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Costco Airpods Return Policy 2022

Costco Airpods Return Policy 2022 (Used, No Receipt + More)

Costco stocks electronics, such mobile phones and accessories by a number of manufacturers at its large warehouse locations.

  • You don’t have to be unhappy with Apple’s AirPods if you buy them from Costco. This is what I know about Costco’s AirPods Return Policy!
  • Costco AirPods Return Policy In 2022
  • AirPods can either be returned at a Costco warehouse nearby or sent free of charge via shipping. This is within 90 days from purchase. Costco will refund your full purchase after verifying that you have received the receipt and your membership card. All accessories must be returned with their original boxes.

  • Continue reading to learn more about how non-members can send AirPods back to Costco.
  • Costco AirPods Return Policy 2022 (Used, No receipt + More)

    Where can you send your AirPods back?

    Costco provides a guarantee of 100% satisfaction that is risk-free. It allows you to return Apple AirPods up to 90 day after delivery.

    Once this period is over, Costco will not accept any attempts to return AirPods (or any other product).

    However, this decision is ultimately left at the discretion of each individual store manager, so speak to the manager if you have a valid reason for returning after the 90-day period.

    Is it possible to send your AirPods back to Costco via mail?

    Here are the steps for sending an AirPod online via mail.

  • Click on the ‘Orders and Returns’ link after logging in
  • Find the AirPods you want to return and select the ‘Return Item’ option next to the product listing
  • Indicate whether the AirPods will be replaced or full refunded
  • Download and print the free return label provided on the next screen and attach it to the product’s packaging (make sure to include all the accessories that came with the product)
  • Drop your returned item at Costco’s principal shipping couriers UPS and USPS
  • Costco is responsible for processing any return after it has received your item. The company will then refund you the full amount using your original payment method once approval is granted.

    Costco AirPods Return Policy 2022 (Used, No receipt + More)

    How do I return AirPods to Costco Stores

    AirPods purchased at any one of the 558 Costco warehouse locations across America or Costco.com can be returned to the customer service desk of any nearby store during operating hours.

    The AirPods that you want to return must be accompanied by the proof of purchase, valid government-issued photos ID and the credit/debit cards you used to pay.

    Apple products (including AirPods), can’t be returned using self-checkout counters.

    How can you return AirPods without the Receipt to Costco

    Costco might need evidence of purchase to allow returns of premium products, like AirPods. This could include a receipt or order confirmation.

    If your receipt has been lost, the cashier will still be capable of looking up your transaction using the unique Costco member number.

    It is important to note that the AirPods cannot be returned without the receipt.

    If the purchase can be proven, Costco will refund you using the original payment method. Costco will not issue a refund if you are unable to prove your purchase.

    For more information, visit the Costco Store Locator.

    Costco AirPods Return Policy 2022 (Used, No receipt + More)

    Is it possible to return AirPods that you received as a gift from Costco?

    Costco members and nonmembers both can return AirPods they received as gifts for a full reimbursement.

    For this purpose, either your original receipt from within 90-days of purchase or the membership number.

    Most Costco locations will return the funds onto a cash card which functions like a gift card and can only be used in-store.

    A temporary membership can be obtained for non-members to allow them to purchase other merchandise in-store.

    Do you have the right to return opened or used AirPods?

    Costco will accept returned Apple AirPods opened as long as they have all the original accessories (charging case and wires, manuals etc.). all accessories are included.

    AirPods can be expensive so you’ll need to return the box.

    AirPods that have been used within 90 days of purchase can be exchanged or returned if the sound quality is not perfect.

    Costco AirPods Return Policy 2022 (Used, No receipt + More)

    Costco How does it issue refunds

    Costco provides full refunds, including the shipping and handling fee, upon proof of purchase

    You can get your money quickly by submitting a return to a Costco warehouse. Refunds in cash are issued on-the-spot, while funds typically return within 48 hours to credit or debit cards.

    Costco will process your refund to the exact same card if you made payment using a credit or debit card.

    Returns sent by mail should be allowed to arrive within 2-3 weeks. Costco does not begin the refund process for returned items by mail until it has received the item.

    Are You Requiring to Give Reasons for Returning AirPods to Costco

    Costco may be lenient about returns but Cashiers will frequently ask why you’re returning Apple products, like AirPods.

    For online orders, you can select from any of the following reasons for returning your AirPods:

  • You do not want the AirPods
  • You were dissatisfied with the AirPods
  • It was an accidental purchase
  • The wrong product was received (i.e. the incorrect model of AirPods, or even the wrong headphones).
  • AirPods got damaged during transport
  • AirPod or another feature were absent (on this occasion you will likely get a substitute)
  • For more information on similar products, please visit our post related to Walmart AirPods and Costco phones return policies.

  • Conclusion
  • Both members and non-members are able to return AirPods up to 90 days after they were purchased or on the date of delivery at Costco. Returns can be initiated at any Costco Warehouse near you or by free shipping

    Costco will offer a full refund using your original payment method, provided you provide proof of receipt or order number. AirPods that have additional features should be returned to Costco along with the box.

    Is it possible to return Airpods to Costco without a receipt?

    The original buyer of the AirPods must return them without the receipt. However, if the receipt is lost, the return can still be initiated by confirming the transaction using the membership card.Jan 20, 2022

    Can I Return Airpods To Costco After A Year?

    Costco provides a guarantee of 100% satisfaction that your Apple AirPods will be returned to you within 90 days. How does this work? Costco won’t allow any AirPods to be returned after this period.

    Do I have the right to return an item purchased at Costco within 2 years?

    Members can return almost any product at any time if they are not satisfied with it. This is an opportunity for some members to return old or worn products several years after purchasing them.

    Do I have to return used airpods?

    Any undamaged product can be returned with original receipt or gift receipt within 14 days.

    .Costco Airpods Return Policy 2022 (Used, No Receipt + More)

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