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How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing

How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

Returning a gift to be exchanged for something better is perfectly acceptable. Amazon will actually return the gift, and you can use your Amazon gift card credit to purchase anything you like.

Amazon makes it easy for customers to send unwanted products back.

  • Amazon lockers make it easy to return items, as well as gifts, via online shipping labels. You don’t have to tell Amazon that you are returning an item.
  • How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

    What is the best way to return an Amazon gift in 2022?

    To return an unwanted gift to Amazon without the giver knowing, you will need to find the 17-digit order ID number from the packing slip. You will have to print and return the label to Amazon once you find it. The refund process can take between 25 and 30 days.

  • How do you return Amazon gifts? You can read on for more information!
  • Search for your order ID and file a return request
  • The first thing to do when returning a gift on Amazon (without the sender/giver knowing) is to find your gift on the website.

  • This is how you track the gift. Enter the 17-digit order code for the item that you wish to return. It is found on your packing slip, under “order ID”.
  • Reach out to Amazon Customer Support if you’re still having difficulty finding the gift that you want or need help with this number.

    Most often, they will be able to track your order for you by providing additional information like the name and address of the gift receiver.

    Once you have your order ID, you can fill in the returns request with details about the reason for returning the item.

    It should be mentioned that if you are returning a gift and you do not have an existing Amazon account, you will need to set one up.

    An account is necessary because Amazon Gift Card Credit can be used to refund returned products. These gift cards can only be used or issued if you have an account.

  • Select Your Return Shipping Options For Amazon
  • Once you send in your Amazon returns request, you’ll receive an email with the printable label and authorization. You can use this to print at your home for your parcel.

    The email link can be sent to someone you trust to print the authorization and label for you.

    There is also the option to use the link again later. Amazon provides a 30-day return policy for merchandise and gift items.

    It is recommended that each item be packaged individually once you have received your label. This is done as packaging multiple returns in one box or package can slow down the process and delay your refund.

    Before sealing the box up, put the return authorization label inside the package with the gift that you are returning.

    Again, make sure that you include all parts, papers, and accessories to make sure you get the most Amazon gift card credit for your gift return.

    Where can I get my gift credit?

    Amazon will send you a refund once the product has been returned. You can redeem your Amazon gift credit online.

    Remember to return items in the exact same condition they were bought, including all accessories and parts.

    Furthermore, your gift return may be affected by whether or not the gift was used.

    Amazon can process returns in as little as 25 days. After that, you’ll be issued an Amazon eGift certificate with the remainder of your unwanted gift.

  • For unwanted gifts, you can also use Amazon Locker
  • An excellent solution, especially around holiday time, is to manage returns via Amazon Hub Lockers.

    However, they are available in most metropolitan areas.

    When visiting the return center page on Amazon, choose to select an Amazon Hub locker location for your gift return.

    Be aware that not all items or gifts are eligible for pickup at Amazon Hub Locker locations.

    The lockers will generally hold boxes that are less than 18-by-14 by-12 inches.

    Amazon will email you with a drop off code after you submit your request.

    You can enter this code to gain access at the locker’s location.

    The code is entered on a touch screen at the locker location, which will then prompt you with further instructions.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon allows you to easily return gifts you have already received.

    To mail or drop off returns at an Amazon Hub Locker near you, follow the instructions on Amazon’s site.

    You shouldn’t hold on to gift that isn’t right for you, or one that you do not need. Returning a gift from Amazon is very simple. The Amazon gift certificate can be used to get credit to pay for anything on Amazon.

    .How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

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