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Where Does Mcdonald’S Get Their Meat

Where Does Mcdonald’S Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

McDonald’s remains the most popular fast-food chain in America, despite being the 2nd-largest.

  • Have you been wondering where McDonald’s gets their meat? The answer might surprise you, so keep reading!
  • Where Does McDonald's Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Where Does Mcdonald’s Get Their Meat In 2022?

    McDonald’s has ground beef that comes from several ranches throughout the United States and Canada. Filet-O-Fish has a 100% fish content and is wild-caught Alaska Pollock. McDonald’s chicken is free from antibiotics and the nuggets are made in Georgia, North Carolina and Arkansas.

  • Since McDonald’s sells beef, pork, and chicken, we know you have questions about specific products, and we’ll tell you about where that meat comes from and more below!
  • Where Does McDonald’s Get Their Beef From?

    McDonald’s uses beef from many farms and ranches in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    Furthermore, their beef is made from trimmings of sirloin, chuck, and round, which are ground up and then formed into burger patties.

    Where Does McDonald's Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Who Supplies McDonald’s Meat?

    McDonald’s makes a range of meat supplies, such as Lopez Foods that supplies much of their beef.

    Keystone Foods provides McDonald’s with chicken, beef and fish.

    Keystone Foods delivers McDonald’s’ 15 million pound of fish and 300 million chicken breasts annually.

    Keystone Foods also invented the freezing of burgers in order to retain their flavor. McDonald’s uses this technique to ensure that their burgers are full-flavored during shipping.

    Kenny Longaker provides McDonald’s with most of its fish, which is what’s used in Filet-O-Fish. The supplier comes from Dutch Harbor Alaska.

    McDonald’s is McDonald’s meat fake?

    McDonald’s meats can’t be faked and are 100% made from real meat. This is one thing McDonald’s is proudest of.

    Furthermore, the company is proud that their chicken, pork, and beef are 100% meat and don’t contain fillers, additives, or preservatives like other fast-food restaurants.

    McDonald’s frequently uses trimmings taken from various parts to make its products like their McRibs or burgers.

    Where Does McDonald's Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

    How do McDonald’s get their chicken?

    McDonald’s has a number of chicken suppliers including those from Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

    McDonald’s is also not using pink slime to make McNuggets.

    Furthermore, McDonald’s chicken doesn’t use any antibiotics used for medicine.

    McDonald’s McNuggets are made only from breast meat, tenderloins, and rib meat.

    Where Does McDonald’s Get Their McRib Pork From?

    Lopez Foods supplies McDonald’s with the pork that it needs to create iconic dishes like the McRib.

    Interestingly, McDonald’s makes the McRib itself by grinding up pork shoulder and then forming the ground pork into patties shaped like ribs.

    Where Does McDonald's Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

    McDonald’s Sources Their Meat From China

    Thankfully, McDonald’s does not get their meat from China and uses only USDA-approved and certified suppliers and farmers for their pork, chicken, and beef.

    McDonald’s also uses a strict process to make sure that their meat is safe and meets all USDA standards.

    Does McDonald’s Freeze Their Meat?

    McDonald’s employs flash freezing to preserve their beef, pork and chicken.

    Also, the flash-freezing of meat allows it to be preserved so that it cooks even more deliciously.

    McDonald’s also fries half of the chicken nuggets prior to flash freezing. This helps retain the flavour.

    It can take as long as three weeks for the meat to be flash-frozen and then served in a McDonald’s.

    Where Does McDonald's Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

    McDonald’s Can Offer Very Low Prices, Even Though the Meat Is 100% Natural.

    McDonald’s buys meat in bulk just as it does other products offered, which allows the company to save a significant amount of money.

    McDonald’s has the advantage of buying in bulk, and getting the savings that comes with it. They can also keep their prices very low as they simply pass on the savings to customers.

    However, once meat prices spike and suppliers raise their prices to meet demand, some of those price increases get passed on to the consumer.

    What Seasonings are Used in McDonald’s Beef?

    McDonald’s is known for using a very small amount of salt in their seasonings to flavor beef. This condiment is then flash-frozen before being shipped to McDonald’s.

    McDonald’s doesn’t add any preservatives to flavor, and they believe only salt or pepper will preserve freshness.

    Where Does Mcdonald’S Get Their Meat In 2022? (Full Guide)

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