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Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

Giant Eagle, Inc.



Retail (Grocery)
Founded August 31, 1931


O’Hara Township




United States
Number of locations
474 (216 supermarkets, 202 GetGo stores, 56 Ricker’s stores)
Area served



West Virginia






Key people

David Shapira

, Executive



Laura Shapira Karet,


and President


Products Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, liquor, lottery tickets, fuel, sushi, Western Union, money orders, dry ice, prepared foods,
Services Convenience/Forecourt Store, Other Specialty, Supermarket, Gas Stations
Revenue Decrease


8.9 billion (


Number of employees



, RX-21 LLC, Ricker Oil Company, Inc., Rini-Rego Supermarkets, Inc., Seegrid Corporation.


  • Dry ice is great for keeping your items cold and making ice. It can also be used to add atmosphere to events.
  • Sometimes, however, this isn’t always an easy thing to find in local supermarkets. And it certainly isn’t always at a reasonable price.

  • These are all reasons to wonder if Walmart actually sells dry Ice. Let me tell you what I found.
  • Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Is Walmart selling dry ice in 2022?

    Walmart has dry ice available at many locations, as of 2022. You can purchase dry ice at Walmart by visiting the Penguin freezers near the front. Walmart usually charges $1.44 a pound for dry ice.

  • Keep reading for more information about where Walmart sells dry ice.
  • Walmart Dry Ice Price

    According to the Walmart website, Penguin Brand Dry Ice is available for $1.44 per pound, and that is the only brand of dry ice that Walmart stocks.

    This is because it’s available at the lower price point of dry-ice pricing, which typically ranges between $1.00 and $2.00.

  • Walmart has dry ice available for sale at as little as $0.01 per pound.
  • There may be instances when dry ice costs in Walmart locations are slightly higher than those listed online.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    What is the best way to find out if your local Walmart sells dry ice?

    Planning ahead is a good idea if you’re looking for dry ice.

    You should therefore call your local Walmart to inquire about dry ice availability. Keep in mind that you cannot check the stock of dry ice online as you can with other Walmart products.

    With the help of the convenient online Store Locator, it is simple enough to find contact information for the local store.

    Just enter your ZIP code, city, or state, and select your nearest store from the options generated. Along with store details, the telephone number will be displayed.

    You can then ask the Walmart associate to answer whether dry ice is available. We also found that Walmart usually sells dry ice if they have ice in stock.

    Walmart: Dry Ice Where Can I Find?

    Walmart will sell dry ice in its stores, in specially designed Penguin Brand Dry Ice freezes. The freezers are cold enough to keep it from melting.

    These are usually located at the tills. They may also be located near regular ice machines. If you’re struggling to locate them, a Walmart associate will be happy to help.

    Additionally, it is possible that you will need someone else to package and handle the dry ice.

    You will also need to transport dry ice bought in an insulated cooler. This can be done in Walmart stores or online. Unfortunately, Walmart does NOT sell Yeti products.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Why are some Walmarts unable to sell dry ice

    Because dry ice can be more difficult to store, some Walmart stores don’t sell it.

    Dry ice, which is simply frozen carbon dioxide, freezes at -109.3oF or -78.5oC. Therefore, dry ice cannot be stored in Walmart’s freezers with any other frozen goods.

    They, as with other commercial freezers, will be set at a temperature of around or below 0oF.

    Walmart Dry Ice Online

    Walmart has a Penguin Brand Dry Ice Listing, but it’s not possible for dry ice to be shipped to your doorstep from Walmart.

    It is partly due to the fact that dry Ice can only be stored for a very short time.

    Even in a refrigerator, the ice will have likely melted within 18 to 24 hours. Because of this, the ice would likely have gone to waste in the normal Walmart delivery time.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Walmart has other products for ice.

    You might be looking for dry ice if you happen to find yourself in Walmart. Luckily, all Walmart stores stock standard bags of ices, ice trays, ice packs, and more.

    Walmart has even more options. There are many options for dry ice packs that can be used to cool your coolers.

    Are there Dry Ice Stores?

    As well as Walmart, many other large grocery chains stock dry ice in some of their stores. These include:

  • Safeway
  • Kroger
  • Costco
  • Meijer
  • Publix
  • However, if you have no luck sourcing dry ice from any of the above major brands, you could also ask in your local ice cream parlor! They will most likely use dry ice to store their stock at the correct temperature.

    You can find out more about whether Aldi, Costco, or Walgreens offer bags of Ice.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

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