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Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

Walmart prides itself on being able to offer a wide variety of products and services to their millions of everyday customers.

  • However, you may be wondering if Walmart gives access to Coinstar machines in their stores. This is what I found out.
  • Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Is Walmart a Coinstar in 2022?

    Coinstar Kiosks exist in Walmart. You will find them at the back of stores near the checkout counters. A 11.9% service fee will apply to Coinstar Kiosks in Walmart. Customers can avoid this charge by choosing the free gift card option. Maximum amount of coins allowed is $2,000 for one transaction.

  • Find out more information about Coinstar at Walmart.
  • How Do You Use A Coinstar Machine At Walmart?

    Coinstar machines make it easy and quick to use. You just need to drop some coins from your pockets into the tray, and they will be entered by the machine.

    Coinstar can count coins from your coins. Please limit the amount you give it at one time.

    Once all of your coins have been counted, you will be issued with a printed receipt that will have your coin value printed on it. The customer service desk will issue you a receipt that can have your coin value printed on it.

    Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Walmart Costs How Much does a Coinstar Machine Cost to Use?

    Coinstar machines currently issue a fee for the use of their machines. This fee currently amounts to around 11.9% of the actual value of coins that you’re exchanging.

    If you have a coin worth $100 or more, the fee will be around $12. After the transaction is complete, $88 will be issued to you.

    Walmart Can the Coinstar Machine Fee be Avoided?

    Coinstar machines will automatically count and deduct any fees. Instead of receiving cash only, the Coinstar machine offers customers a number of options.

    Customers can either donate their funds or get an e gift card. These cards can be used for specific stores and restaurants like Amazon, AMC Theatres or Starbucks.

    When customers choose one of either of these two options, they will no longer be charged the extra fee, and will receive the full value of their transaction.

    Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Is there a better alternative to coinstar machines?

    If you don’t own a coin-star machine or you want to skip the fees, then you can still convert your coins to cash at financial institutions like American Eagle Credit Union, Cape Bank, First County Bank, and First County Bank.

    Although these institutions charge an extra cost for non-members they offer their service free of charge.

    How Many Walmarts Are Home To A Coinstar?

    Coinstar machines are available at many Walmart locations in the United States. Some stores may not have the machines.

    Customers have the option to access Coinstar’s ‘Find A Kiosk’ service from their smartphone or computer. This allows them to use their zip code to locate the closest Coinstar machine. They can also find out whether their local Walmart has it.

    You might be curious to learn more about Walmart. This includes whether Walmart offers ATMs and MoneyGram.

    Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Conclusion: Walmart Has A Coinstar Machine

    Yes. Coinstar machines are available at all Walmarts across America. These machines are easy to use, but do charge a fee for use. Coinstar’s website will help customers locate machines nearby.

    .Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

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