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Who Makes Aldi Products

Who Makes Aldi Products In 2022? (Alcohol, Milk, Tvs + More)

As more information has become readily available via the Internet, consumers are as concerned as they have ever been about the sourcing of the things they buy. From their cheese to their living room couches, people want to know who made it and where.

Aldi German Grocery Chain carries a large number of private-label merchandise.

  • This article will answer your questions if you are an Aldi enthusiast and would like to learn more about their origins. Below you’ll find some Aldi favorites and information about who made them.
  • Who Makes Aldi Products In 2022? (Alcohol, Milk, TVs + More)

    Aldi Products: 2022 Who will make them?

  • Friendly Farms Produce Aldi Almondmilk
  • Almond Milk by Aldi’s Friendly Farms label has become a popular choice for vegans as well as lactose-sensitive people. The price is only about $2/half-gallon, while Silk can go for up to $3.

    Aldi’s almond Milk is also completely free of Carrageenan. A thickening agent used in liquids to prevent from thickening, which has been connected to health concerns.

    Friendly Farms’ products were made from Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy (VT), whose parent company Ehrmann AG, is based in Germany.

  • Aldi Nappies (Diapers) Made By Little Journey
  • Parents quickly realize the importance of high-quality diapers at a reasonable price. It can seem like you are going through hundreds every week, and that you have to set aside money just for nappies.

    Aldi’s diapers sell for an incredible price at 14 cents per dia.

    First Quality, LLC, is the company responsible for Aldi’s Little Journey diapers. The company has manufacturing facilities in GA and PA specifically for baby products.

    Other First Quality products include Prevail adult incontinence, Plenty paper towels and Cuties diapers.

  • Aldi Bread Products are Made by L’oven
  • Aldi’s bread is always a great deal, with the white bread loaves selling for as low as $0.89!
  • Even better is the fact that these products are manufactured by Bimbo Bakeries USA.

    One user on Reddit commented that this made sense, because Bimbo supplies Wendy’s hamburger buns and they thought Aldi buns tasted exactly the same.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Aldi Australia sources some of its bread from a 100-year-old family-owned business called Davies Bakery. Under the Aldi Bakers Life label, they offer bread, crumpets and English muffins.

  • Aldi Beer by Various Labels
  • Aldi’s beer may not get the same praises as their wine collection, but it is still highly drinkable. It’s also much less expensive than craft or big-brand breweries.

    Aldi’s beers are also packaged under the names of actual breweries.

    Aldi is a partner with Third Street Brewhouse.

    The Wernesgruner Pilsner, considered by Thrillist to be the very best of the bunch, is an import from Germany. The brewery actually was started in Saxony over 600 years ago.

    Brouwerij Marten NV, located in Bocholt (Belgium), is the brewery that produced The Imperium, White Tide, and Brens Lager. This company also sells private-label beer and has partnered with other companies in order to distribute them.

    Custom Tap Brews of Rochester, NY is the brewery behind both the Independence Harbor Amber Ale (a spin on Sam Adams) and Wild Range IPA. BeerAdvocate.com says these beers were made by Genesee Brewing in Rochester.

    Ryder No. Brecken Bock is brewed by State of Brewing of Waunakee WI.

    Another import is the Cerveza Monterrey (a Corona duplicate), which was brewed at Cerveceria Centralo Americana S.A. in Guatemala.

    True to its name, the Holland Lager 1839 is imported from the Netherlands, via the Swinkels Family Brewers, who have a huge portfolio of IPAs, lagers, and more.

  • Aldi Ice cream Made by Belmont and Sundae shoppe
  • Aldi’s Belmont icecream receives mixed reactions. While some love it (especially Moose Tracks), others hate it. Others call it “icemilk”.
  • It’s not hard to find fault with the Ben and Jerry’s dupes selling for $2.50 per 16 oz. and the brand name can top $5 a container.

    In case you weren’t aware, Aldi’s ice cream does not come from Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, it comes from Ludington’s House of Flavors, a Northern Michigan company.

    Sundae Shoppe is a Sundae Shoppe product. It’s manufactured by Fieldbrook Foods Corporation of Dunkirk NY.

  • Aldi Cereal Made By Millville
  • Many sources claim that Millville cereal is just General Mills. Mashable says that this is incorrect. However, it doesn’t mention who is responsible for the Aldi generic name brand. So I decided to dig deeper.

    Millville cereals used to be produced by MOM Brands, a Minnesota-based company. However, that business was acquired by Post Holdings in 2015 (also from Minnesota).

    Aldi was able to stay with its manufacturer throughout the merger, so Post Holdings made Millville bagged and boxed cereal.

    It’s not all they make. Millville-labelgranola can be produced and made by New England Natural Bakers of Greenfield, MA.

  • Aldi Chocolate By Moser-Roth
  • Aldi’s chocolates are celebrated sweets, perfect for s’mores in the summertime or charcuterie board greatness any other time. The label Moser-Roth is made by a German company called August Storck.

    Moser-Roth was originally founded in Stuttgart in 1841 but has changed hands a few times since. Aldi’s label was revived in 2007 by August Storck KG.

  • Aldi Baby Formula Made By Perrigo Nutritionals
  • Aldi’s Little Journey label provides many basic baby products to help cash-strapped families. A canister of sensitive 22.5-ounce formula costs only $13.59. This is especially a blessing for parents.

    Perrigo Nutritionals is the manufacturer of this formula, which also sells private label formulas at Kroger Walmart Sam’s Club among other places.

  • Aldi Potato Chips Made By Olde York Potato Chips
  • Clancy’s Aldi Chips are a great choice if you’re not familiar with them. Clancy’s will not set you back more that two to three dollars depending on your type of chip.

    Aldi sources their Clancy’s label from a variety of places.

    Olde York Potato Chips of Brampton makes both the Combo snack bag and the wavy potato chips. Seneca Snack Company is Marion’s manufacturer of their cinnamon apple chips.

    Some Clancy’s Chips were also made by Barrel o’ Fun, a Minnesota-based snack company.

  • Aldi Bagged Salad Mixes Made By Little Salad Bar
  • Bagged salad mixes make throwing together a healthy meal super easy and convenient, and Aldi sells their Little Salad Bar Garden Salads for only $1.49 per bag. Fresh Express’ bagged salads are available for up to $3.50 per pack.

    This is the best part. These are identical products. Aldi Bagged Garden Salads manufactured and made by Fresh Express. Aldi is able to charge a fraction.

    Fresh Express is based in California, but they have growing regions for their various greens all over the country and even in Mexico.

  • Southern Grove makes Aldi Trail Nut Mixes and Mixed Nuts
  • Aldi’s lower prices are a joy for nuts fans, because the most expensive types such as almonds, trail mixes and pistachios can go very high at supermarkets.

    Aldi Southern Grove Sweet & Salty Trail Mix can be purchased in single packets of eight for only $2.65. This makes it a bargain at 12 ounces. A snack mix.

    Actually, that snack mixture is the product of King Nut Company. Kanan Enterprises in Solon, Ohio is also behind it.

    Kanan Enterprises has also been responsible for Peterson’s Gourmet Nuts And Snacks fundraising materials that are used to raise money by schools or other institutions.

  • The King Nut Company’s website even touts their private label and custom packaging capabilities!
  • Another Southern Grove label item is the Mixed Nuts Less Than 50% Peanuts product, which Aldi sells for $4.99 for 14.75 oz. For $11, you can get a similar package of Planters!
  • Superior Nut Company is the manufacturer of this Aldi product. The company was started in 1929.

    Superior Nut has taken its sustainability efforts very seriously, and Aldi chose to partner with the company. The company achieved net-zero carbon emissions as of 2013. Aldi believes this is a fitting partnership.

  • Aldi Non Dairy Almond Frozen Dessert Made by Earth Grown
  • Aldi’s nondairy almondmilk frozen desserts also know as vegan icecream, are surprising delicious and suitable for all dietary requirements.

    Aldi allows special-diet food to be affordable. For example, their Earth Grown icecream is just $3. The going price for brand names starts at $4.50. It only increases from there.

    SmithFoods makes Earth Grown vegan cheese ice cream. The wholesaler of dairy products is based in Orrville Ohio. There are facilities throughout the Midwest.

  • Aldi Pesto Sauce Made By Priano
  • It’s easy to make pesto, but it is much easier to buy pesto. Aldi will not break the bank for you. Priano brand pesto retails for only $2.19 per the 6.7-oz can. Delallo pesto, which is $6.99 in a 6-oz. jar, costs $6.99.

    The Priano item in question is made by BLM Produktions-und Vertriebsges mbH & co KG, a German company. This German company specializes in pasta wholesale and related products.

  • Aldi Frozen Fruit Made By Season’s Choice
  • Families are increasingly interested in frozen fruit and smoothies.

    Aldi’s Season’s Choice frozen fruit blends are available in bags for as low as $6.89 each 48-oz bag. That is nearly $2 less than comparable store brands.

    Aldi obtains frozen mixed fruit from Wawona Frozen Foods. They are a family owned and operated business that has more than 100 products in the marketplace. Wawona supplies California’s grocery chain Raley’s.

  • Baker’s Corner: Aldi Flour
  • Aldi’s flour five-pound bags under Baker’s Corner cost only $1.15. This allows home bakers to really stretch their money.

    This flour is manufactured by the ADM Milling Co., a multinational company that is headquartered in Chicago, with other headquarters and plants all around the country and world.

  • Aldi TVs Made By TLC
  • Bauhn, Aldi’s electronics supplier, is from Australia. It manufactures and sells TVs, tablets as well, headphones, speakers, and many other items.

    Bauhn products will not be sold in the US but Australians may enjoy Bauhn televisions for as low as $1,000.

  • Glen Marnoch’s Aldi Whisky
  • American consumers will be disappointed to learn that we do not sell any Aldi hard liquors in the United States, even those which have won gold at Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters.

    Aldi’s Whisky Origin is well-kept, it seems, though some intelligent (and persistently persistent) Redditors have their theories.

    Aldi, according to one thread participant, buys “rejected barriques” from respectable distilleries and puts them on their own label.

    Another person said Glen Marnoch, which is near the Bridge of Marnoch, is made by Glendronach.

  • Aldi must not let this slip. There will not be a quick solution to this problem.
  • Aldi Gin Made By Boyle’s
  • Aldi gets their gin from Blackwater Distillery near County Waterford.

    Infused with blackcurrants, apples, and elderflowers, Boyle’s is named after Robert Boyle, a philosopher, and scientist born in the area.

  • Aldi Vodka Made By Saint Germont
  • Aldi’s Saint Germont Vodka has been described as “Grey Goose at Half the Price” and is readily available in the UK. However, its origins and packaging are quite mysterious.

    The product is sold not just at Aldi; however, a Youtuber purchased a bottle from Tesco.

    Aldi offers quality accessories for home improvement and tools by WorkZone. In fact, there are many suppliers to the US product line.

    Merotec USA is one example. Keter is another.

    Aldi’s Warranties and Manuals Page on the website can help you find the information.

    In the UK one of the manufacturers is Einhell, a Germany-based tool company.

    Learn more by reading about Aldi redbag chicken, Aldi source of their chicken, Aldi beef, and other topics.

  • Conclusion
  • It’s not always the big name companies that make Aldi products. Some believe it is. But it can be even more. Aldi works with many smaller wholesalers and companies that can work closely with its products to ensure high quality.

    Aldi also sells a lot of the same products as other grocery stores with brand-name products. However, Aldi is able to offer lower prices.

    .Who Makes Aldi Products In 2022? (Alcohol, Milk, Tvs + More)

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