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How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

Since recent years, prisons offer a wide range of facilities for inmates. These include therapeutic centers as well as the possibility to complete their education on-site.

  • Amazon and other companies allow family members and friends to send magazines, books, and newspapers to their inmates. But how does this process work? You can find the answer in this article.
  • Amazon in 2022: Sending magazines and books to prisoners
  • Amazon customers are able to send magazines and books to prisoners by simply entering their prisoner number and unit into the Amazon order page. You can send books or magazines to inmates as long they do not contain any depictions that are considered triggers for prisoners, such as violence, racism, and sexual content.

  • For more helpful information on Amazon’s shipping policy to prisons as well as the steps involved in sending magazines and books to them, continue reading!
  • How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    What is the best way to send magazines and books from Amazon to my inmates?

    Customers must use this process to order books or magazines from Amazon to their inmates:

  • Login to your Amazon account and go to the order page. On the order page, type in the inmate’s full name, their unit number and their inmate number. Enter the address for the accurate correctional facility/ prison, and select the city and state the prison is located in. Pay attention to the box for “Gift”. Inmates and prisons may be required to verify the option. Select the delivery option you prefer, and then click on “Place Order.”
  • Customers can also use DoNotPay search tools to locate the exact location of an inmate they are sending books to, provided they know the inmate’s full name, ID number, and/or Unit Number.

    Customers should also note that they are required to send packages directly through Amazon, and may not purchase books through a third-party seller that doesn’t fulfill orders through Amazon directly.

    What Is Amazon’s Policy for Sending Books and Magazines to Inmates?

    Amazon has stated that they will provide packages for inmates if requested.

    Amazon encourages its customers to reach out to the prison to request that Amazon packages be allowed to be sent to the prisoners.

    Amazon, unlike other companies, will not place any instructions or special information on the exterior of the package. They will instead include Amazon’s name as well as the destination and return addresses.

    How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    Which magazines and books can be sent to prisoners?

    To prevent any inmates from sending dangerous or worrying behavior, customers must follow these guidelines when sending magazines and books to prisons.

    The following checklist should be used by customers when choosing the books and magazines that they want to ship from Amazon:

  • Must be completely new
  • Maximum three products per box
  • Only paperback (hardcover books can be used to make weapons).
  • This book cannot include any explicit content, violence or racism, nor any gang-related behaviour.
  • Cannot be sent by a third-party seller who doesn’t fulfill orders directly through Amazon
  • Send it by USPS
  • You cannot send anonymously
  • The address must address to the individual prisoner.
  • If customers are wondering which types of books are most appropriate, it’s recommended they send books with overall positive messages such as self-help/self-improvement books, science and nature, sudoku and crossword puzzles, and other similar books.

    Inmates who are incarcerated for nonviolent reasons may be allowed access to a broader range of books.

    Customers are advised to be careful about what books they send, in order not to let other inmates access them.

    How do I find an Inmate with the ability to send books and magazines?

    The prison that the customer wishes to send books to can be contacted by the customer.

    Only the unit number or inmate ID of the prisoner to which the customer is sending the parcel, and the prison address are required.

    If customers don’t know where the prison is, they can search engines such as DoNotPay for the exact address.

    It is important that customers note when they send magazines or books to prisoners, it is not possible to do so anonymously. The package must also be addressed specifically to the person being sent.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon offers the ability to ship magazines or books directly to prisoners. Customers must enter the prison address, inmate number and unit number into the Amazon ordering page.

    Customer may not send magazines or books with explicit sexual, violent or racial content.

    Also, only paperback magazines and books may be sent to customers. A hardback book could also be used as an instrument of war.

    Amazon also requires that customers send package directly through them.

    .How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

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