population density of four per square kilometer; 36 in the United States.
  • For more information, see the related posts about Aldi expanding in Las Vegas or if Aldi coming to Colorado.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi is not coming to Canada in the near future, and they have shown no signs of preparing to do so.

    Getting Aldi to come to an entirely different country, especially one uniquely structured like Canada, where the market is crowded with discount food retailers, will likely take a lot more analysis and planning, but take heart – it likely will happen at some point.

    .Is Aldi Coming To Canada In 2022? (Plans + Potential Locations)

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