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15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Cell Phones

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Cell Phones In 2022

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Costco offers great deals on party platters and cars, so why not look at its range of cell phones. Like many other services the store offers, the members-only perks of buying a cell phone from the world’s fifth-largest retailer make the annual fee worth it every year.

  • Be sure to check these 15 points before making a purchase at Costco.
  • There are 15 Things To Know Before You Purchase Costco Cell Phones By 2022
  • 1. If you are looking for Costco cell phones, be sure to check out the Wireless Advocates Kiosks
  • It is easiest to locate cell phones in Costco by searching for Wireless Advocates kiosks. They are usually rectangular and dark with accents from various carrier logos.

    You can see a photo of a typical kiosk here.

  • Costco outsources cell phone sales to Wireless Advocates instead of doing it themselves. Wireless Advocates is an established “third-party provider” and retailer of wireless products.
  • 2. Understand the Salespeople at the Costco Cell Phone Kiosks Are Wireless Advocate Employees
  • Wireless Advocates operates within Costco’s grounds, so the employees working at the kiosks aren’t Costco employees.

    Wireless Advocate employees cannot answer questions related to Costco.

    This also means the kiosk staff are knowledgeable and trained about the products that they sell, as opposed to Costco employees, who are only trained in diamond knowledge and gemology.

  • 3. Costco Cell Phones Are Sold Via Wireless Plans
  • All of Costco’s phones are sold as part of three major wireless carriers: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

    A phone can be purchased if it is already pre-programmed.

    Clark.com states that Costco’s plans work the same way as the ones you’d see in the retail location or online. It is only the Costco member pricing that makes the difference.

  • 4. Costco Mobile Phones are not available for unlocked purchase
  • Costco cannot sell unlocked phones which can be used with every carrier. You simply cannot purchase the latest iPhone and hope to use it with a Cricket Wireless plan.

    Instead, you’ll need to be ready for a switch with Verizon or AT&T if it isn’t yet.

  • 5. You Can Find the Top Brands When Shopping Costco Cell Phones
  • Clark.com also reports that Costco’s Wireless Advocate kiosks tend to have the newest phone models available.

    A visit to membershipwireless.com, Costco’s external cell phone website, reveals the latest Apple and Samsung models, including the iPhone 13 and the Galaxy Z Flip3.

    Costco had the old Google Pixel model but it wasn’t there at publication.

    You can also find older models at a reasonable price.

  • 6. Costco Cell Phones up to 10% Off
  • The latest cell phone models are no small investment these days, but Costco helps take the sting out of the price tag for its members.

    While 10 percent off is the exception and not the rule, you’re most likely to see anywhere from three to four percent discount off retail prices.

    Apple has the Apple iPhone 13 Starlight priced at $899. Costco has it available for $865, saving you about 4 percent.

  • 7. Don’t Worry About Paying for Your Costco Cell Phones All at Once
  • Like most other retailers, when you purchase your cell phone from Costco, you don’t always have to worry about paying for it all at once.

    To lower your monthly costs, you could pay the majority of phones monthly in installments. You may also make a down payment.

  • 8. Costco Mobile Phones have Many Benefits Compared to Other Alternatives
  • Costco is doing a great job in partnering up with Wireless Advocates to offer exclusive deals for its members.

    Apple customers can get up to $700 discount if the customer goes into the warehouse and purchases in person using a tradein.

    T-Mobile also offered a special deal that allowed customers to get a Samsung Galaxy A32 without having to pay a single penny.

  • 9. If you’re short on time, get your Costco cell phone
  • Costco has a long process that can lead to frustrations when buying a mobile phone.

    Sometimes one person works, which means only one person needs to be working.

    Clark.com states that there are a lot more paperwork than you might think.

  • 10. Save with the Second and Third Costco Phones
  • Costco phone shopping can be criticized for having limited in-store stock.

    It is a good idea to have second and third options in case you need one.

  • 11. Costco Cell Phones Eligible For Return within 90 Days
  • Costco’s cell phones are eligible for return up to 90-days after they were purchased. This is obviously not in line with Costco’s general return policy, which is much more lenient; unfortunately, electronics like mobile devices follow a different policy.

    According to Clark.com, returns are actually handled through Wireless Advocates and not Costco.

    Costco is not able to accept the return of your cell phone. Instead, contact Wireless Advocates via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-369-5931.

  • 12. Be sure to read all the fine print in the Costco Cell Phones Return Policy
  • No one likes reading the fine print, but in this instance, it could save you a lot of money.

    Double-check your trial period. It can be up to 14 days. But, this length can vary by carrier.

  • 13. Costco Cell Phones Kiosks isn’t quite as thorough
  • The services you can receive at a Wireless Advocate kiosk are not, by nature, as thorough as you might receive if you went to a Verizon Wireless store.

    At a VZW retailer, for example, your iCloud can be connected by employees after you activate your iPhone.

    Wireless Advocate employees can’t do that, but instead will provide printed instructions for how to complete it once you are home.

  • 14. For members-only deals, check out the Costco Cell Phones Accessories
  • Costco members get more than just cell phones.

    There are many accessories available, such as cases, chargers or cables for your screen.

  • 15. Black Friday Specials on Costco Mobile Phones and Accessories
  • Do not miss Costco’s Black Friday deals, especially if you’re in the market for a new cell phone, as the company tends to roll out sweet deals during this period, so if the timing is right, you could save big.

  • Costco was offering a Samsung Galaxy S20FE for $499, and customers who open a new T-Mobile phone line received a $300 Costco Store card.
  • To learn more about Costco, visit the Costco iPad and phone returns policy posts.

  • Conclusion
  • The warehouse is an excellent place to start if you are a Costco member and want to get a new smartphone.

    Costco has lower prices than other retailers, but you also have ongoing offers and perks. Plus, Costco provides the quality, trusted service of all three major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

    Do Costco Members Get Discounts On Phones?

    If the cell phones and plans are the same as the wireless providers, what’s the big deal? That would be Costco’s member-only specials! Clark says that Costco offers additional benefits to members who trade in their old phones or purchase a new pair.

    Are You able to Upgrade your Phone at Costco

    3. How can I upgrade my smartphone at Costco’s Wireless Phones kiosk? Absolutely! No. Our wireless experts will help you secure your phone with the right carrier.

    Are Costco Iphones Real?

    Costco sells iPhones to Wireless Advocates. Wireless Advocates operates both in-store kiosks (and online) and is an independent company. Buying an iPhone at Costco through a special promotion can save you a lot of money, but here’s what you need to know about the process.Jan 26, 2022

    Costco unlocked phones

    Costco has outsourced cell phone and wireless plan sales to Wireless Advocates, a company wholly owned by Car Toys. … Other carriers are not available and you can’t buy an unlocked phone at Costco (you’ll have to go to the Apple store).Apr 10, 2021

    .15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Cell Phones In 2022

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