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Amazon Stolen Package Policy

Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

Shop online with your smartphone or computer. It is extremely convenient. The only thing is you have to wait for your package to arrive, which may raise concerns about stolen packages depending on where you live and how often you’re home.

Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

If you love to shop online like me but you have security concerns, you may be wondering what is Amazon’s stolen package policy?

  • This is what I had to find out, and I’m glad I did!
  • Amazon’s Stolen package Policy: 2022

    With over one million package being lost or stolen each day in the U.S.A, it is clear that theft of parcels has hit new heights. Amazon reassures shoppers with its A-to-z Guarantee Protection, which covers the majority of stolen packages. You can file a claim for a refund with Amazon if you’re having trouble getting your money back with an Amazon seller.

  • If you want to know more about Amazon’s stolen package policy, including how to report a stolen package and get a refund, keep reading our full guide!
  • Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

    What to Do if Your Amazon Package Gets Stealed?

    Amazon provides many protections against lost packages.

    The first thing you should do is check the order status in your account. If you were expecting a package to come one day but it didn’t show up, there’s a possibility it was just delayed due to certain circumstances such as bad weather.

    It’s possible for your package to appear on the front door or in your mailbox, but not delivered.

    You can be sure that the Amazon driver dropped the package in the wrong place.

    Amazon allows you to make a report about any problem in your account, including missing package.

    You should still keep an eye out for the package in case it turns up, as there could be a notice of attempted delivery or maybe it was dropped in your mailbox instead of at your door.

    Amazon suggests that you allow 48 hours for delivery as rare circumstances may lead to packages appearing as delivered prior to being dropped off.

    If you are located in an area with multiple delivery carriers, this may be possible.

    How To Report A Stolen Amazon Package?

    Log into your Amazon account to report stolen packages. The reporting process varies depending on whether an item was purchased from Amazon or a third party seller.

    You will have to first contact Amazon Marketplace seller if you want to file a claim for stolen packages.

    You’ll find the contact option for the seller under the order transaction details. Send them an email directly through the Amazon app or website. They will respond within 24 hours.

    If you are not satisfied with the response within the given time, you will be able to submit a claim.

    If you are unable to locate your items, then click on the order. Follow the prompts and report the problem.

    Amazon and the third-party seller can get in touch to discuss your concerns further and offer a solution.

    Amazon fulfills orders for products sold by Amazon. You just need to go to your order and choose the view/file claim option.

    Be sure to fill in the necessary fields. Please explain how and when you got the package.

    You have the opportunity to give as much detail as possible, even if security cameras show someone actually taking it.

    You don’t need to have a camera to request a refund. Just be honest with your details.

    You can contact Amazon Customer Service directly if you don’t receive a response within a few days.

    Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

    Does Amazon Give Refunds On Stolen Packages?

    To give shoppers peace of mind and keep them coming back to buy more, Amazon takes care of most stolen package reports.

    Stolen packages containing third-party Amazon sellers’ items are covered by the A to Z Guarantee. The A-to-z Guarantee ensures that customers will receive a full refund in case of theft.

    Even for items sold directly by Amazon, the retailer does its best to provide replacement items or refunds, which helps protect its reputation when it comes to stolen packages.

    Track your claims on Amazon. The payment to your account is then returned.

    However, Amazon can deny your claim if it finds the information to be fraudulent or the seller offers proof of successful delivery.

    How Common Are Stolen Amazon Packages?

    Amazon offers several options for secure shipping.

    Amazon, despite its excellent reputation for safe and timely delivery cannot protect all packages from theft, particularly when the rate of package theft has reached an all-time high.

    It is estimated that there are more than 1.7 million lost and stolen packages in America each day. Amazon is unfortunately the most popular e-retailer in the US.

    One third of Americans claim that they have at least one package taken away, which is equivalent to 25 million dollars in lost goods per day.

    Security.org’s recent study has found Amazon packages most vulnerable to theft. 52 percent reported that Amazon deliveries were stolen while only 43 percent reported USPS delivery thefts.

    Study results showed that Amazon packages were more likely to get stolen than FedEx, UPS and other carriers. Amazon’s protection against theft is a good thing.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon is the most popular place to shop online, with billions of packages shipped every year. As the theft of packages increases in America, porch pirates have been known to be looking for Amazon boxes.

    Luckily for Amazon shoppers, the A-to-z Guarantee protects against package theft and means you should get a refund or a replacement for most stolen packages.

    If you suspect that your package may have been stolen and it is not showing up in Amazon’s account, then you can call the seller to start the claim procedure for a reimbursement.

    .Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

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