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11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture

11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture In 2022

Costco Wholesale Corporation




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Founded July 12, 1976

; 45 years ago




(as Price Club)

San Diego, California

, U.S.

September 15, 1983

; 38 years ago




(as Costco)

Seattle, Washington

, U.S.
James Sinegal

Jeffrey Brotman

Sol Price

Robert Price


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United Kingdom

United States
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Hamilton E. James


W. Craig Jelinek

(President and CEO)
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Cash & Carry

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Filling stations
Revenue Increase

US$166.76 billion


US$6.023 billion


US$4.002 billion



Total assets

US$45.40 billion



Total equity

US$15.24 billion


Members Increase
105.5 million


Number of employees






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Costco is now less exaggerated when it says, “You can find anything at Costco.” Costco offers everything, from leasing a car to refilling prescriptions.

A huge company sells furniture. Because their markup is so much lower than that of furniture stores, you will get amazing furniture prices there.

You can also save money, but there are some disadvantages as well. As with everything in regards to Costco, it helps to know how to maneuver through the following:

  • Store
  • Online store
  • Sales
  • Procedures for buying
  • With this in mind, there are 15 important things that you need to be aware of before purchasing furniture at Costco.

  • 11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture
  • 1. Costco Furniture Sales
  • Costco offers furniture for sale almost every day.

    Furniture shops will markup their products with exorbitant prices, up to 100% and even 200%. Although it sounds unbelievable, this truth is very real.

    Costco maintains a minimum markup of 14% each day. The following furniture items, which cost $600, such as a sofa, table or desk with a TV, desk and TV unit, would be priced at the respective markups.

  • $684 with a 14% increase (Costco).
  • $1,200 with a 100% markup (Other furniture retailers)
  • $1,800 at a 20% markup (Other Furniture Retailers)
  • Costco is a good way to save money, if you’re careful about what you spend.
  • 2. Costco Semi-Annual Furniture Sales
  • Costco has semi-annual furniture sales events that offer a huge markup over the regular furniture store markup. These events are a good time to make additional savings.

    Sales events will be held in two locations throughout the year.

  • The first one is July.
  • The second happens in December (generally around Christmas).
  • Their timing of these events could not be more perfect, since they are popular shopping times of the year.

  • 3. Costco Does Not Deliver Furniture
  • Unfortunately, Costco does not deliver furniture. Costco does not deliver furniture to some customers. This can be problematic for many people.

    However, if you don’t have a large vehicle or truck, you could try one of the following methods to deliver the furniture.

  • For a friend to lend you a truck, ask.
  • Consider an app like GoShare or TaskRabbit
  • Here is my guide on Costco delivery.

  • 4. Costco Furniture Financing Plans
  • Unfortunately, no. Because of its slim margins Costco doesn’t offer financing for furniture, Although furniture shops have high prices, there are still great financing options available.
  • 5. Costco Furniture Return Policy
  • Costco also offers some great deals and has an excellent return policy. It is possible to return any item, at anytime and without asking questions.

    Some exceptions may apply to other products but not furniture. Costco’s return policy is one of its best.

  • 6. Costco Furniture Price Tag #1
  • Everyone who has written about Costco knows at least one point of common ground: Look closely at the price tags. Prices tags have codes that provide information about each item.

    So how can you tell which furniture is really marked down? Easy. According to the tag, the price of your item will be either $.97/$.79. Costco can’t simply declare “On sale” or “Clearance” but it is now clear.

  • 7. Costco Furniture Price Tag Hack #2
  • Costco also has price tags that can help you find out more about the furniture. You can also learn about furniture discounts and whether the item will be restocked.

    Costco is infamous for having items that disappear, never to return. This will allow you to determine the value of those items. Consider the price of the furniture. An asterisk means that the item cannot be restocked.

  • 8. Costco Membership Required To Purchase Furniture
  • Costco furniture shopping requires a Costco membership. But the benefits of Costco memberships are very clear:

  • Gold Star membership is for most households and costs $60 a year
  • Costs only $60 per Year for business membership.
  • Executive membership with extra benefits and savings cost $120 per year
  • You don’t have to be a member to shop at the store. Two guests can accompany members per visit.

    You might also consider asking a Costco member friend before signing up.

  • 9. Where To Find Furniture In Costco
  • Costco’s membership and layout can seem overwhelming. Costco stores are huge, literally warehouses with a presentation of goods that often resembles what you might expect from a warehouse: items set out on top of boxes or pallets.

    With that kind of layout, it can be helpful to have a few tips for finding the furniture you want to buy. Most furniture stores follow a particular pattern. You should be careful if you shop impulse.

  • The storefront
  • The aisle ends
  • You will find the best deals in these places, with tempting electronic products at the front and popular household or food items on the end caps.

    Find the furniture in the back of the warehouse. Costco often has large, open spaces in the middle of the store with high shelves at its sides. The open space at the centre of the store is usually where you will find furniture (as shown below).

  • 10. The Layout of Stores Changes
  • That said, Costco does move items around frequently as they like to give their customers a treasure hunt experience. The likelihood of you walking out with furniture you don’t want is higher if you spend more time searching for it.

    Oddly enough, furniture is considered seasonal. As you navigate through the shop, keep an eye out for furniture. Do not assume it is gone if you don’t see it initially. It may have just been moved to a different location.

  • 11. Costco.com offers furniture shopping online
  • There are always a few people who do not want to deal with the crowds and the store’s treasure hunt mentality, so they decide to shop at Costco online. There are some sneaky folks who may be able to see an item in a store but then decide to order online.

    Online shopping does offer delivery options.

  • It is possible to have your furniture delivered and assembled at home.
  • Or drop it in the box at your garage or front door.
  • However, it is rare to find merchandise from shops for sale online. So you cannot get a delivery out of the store item that you want.

  • Here are the Last Few Things That You Need to Know
  • Below are some additional tips for furniture shopping at Costco. As mentioned before, the general shopping experience can be somewhat confusing.

    These tips are meant to make getting around easier:

  • Please don’t ask the demo employees for help since they don’t work for Costco, but for the company, they are promoting
  • If you don’t have your credit or membership card ready, check out can become a pain.

    Shopping Costco while hungry could result in overconsumption of samples, purchase of food products you never intended to buy, further purchase of food at the checkout (the Costco dogs are wonderful).

    Be sure to have your receipt in order for pleasant clerks to check it with the products that you purchase.

    Costco can be found in our Costco statistics guide. You will learn about Costco’s competition with Amazon and Walmart.

    Our other guides provide information on Costco’s furniture warranty as well as whether Costco provides furniture delivery to its customers.

    Which month is furniture at Costco?


    Does Costco Offer Financing On Furniture?

    Unfortunately, no. Costco has very slim margins so they do not offer any furniture financing. Furniture stores can offer great financing options, such as “no interest,” “no payment until,” and “no cost for.”

    Costco gets new merchandise how often do they get it?

    What Day Does Costco Get Shipments? Costco warehouses get between 3 to 6 initial loads every morning, which is hurried out to the floor and used for inventory restocking. The exact amount of shipments can vary from one location to another, however, they are all generally delivered daily. This means that employees have to stock the essential and specialist items within their work shifts.

    How do you return furniture to Costco

    Costco products purchased in-store must be returned to the Costco returns counter. All online items can be returned at Costco warehouses.

    .11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture In 2022

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