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15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco!

15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco! (2022)

15 Things To Know Before Buying a TV From Costco! (2022)

Costco offers great prices on TVs, as well as other expensive products. When shopping for new televisions, this retail giant typically has the lowest price. Is the offer really that sweet?

You need to know a few things before you purchase your new flatscreen or smart TV from Costco. Read on to get the full scoop.

  • There are 15 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a TV from Costco In 2022
  • 1. Costco has Many TV Options
  • Costco has the best selection of sizes of TVs in any major box store. It also carries popular brand televisions such as Sony (Hisense), LG, Samsung, Sony and VIZIO (SANUS, WireLogic).

    They are typically smaller than 40 inch screens and larger than 90 inches.

  • 2. Costco offers limited TV options
  • Costco has a few TV brands that they sell in warehouses. However, the selection is not as extensive (brands, sizes and types) as Best Buy or Walmart.

  • 3. Sometimes, a “deal”, isn’t necessarily a deal
  • Costco works out deals with major companies to bring you lower prices with special deals. Costco, for example will offer a TV at a lower price if you purchase a live streaming package from one of its participating data companies.

    But sometimes their deals may not be so good. They often have higher prices for their deals than other live streaming options.

    It might make sense to invest in the TV alone and bring your own streaming service.

  • 4. You may have to be careful when negotiating package deals
  • Costco is cheaper than many other retailers. But there’s one catch:
  • As an example, customers may have to sign a two-year agreement with one of their participating companies like AT&T. If you don’t take the two-year agreement, you don’t get the special pricing.

    The second year can often see an increase in monthly payments. Even though they may appear to be low, their costs will continue rising over time. The result is that you end up stuck in a contract that you cannot easily break, and are paying high prices for services you haven’t agreed to.

  • 5. Costco has a limited return window on televisions
  • Most Costco merchandise can be returned at any time for any reason, and you get your money back, no questions asked. Costco televisions, however, are exempt from this rule.

    The return window for televisions purchased from Costco is only 90 days. This means that if the TV isn’t what you want, you can return it within 90 days. You cannot return it for a refund of your money.

    Costco, however, offers generous TV warranties. Read more! ).

  • 6. Costco’s Superior TV Warranty
  • A majority of manufacturers provide a one-year warranty on all televisions purchased through their stores. Costco, on the other side, doubles their offer and offers a 2-year warranty for any TV they sell.
  • Costco provides technical support as well as a warranty for TVs with a larger screen than 37 inches.

  • 7. Protection Is Extra For TVs
  • Costco’s extended warranty is not the only option. Costco also has protection plans for physical defects.

    These are an additional cost and must be ordered within the first 90 days after purchase of your TV.

    Costco and Allstate have a partnership to offer these protection plans.

    For a quick breakdown of this protection, the first two years are covered by Costco and the other three years are provided by Allstate.

  • 8. Membership Is Required For Buying TVs
  • Costco has special pricing, just like most club-type stores. Costco membership is required to enjoy this discount. Costco members don’t get a card so you can’t shop in store.

    This probably won’t be a major deal for many people. Costco memberships cost approximately $50 per calendar year. Most people consider Costco memberships the most logical way to access great deals.

    It is, in fact. If you live far away from Costco, or don’t shop most of the time there, this membership won’t be worth your money.

  • 9. Costco Online, Physical Costco TVs And Other Products
  • Costco.com is a great alternative to driving to the local hardware store, spending endless time comparing TVs.

    It has several benefits.

    Comparing sets online makes it easier than going to a shop.

    Pricing is the same.

    Shipment is absolutely free

    You can avoid long lines at checkout.

    Impulse purchases are not as common.

    It is possible to skip the pressure selling speech and upgrade your membership plan.

  • Here’s my guide for pricing matching with Costco prices.
  • 10. Price Matching Other Retailers For TVs Is Almost Impossible At Costco
  • A little tip is needed before purchasing a Costco television. The model numbers on their TVs will often not match the model numbers on the same models at other stores.

    You can also insist on price matching if your model numbers match.

    Say another retailer has the TV for less money, but you want Costco’s fantastic warranty. Costco is willing to match your price.

    Since the model numbers are not the same, Costco can refuse to price match. Technically, the model number is different from that at the other retailer.

  • 11. Costco TV Tech Support Available On Select Days And Times
  • Costco is able to offer you technical assistance for problems with your TV, but it has some restrictions.

    You’d better hope your problems occur between 5 AM and 10 PM on a weekday. Tech support closes at 10 PM each night, and holidays.

    This can prove to be most distressing if you’re stuck at home over a holiday weekend with a malfunctioning television. It could happen during your favorite nighttime show.

  • 12. Television Delivery and Setup Not Included
  • Costco doesn’t include set-up and delivery in the bundle of services that comes with TV purchases. This is probably not a major deal for most customers.

    The service could be helpful to the elderly or someone with more than their hands can handle.

    Televisions are not known for being lightweight. They are also heavier the larger they become. It might pose a problem for those with medical issues that make it difficult to lift heavy items.

    Also, small vehicle owners might have difficulty fitting a large-sized television in their vehicles. For many, having delivery and setup included can be an important bonus.

    This is not an issue, but it’s something you should be aware.

  • 13. Not all credit cards accepted
  • A television can be a large investment so you may not have enough cash upfront. This kind of purchase most likely goes to a credit account.

    The thing is, Costco does not accept all major cards (Amex and MasterCard) as they accept only cards that are backed by Visa.

    You can save yourself embarrassment by double-checking the issuer of your credit card before you attempt to buy that Costco flatscreen 60 inch from Costco.

  • 14. Costco Price may Be Best, Even if They Are Higher
  • Costco can often price a television slightly lower than other retailers. Although it may appear that the best price is the most affordable, this might not be true at first.

    Costco offers a fantastic warranty. Costco almost always wins. Extended warranties give you more cash back than retailers for up to a year.

  • 15. Costco TV: Receive a free gift card
  • By signing up for internet deals through companies with which Costco partners, you are rewarded with a Costco gift card. A gift card worth up to $200 can be obtained depending on what deal you have signed up.
  • For more information about Costco products, see also my Costco furniture and alcohol buying guides.

  • Research Is Key To Getting Deals
  • Costco has great deals and some not so great offers on new TVs. Be sure to do your research before you commit to any large purchase. Costco offers the best deals. However, you may find a better deal elsewhere.

    Is Costco A Good Place To Buy A Tv?

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    What Makes Costco Tv Models So Different?

    Model numbers displayed on TVs may not be the same as those found in stores. This is because if the model numbers are the same, you can insist on a price match. This is what it means. Let’s say another retailer offers the television for less, but Costco has the amazing warranty.

    How do I choose the right month for buying a television?

    Super Bowl season, spring and Black Friday have the highest TV sales. If you’re looking for a TV deal that matches the size of your dream big screen, timing is everything, according to experts. Three of the best times of year to buy a TV (and save money) are Super Bowl season, spring and Black Friday.

    .15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco! (2022)

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