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Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Retail chains often see shoplifting in big retail shops. Therefore, many have developed policies to discourage or stop shoplifting.

  • Home Depot is one the most important home-improvement retailers worldwide, and you’re likely curious about the shoplifting policy. Here is everything I’ve found out about it!
  • Home Depot Shoplifting Policy In 2022
  • Home Depot has a shoplifting policy that states shoplifters will not be released by security personnel until police arrive. Shoplifters could face charges as early as 2022. Home Depot is equipped with security cameras and security guards that protect its assets.

  • If you want to learn more about the methods of loss prevention used by Home Depot, what happens to shoplifters who get caught, and much more, keep on reading!
  • Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    Does Home Depot Have Loss Prevention?

    Home Depot uses a variety of loss prevention strategies to safeguard its store assets.

    For example, asset-protection specialists monitor its loss prevention scheme, working to prevent potential cases of theft and dealing with issues that arise as a result of shoplifting.

    Home Depot has also been testing a different method to prevent loss. These tools are not activated by the register and will therefore not function.

    Home Depot uses this point-of-sale activation method to offer loss prevention tools that are not disruptive to loyal customers.

    Home Depot has successfully tested this new method of loss prevention and will soon be introducing these tools in all its stores.

    Does Home Depot Watch Security Cameras?

    Home Depot regularly monitors and watches the security cameras within its stores to prevent loss.

    The cameras in Home Depot are set up to watch checkouts, store aisles, and parking lots, as well as other areas of operation.

    Home Depot invested $250 million in store renovations to protect 300,000. Employees, reduce losses and improve customer experience.

    Home Depot uses the company Verint, which allows loss prevention managers in Home Depot stores to monitor the store’s CCTV footage from inside the store or remotely as well.

    Additionally, using security cameras makes it easier for Home Depot to provide evidence to law enforcement of shoplifting or other incidents to protect assets and prosecute criminals.

    Home Depot employs deterrents such security boxes, spider wraps, tags to safeguard its stock.

    These stickers can be found on products and are used to warn security staff if they are stolen.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    Does Home Depot Have Facial Recognition?

    Despite Home Depot’s dedication to loss prevention tactics such as security cameras, Home Depot does not use facial recognition.

    Axios reports that Home Depot participates in Fight for the Future. Despite the fact it has security measures available to retailers, Home Depot refuses face recognition for protection.

    Home Depot offers security cameras

    Home Depot uses security guards at its stores in order to protect their assets.

    Home Depot security guards are known as Asset Protection specialists. Their duties include working with law enforcement and monitoring security cameras.

    The security guards may follow the shop’s customers and enforce shoplifting policy, but aren’t allowed to arrest shoplifters. This is Home Depot’s policy.

    Home Depot employees are not permitted to arrest shoplifters, as this could put them in serious danger.

    Home Depot will terminate any employee who is found shoplifting at their workplace.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    What Do Asset Protection Specialists At Home Depot Do?

    Home Depot has an asset protection specialist who can prevent shoplifting.

    Home Depot security specialist, The Home Depot Asset Protection Specialist, identifies instances of shoplifting and reviews the security camera systems. He also ensures that Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is functioning properly.

    These specialists, like other Home Depot workers, are instructed not to place themselves in harm’s way to catch shoplifters.

    According to the Home Depot shoplifting policy asset protection specialists are required to report any dangerous situation or incidents to their supervisors.

    Home Depot does Home Depot prosecute shoplifters

    Home Depot has a policy of prosecuting shoplifters caught at its shops.

    Shoplifters will be held at Home Depot by security until police arrive. After that, the suspect is taken into custody.

    Depending on the value of the attempted theft at Home Depot, the criminal charge will vary.

    It will result in a second-degree misdemeanor for objects less than $100, while it will lead to felony grand theft for items greater than $300.

    Shoplifting at Home Depot is a crime that can be prosecuted in different states or locations.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    What if you shoplift?

    According to numerous reports, being caught shoplifting in Home Depot will result in your exclusion from the store.

    If you have been involved in a serious crime, like armed robbery, then your access to the Home Depot franchise is not likely.

    Home Depot’s Loss to Shoplifting: How much?

    Home Depot is unable to release exact figures about the annual shoplifting losses in order not to damage its assets.

    CNBC reports that Shoplifting and related retail crime cost Home Depot approximately $81 Million per year. This is based on the $108 Billion earnings.

    Because of this, combating shoplifting and retail crime can help Home Depot protect against losses, which can ultimately result in costs being repaired through charges to customers.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    What Are The Most Common Things Stolen From Home Depot?

    Online research suggests power tools as the most frequently stolen items from Home Depot.

    Home Depot shoplifters are likely to be drawn to power tools because they’re easy to move out of the stores and can also be valuable to sell.

    To combat shoplifting, Home Depot have been working with pawn shops and similar retailers to recover its shoplifted or stolen items.

    It has been proven that shoplifters are more inclined to take smaller items with them than they realize.

    This is also the case for items with security tags in the packaging, which can be easily discarded so the item can be stolen.

    Reports indicate that Home Depot is the victim of a shoplifter gang who steals items for return in order to get cash or in-store credits.

    What happens when you steal from Home Depot

    You will likely be arrested if you’re caught with your items stolen from Home Depot.

    Home Depot will have video evidence and often testimony from security guards that can and will be used against you.

    It is possible that your criminal record will include theft at Home Depot.

    You can read more information about Home Depot policies in our posts related to Home Depot’s firing, termination, and wrong price policies. Also, learn about Home Depot’s mission.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot employs a range of tactics and strategies to stop shoplifting in its stores.

    Home Depot may be the victim of shoplifting, and this can result in financial ruin for the retailer.

    Home Depot utilizes video surveillance cameras and security personnel to protect its customers from shoplifters. Home Depot workers are warned not to go after shoplifters. This is to protect themselves from injury and possible danger.

    Does Home Depot Have A No Chase Policy?

    Stephen Holmes with Home Depot’s corporate office says, “No merchandise or other asset is worth risking the life of our associates or customers, which is why we have a strict policy against pursuing a shoplifter in a manner that creates a safety risk for anyone, and that includes chasing shoplifters across the parking …Mar 28, 2020

    Home Depot keeps track of shoplifters

    Shoplifters who are caught in Home Depot stores will be prosecuted. Home Depot security will hold shoplifters in its stores until the law enforcement arrives. After that, they are transferred to police custody. The criminal charges will differ depending on how much the theft was.

    What Is Home Depot Theft Policy?

    Home Depot staff will typically not confront anyone if they suspect that you have stolen. After you are taken into custody, security will place you on the premises until police arrive.

    What happens to a stolen item from Home Depot

    There are many products available, including flooring and appliances as well as tools. You could face serious charges if you’re caught at Home Depot stealing. You could be charged with shoplifting from Home Depot and have a criminal history that will haunt you the rest of you life. Punishments may even include jail time.

    .Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

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