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One Piece Dubbed

One Piece Dubbed

One Piece Dubbed

Voyage 8 English Dub gets One Piece Season 11 Release Date

Funimation revealed Thursday that the next set of One Piece episodes will be available with an English subtitle. Later this month, Season 11, Voyage 8 from the iconic manga-and anime series will make its way onto streaming services.

The digital stores will begin to sell episodes 720-732 on August 17. In streaming, English-dubbed episodes from the next set of One Piece episodes will appear on Funimation September 7th, just a few days after their digital launch.

Funimation also announced that a Blu-ray and DVD release of the episodes is planned, but no further information on that was revealed. The latest batch of One Piece episodes will see Luffy and Law continued their legendary showdown with Doflamingo, with Luffy potentially powering up to a brand new technique.

August will be one of the most important months for One Piece. Funimation revealed that One Piece – Collection 27 would also be released on Blu-ray in August. Fans of One Piece shouldn't wait long to grab more episodes or content.

One Piece Dubbed

Funimation Announces That the Next Series of Episodes for One-Piece is On Its Way and Will Arrive Sooner Than You Think.

Nate. Enjoy!

The Straw Hats include the Revolutionary Army, Dressrosa People, Revolutionary Army, Revolutionary Army and Colosseum Fighters against Doflamingo. Loffy, Loffy, and their comrades will continue their adventure through Dressrosa.

On July 6th, a new set of 12 episodes (Episodes 707-719) is available at digital outlets, such as Microsoft Movies & TV.

Funimation fans and users have also been blessed with good news. A few weeks following their digital launch, the new English-dubbed One Piece episodes are available on Funimation's streaming service.

No word as of yet regarding home video releases, including Blu-ray and DVDs, but they did say information is coming soon.

One Piece Season 11 Voyage 6 currently is available online and via Funimation’s Tremaing app in English subbed or dubbed. I've included their teaser trailer below.

Continue the dub and fight in the Birdcage continues! The Digital Storefronts now offer Season 11 Voyage 6 Episodes 694-6706


One Piece Dubbed

One Piece

One Piece anime is based upon the manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Toei Animation has produced the anime and Hiroaki Myamoto and Munehisa Sai have directed it. It first aired on Fuji Television, October 20, 1999.

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4Kids Entertainment acquired the rights to this series in 2004 for English-language distribution in North America. The dub had 143 episodes reduced to 104 by heavily editing for length and content. On September 18, 2004, it premiered in the United States on Fox Network's Fox Box programming block. In April 2005, it was featured on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. 4Kids cancelled the dub due to financial reasons. In April 2007, FUNimation Entertainment acquired the license from 4Kids. The FUNimation dubbed episodes aired from September 2007 until it's cancellation in March 2008. Cartoon Network returned to air in September 2007 and continued until its cancellation March 2008. FUNimation started distributing the dub by releasing DVD box sets containing 26 episodes.


One Piece Dubbed

What will happen to more seasons of One Piece?

It is difficult to say whether or not One Piece will continue to air on Netflix. However, we'll do our best to help you understand why.

Netflix has listed the first four seasons of One Piece as 130 episodes. This is a small number compared to the total episodes the series has.

Netflix currently has nearly 800 additional episodes, as 929 One Piece episodes have already been broadcast in Japan at the time of writing.

Luffy in Wano Copyright. Toei Animation FUNimation was responsible for One Piece's English dub. At the time of publication, there were 587 episodes.

FUNimation English is used to subtitle One Piece.

We could soon see new seasons due to FUNimation releasing more English dub.

One Piece season 2 will likely be added to Netflix's catalog in 2021, according to our predictions.


One Piece Dubbed

Are There More Seasons Coming To Netflix USA?

Netflix is home to a small fraction of One Piece. This is a good thing.

Netflix has only two available sagas to stream at the moment:

East Blue and Alabasta. Sky Island and Water are next. If both sagas come to Netflix, it'll take the total number of episodes on Netflix from 130 to 312.

Netflix is unlikely to acquire the Summit War and Thriller Bark sagas soon. This is because the Summit War saga takes the episode count to 516, taking up the vast majority of the total English dubbed episodes produced by FUNimation.

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Marineford Arc. Copyright. Toei Animation


One Piece Dubbed


Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese original dubs were inspired by the 4Kids English Dub. However, both dubbed the original opening and closings; "We Are!" They also called the opening and closings "We Are!" and "Memories". However, Toei redubbed the series years later in both languages based on the original Japanese version.

Odex is the only dub that has Luffy voiced in male acting. A female was cast as Luffy by the FUNimation, 4Kids, and FUNimation due to Toei.

Luffy's first name is spoken in Odex as Luh-fee, not the standard pronunciation of Loo-fee. Chuck Powers claims that he wishes he'd chosen Luffy's name "Loofee" in the Odex dub, as a result of his appreciation for how loyal and dedicated the fanbase.

Hatchan gets renamed "Octy," in Odex's Odex dub. "Octy" is his Japanese name meaning "eight".

Comparison of uncut 4kids version (left), and edited version (right). The 4Kids One Piece has many changes. The most notable are as follows

Sanji can now enjoy a lollipop thanks to the edit.

One of the most prominent renames is Zoro being renamed to Zolo. This was an incorrect romanization. This was an attempt to avoid copyright issues with the character Zorro.


One Piece Dubbed

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One Piece Dubbed

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.One Piece Dubbed

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