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Usps Pre Hire List

Usps Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

The hiring process for the United States Postal Service is, of a necessity, a selective experience; as a federally-adjacent agecy, USPS is not hiring just anyone.

USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

Perhaps you have just applied and checked your application. You noticed that it said “Pre-hire list” or similar. Are you about to be hired?

What is the USPS Pre-Hire List? This is the solution.

What Is The USPS Pre Hire List In 2022?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) Pre-hire is a stage early in the hiring process. This happens after an applicant submits their application and has passed the postal exam. This is when applicants who are a good match on paper are invited to meet with the team and further discuss their suitability.

  • More information is available about pre-hire, including how long the process takes and the general steps of the USPS hiring process. Also, when to expect to hear from USPS regarding your decision to accept the job. Continue reading to find all the details.
  • USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    What Does The USPS Pre Hire Procedure Look Like?

    First, fill out an Application and Take Postal Exam 473 to begin the process of hiring with United States Postal Service.

    The exam – which is apparently much more difficult than most anticipate – filters out candidates, but those who are left standing begin the pre-hire process.

    Pre-hires are generally good looking on paper. Their test scores were adequate and their applications/resumes check USPS hiring boxes.

    USPS now wants to know if reality mirrors what applicants portray.

    TrackingAdvice.com suggests that USPS may take several weeks to notify you of your pre-hire status.

  • (On the other hand, if your branch is experiencing a dire shortage, it might be no time at all.)
  • A hiring rep will reach out and invite you for an “interview, screening and personal testing procedure.”
  • If you had a successful meeting and passed your test, you might be invited for pre-employment orientation.

    You’ll get to see the place you will be working, and you might even get to work.

    Yes, it is possible to expect to work during orientation.

    This is because the hiring staff wants to evaluate whether or not you actually have the skills you told them you have.

    You said you had a head for numbers? It’s possible to lift 50 pounds. You can lift 50 lbs.? Here is your opportunity to demonstrate that. Great customer service? Demonstrate it.

    Don’t list skills on your application that you don’t actually have, because, unlike some other jobs, USPS will find out if you’re telling the truth.

    This section of pre-hire is applicable to all potential employees.

    You have had the opportunity to experience what it’s like. Do you still love it? Does it feel like a good fit to you? Are you willing to give your all and be there for the job?

    In this case, it is possible to graciously decline to continue in the hiring process. It will both save you and the Postal Service time and money.

    Pre-hire orientation is the last stage before HR accepts a job offer.

    After this, you will sit tight while the hiring staff looks at the report they have compiled on you and compares it against the reports for other applicants.

  • The person who appears the most compatible will get an offer and move to the top of the pre-hire list.
  • USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    What length of time do you stay on the USPS Pre-Hire List?

    Postal Service has a very measured approach to hiring people (jobs at USPS are sought after), so pre-hire may take several weeks or even months.

    It can end abruptly sometimes, especially if hiring personnel decide you aren’t a fit.

    But if you continue to each of the “next steps” in the process, you could be looking at as many as six months before receiving a job offer.

    It is possible to spend a lot more time just waiting to be heard back.

    However, if your intention was to hire quickly, it is more likely that you will not be hired. Be prepared to wait. If you are not sure, ask politely if your staff can provide a timeframe.

    Is the USPS Pre-Hire List a Guarantee that You Have The Job

    You may not be hired if your application has been marked Pre-hire. However, it does indicate that you have the qualifications to move on to the next phase of the hiring process.

    You will be invited to interview for the post.

    USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    How Long Does It Take For The Post Office To Hire You?

    Postal Service won’t be the best employer if your job requires you to work quickly.

    From application to employment, the process can typically take three to six weeks.

    It’s safe to say that your application was declined if it has been longer than six months.

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  • Conclusion
  • The USPS Pre-hire list is where qualified applicants end up after filling out an application and garnering a reasonable score on their postal exam.

    Interviews and pre-hire orientation are done with all applicants. It is a great way for hiring professionals to gauge their talents and select the perfect candidate.

    .Usps Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

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