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Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan

Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Pizza Hut, LLC
Casual dining

Founded June 15, 1958

; 63 years ago




Wichita, Kansas

, U.S.
Dan Carney

Frank Carney
Headquarters 7100 Corporate Dr.,

Plano, Texas


Number of locations
18,703 restaurants worldwide (2020)


Area served
Key people
Vipul Chawla (President Pizza Hut International)


Pan Pizza




Chicken Wings


Revenue Decrease
US$1.091 billion (2016)


Number of employees
About 350,000



Yum! Brands



Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

If you need to get a package sent to Pakistan, you may be wondering whether or not Amazon will deliver there?

I needed to be more informed about Amazon’s shipping range, so here are my findings about Amazon delivery to Pakistan.

Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer delivery to Pakistan for many items. Pakistan falls outside of Amazon’s standard international delivery zone and most Amazon Marketplace sellers do not offer international shipping to Pakistan. Amazon.com has an International Shopping page that allows you to check if products can ship to Pakistan.

You may still be curious about Amazon delivery and shipping policies in Pakistan. Keep reading for all the details.

Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Does Amazon Ship Free To Pakistan?

Amazon Free Shipping is not Available to Pakistan or the Surrounding Countries

AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping Free in Some Cases will be displayed under the eligible items or destinations. Pakistan is not.

There is good news! Amazon International Shopping’s recent expansions mean that more products may now be available for shipment to Pakistan.

Amazon requires you to provide your delivery address so that you can avoid purchasing a product from Amazon and then finding out it doesn’t ship to Pakistan.

What Amazon Products Can Be Shipped To Pakistan?

To find Amazon products that are available for shipping to Pakistan, check out the Amazon International Shopping page.

This page functions as a filtering site that blocks items from being shipped to Pakistan.

Every product is different, but there are some books, home and kitchen gear, electronics, tools, and personal care products that can be delivered to Pakistan.

Amazon third-party sellers have unique shipping requirements. You should also verify each product listing’s merchant details before buying.

Amazon will send you an email if you have any questions about the delivery address.

Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Amazon Shipping Costs to Pakistan:

You can order Amazon products to Pakistan from Amazon. However, the shipping cost will be higher than for standard international shipping.

Amazon sellers can charge up to $20-40 depending on item size and shipping requirements.

Amazon Pakistan customers might opt for a forwarding agency to receive their package to Pakistan.

Amazon offers a range of shipping options to Pakistan. You can check out their global shipping rates for a more accurate estimate.

Shipping to the Middle East starts at $4.99 for standard delivery. Priority shipping costs a minimum of $18.99 and expedited shipping will cost at least $39.99.

These rates only apply to products found on the Amazon International Shopping page.

How Long Does Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Take?

Amazon shipping times to Pakistan depend on a variety of factors, including the selected shipping time and the product distribution location.

Amazon is headquartered in the U.S. for most of its fulfillment centers, though there are some centers across Europe and Asia.

Your product may not be available in the U.S., but shipping to Pakistan could take less time if it is.

Amazon shipping internationally to Pakistan will take approximately 1-2 weeks.

Amazon provides information about the expected delivery time when placing an order.

This will let you know when your Amazon order should be arriving in Pakistan or another country.

Amazon Shipping and Delivery Services: More Information. You may also be interested in our Related Articles on Amazon Ships to Hawaii. If Amazon Delivers to Mexico Lately, it is possible to find out more.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon cannot deliver many items to Pakistan because it is not within its standard delivery zones.

    Amazon just recently expanded international shipping options to allow for more merchandise to be shipped to different countries.

    You shouldn’t expect Pakistan to get millions of items like the U.S., but you can still visit Amazon’s International Shopping page to enter your delivery address.

    This filtered search will bring up items that are available for delivery to Pakistan.

    Amazon Delivery to Pakistan

    Short answer: Very few Amazon.com products are shipped to Pakistan. Two thirds of Amazon’s Third-Party Sellers, which make up most of the merchants on Amazon, don’t ship internationally.

    Amazon Ban in Pakistan

    Amazon has banned Pakistanis selling through the site via their “Jugaad” (or “hacks”) despite this. While Amazon has banned Pakistanis selling through the site via “Jugaad”, or hacks, it is still being used by them.

    .Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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