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Kroger Dress Code

Kroger Dress Code In 2022 (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

Large retail corporations tend to have a fixed dress code for employees to make it easy for customers to locate them in-store and ask for help, and because it fosters a strong sense of identity among the employees.

  • If you are looking for information about Kroger’s dress code, America’s 2nd-largest retailer chain, and an employer that employs about 500,000 people in the US, then you have come to the right spot. Here is what I’ve found out about Kroger’s dress code!
  • Kroger Dress Code In 2022 (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

    Kroger Dress Code 2022

    Kroger employees must wear aprons starting in 2022. They are also prohibited from wearing clothing with visible images, words, abbreviations or logos. Kroger doesn’t have a ban on tattoos, unnatural hair colors or any other restrictions. Kroger employees may wear khaki pants or blue jeans or black jeans without cutting or holes.

  • Continue reading to find out more about Kroger’s dress code, including what kind of pants can you wear and the company’s policies on tattoos.
  • Does Kroger Have A Uniform For Employees?

    Kroger employees must be wearing an apron at work to prove that they’re helping customers.

    Kroger made a shift in April 2019 to its dress code policies. All employees and associates were required to wear a blue apron that has a rainbow heart embroidery.

    When an employee goes to work, the apron must have a belt around the neck that is tied around the waist.

    The uniform can be worn by employees with their own sleeves and long sleeves.

    Kroger management clarifies that they do not have a uniform policy. Some employees claim that they feel uncomfortable wearing the apron.

    Kroger Dress Code In 2022 (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

    Kroger Employees: What Tops or Shirts Are Available?

    Although employees are no longer required to wear the Kroger blue shirts, they can still wear these as long as the shirts are clean.

    The Kroger Logo Shirts and all other Kroger Clothing Items are also allowed.

    Additionally, employees can also wear business casual crew-neck shirts or business casual round-neck blouses with a solid color or a tasteful pattern.

    You should note that permitted shirts and tops can’t have any graphic or logos.

    Kroger won’t accept tank tops.

    What kind of Pants and Skirts are you allowed to wear as a Kroger Employee?

    Kroger associates can now wear pants in basic colors, including blue, black and khaki. They must be clean, unworn, with no holes or frays.

    Worker women can wear plain-colored skirts (blue or black or khaki), that don’t have cuts or holes. However, capris and leggings are prohibited.

    As many Kroger employees wear shorts, it is not prohibited to use them. Not to be confused with jeans or shorts: All pants and all shorts must remain at your hips.

    Kroger Dress Code In 2022 (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

    Kroger Employees Can Have Tattoos and Piercings

    Kroger employees may have tattoos but they are not allowed for personal use, particularly for attendants who are customer facing.

    While supervisors can have tattoos on the arms of their employees, it’s best to avoid offensive tattoos.

    Kroger has no policy on the use or restriction of piercings.

    But if interviewing, don’t show too many and get advice from other employees about what is acceptable.

    Please note that the rules can change slightly when you are working with one the Kroger subsidiaries.

    Fred Meyers employees, for example, are forbidden from having any other type of piercings.

    Does Kroger Allow Associates To Wear Hats?

    Kroger only allows Kroger associates the right to wear hats. According to the Kroger rule, “approved” means that the hat can’t have art, prints, logos, or other symbols than the Kroger logo.

    The hat should be kept clean at all times. the bill of the hat cannot be positioned to the side or the back of the head.

    Kroger Dress Code In 2022 (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

    Kroger allows different/unnatural hair colors?

    Kroger employees can wear any hair color, just like tattoos, but it is important to exercise discretion.

    Managers won’t be bothered if employees have neat hair and a pleasant color.

    What Shoes does Kroger let employees wear?

    Kroger management has stated that Kroger employees should wear shoes with closed toes.

    Additionally, all employees in perishables areas must be able to slip resistant shoes and/or crew-guard-over-soles as provided by management.

    Kroger Dress Code In 2022 (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

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