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Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

Home Depot’s iconic orange color scheme, and its cohesive branding are what make it America’s favorite brand. Home Depot commercials are no exception. But who’s the voice behind them?

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  • Home Depot’s distinctive orange color scheme and cohesive branding make it one of America’s most recognizable brands. The voice behind Home Depot’s commercials is no exception, but who is behind the voice?

    “>Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

    Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama is currently Home Depot’s voice actor. According to Josh’s IMDB page, he has been voicing the Home Depot commercials ever since September 2013. Brian Cummings, Ed Harris, and Brian Cummings are past Home Depot actors.

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  • Home Depot commercials: Who has voiced them in the past?

    These voice actors and drama stars have voiced Home Depot ads in the past. The following people are:

  • Josh Lucas
  • Ed Harris
  • Brian Cummings
  • How Does Josh Lucas Record Voice Over Work For Home Depot Commercials?

    In order to get the highest sound quality, nearly all voice-over work in commercials must be recorded in a recording studio.

    Josh Lucas’ recordings of Home Depot are largely recorded at The Sound Palace in Dallas. It is a studio that is located in Dallas.

    Josh Lucas may have recorded Home Depot voice-overs in his own home using a professional microphone.

    Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

    Are there any female voices in Home Depot commercials?

    The voice of a Home Depot commercial was probably not heard by any females as of 2022.

    However, many women have appeared in Home Depot ads as actresses.

    Are You the Voice of Old Home Depot Commercials

    During the 1990s, Brian Cummings frequently did the voice-over work for Home Depot commercials.

  • Brian Cummings was the voice actor in a Home Depot commercial, which aired as part of a WWF Superstars ad break. This Home Depot commercial aired at 5:05 PM on WNYW Fox Channel 5
  • Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

    How did Home Depot get its first commercial?

    Home Depot’s original TV advertisement has been removed from the internet, but one of their oldest advertising still appears online. This is likely to show that it is a rerun of the first commercial.

    As an advertisement for The Five Pennies, this Home Depot commercial was shown on KTRK Channel 13 (1985).

    In this 1985 commercial, employees are shown thanking customers. They also list their top local prices and offer to Houston-based customers.

    What is the best way to apply for Voice Home Depot commercials?

    First, it is necessary to have voice acting or previous experience. It is possible to study acting or voice-over classes at an acting school.

    When you have experience with voice-overs, voice acting and other voice work, an agent can help you find work.

    Your agent should know that you are interested in voice-over work on Home Depot commercials. They will then look for suitable work.

    Whether you manage to be employed for voice work by Home Depot depends on several factors, such as whether your voice suits the commercial plot and if they need another voice actor.

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  • Conclusion
  • Josh Lucas is the Home Depot’s current voice actor. Josh Lucas, an actor best known for his parts in “Sweet Home Alabama” and “American Psycho”, is Josh Lucas. Past voices of Home Depot include Brian Cummings and Ed Harris.

    .Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

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