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Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay

Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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Theo Albrecht

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  • Apple Pay is a much-anticipated feature for iPhone owners worldwide that lets customers pay wirelessly without having to take their wallet with them.
  • Apple Pay is becoming incredibly popular, and most retailers support it. But there are some who aren’t happy with this move. If you’re wondering if Apple Pay is accepted by Kroger, here are my findings. What did I discover?
  • Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay In 2022?

    Kroger is unable to accept Apple Pay as of 2022. Instead, customers can download Kroger Pay on their iPhones so they can pay at registers or self-checkouts wirelessly. Kroger accepts only debit, credit, Amex and personal checks as payment methods.

  • Learn more here, which includes other payment options Kroger accepts as well as how Kroger can continue to accept payments wirelessly using your iPhone.
  • Kroger: How you can still use your iPhone to pay
  • Kroger Pay is a contactless mobile payment solution introduced by Kroger in 2019 to create a faster checkout experience for iPhone users.

    When you use Kroger Pay, a one-time quick response code (“QR Code”) will be generated for you.

    You can scan this QR code to secure transmit payment information via your phone from the store to verify.

    The Kroger pay system securely combines a customer’s payment and loyalty card information to make for a faster, more convenient experience.

  • Even though this payment method does not make use of NFC technology like Apple Pay it’s still a fantastic contactless option for iPhone users who love to shop at Kroger.
  • Kroger Pay: Which Stores Can I Use?

    Kroger Pay can be accepted in all Kroger Family of Companies locations across the United States with contactless-enabled terminals.

    Additionally, Kroger Pay can be used in-store at the attendant lane, self-checkout, and at participating in-store pharmacy checkout, beer, wine, and liquor locations.

    Kroger Pay is not currently available at Pharmacy drive-thru lanes or Kroger Fuel Centers. However, Kroger Pay may be offered by some independent merchants in Kroger stores and other stores.

    For pick-up and delivery, you may need to confirm from your preferred Kriger pick-up station if they accept Kroger pay.

    Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

    Kroger is able to accept debit and all credit cards.

    Kroger takes personal checks, cash, cash and WIC cards.

    Kroger also announced it is considering other payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and mobile banking apps.

    Kroger was forced to stop using Apple Pay and other mobile payments services.

    Kroger paid, its mobile payment service for customers on the go, is still in development.

    This is an alternative to Apple Pay, which can be used at all participating Krogers.

    Scann, Bag and Go: With Scann, Bag, Get technology, customers can use their mobile phone to scan groceries, then make payment via the Kroger application.

    SNAP/EBT benefits: you can order groceries using the Kroger mobile app or via Kroger.com for delivery or free pickup. At pick-up, you can pay with your SNAP/EBT card. Please select EBT during checkout.

    What Stores Accept Apple Pay?

    Kroger may not be the only retailer that refuses to accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay is not accepted at other big-scale retailers like Walmart and Kmart.

    However, there are several other retailers that accept Apple pay.

    This is a complete list of merchants and stores that accept Apple Pay in the United States.

  • Apple Store
  • Target
  • Aldi
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Walgreens
  • Ace Hardware
  • Staples
  • McDonald’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Chili’s Grill & Bar
  • KFC
  • Starbucks
  • Coca-Cola vending pass
  • Kohl’s Rewards
  • Panera Bread
  • Sephora
  • PetSmart
  • Airbnb
  • RadioShack
  • Postmates
  • For more information, see the related posts about Walmart accepting Apple Pay and whether Walgreens and Costco accept Apple Pay.

  • Conclusion
  • Kroger lets customers use several payment services online, and they can also pay in store. Apple Pay is not accepted for payments.

    Kroger can also accept contactless payments such as SNAP/EBT or Kroger cards, Kroger payment and Scan, bag, Go technology.

    KrogerPay is fast, safe, and utilizes a QR Code that links customers’ payment information into their loyalty account.

    Kroger allows Apple Pay

    No, Kroger does not take Apple Pay. Kroger tried NFC technology in 2020. They planned to integrate Apple Pay, Google Pay, along with other digital wallets. They currently do not accept Apple Pay.Nov 3rd, 2021

    Can You Pay With Your Phone At Kroger?

    KrogerPay allows you to use your mobile phone at Kroger Family of Companies’ participating locations to make payments and save. It is quick, easy, anonymous, and safe. Kroger Pay creates a unique quick response code (“QRCode”) which securely transmits your loyalty and payment information to your mobile device at checkout.

    Apple Pay is Accepted Where?

    B&H Photo Bloomingdales Chevron, Chevron and Disney are just a few of the Apple’s Partners.

    Does Kroger Have Tap To Pay?

    To set up an account, tap Kroger Pay. *KrogerPay can be used in-store, at self-checkout or attendant lanes and in-store pharmacy checkouts.

    .Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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