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Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque

Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

The German grocery chain supermarket has fallen a bit behind the schedule but they are still working towards their goal of 2,500 stores.

  • Arizona has now got its first Aldi shop. This may have you wondering: When will Aldi be available in New Mexico or Albuquerque. Here’s the solution!
  • Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

    Which are the best locations for Aldi in New Mexico or Albuquerque

    Aldi is open to setting up shop in New Mexico as well as Albuquerque should they wish to make their way towards The Land of Enchantment.

    Albuquerque has the highest population in the state with just under half a Million residents living within the city and close to one million in its metropolitan region.

    There are many places in the city where an Aldi store would make sense, such as Quigley Park or Nob Hill.

    Santa Fe is the capital city of Santa Fe.

    Santa Fe is New Mexico’s fourth largest city with an estimated 85,000 inhabitants. But, the city also attracts tons of tourists for its numerous historical attractions.

    What Is the Closest Aldi Between New Mexico and Albuquerque

    The closest Aldi to Albuquerque is the Gilbert, AZ store, which lies about 320 miles southwest.

    The Texas locations tend to be more eastern than the border with New Mexico.

    Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

    Where Can Shoppers Go Instead Of Aldi In New Mexico And Albuquerque?

    Albuquerque residents, New Mexicans, and Albuquerque may not yet own Aldi shops but there are many other options.

    There are no fewer that six locations for the Sprouts Farmers Market within the Albuquerque region, three in the entire state and two more in Santa Fe.

    There are also two Whole Foods Markets within NM: one is in Albuquerque; one is Santa Fe.

    And there are 23 Albertsons Markets in the state, with two in Santa Fe and 10 in the Albuquerque metro region.

    You can read the related posts to find out more information about Aldi. These include whether Aldi will be coming to Utah and Washington State.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s present building plan is not approved for New Mexico or Albuquerque. However, it shows that the company has no plans to stop expanding the U.S.

    Time will tell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if New Mexico finally saw at least a few Aldi stores when the company enters its next building phase.

    Aldi will open new shops in Aldi’s 2022 location.

    Aldi U.S. aims to increase its U.S. store count by 150 in 2022. Its expansion along the Gulf Coast regions will see the deep discount retailer reach the 38th US state. Aldi U.S., based in Batavia in Illinois, announced Tuesday that they plan to open a Lafayette location on February 10th. It will be the chain’s first Louisiana store.

    Is Aldi Going Out Of Business 2022?

    While the pandemic saw many restaurants, stores, and chains close their doors, Aldi’s business model and operations have not been affected (via Business Insider). Aldi will be America’s third largest grocery store chain, in terms of total stores count, by 2022,” Business Insider reported. “Jul 12, 2021

    Are There Any States That Do Not Use Aldi

    These States or Territories are not home to ALDI facilities – Idaho. Puerto Rico. Hawaii. Alaska. Nevada. Utah. Louisiana. Colorado. Wyoming. American Samoa. Washington. Oregon. Guam. Maine. New Mexico. Montana. U.S. Virgin Islands. Northern Mariana Islands.

    Is Aldi’S owned or controlled by Trader Joe’S

    ALDI & Trader Joe’s do not share the same parent company. Both stores have an underlying family tradition. The original ALDI (at the time, Albrecht Diskont) opened back in the early 1900s as a single German grocery store.Feb 23, 2020

    .Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

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