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Does Usps Send Text Messages

Does Usps Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

There are many vulnerabilities in technology, and phishing is one of them. The weakest links, though, can often be unwitting human beings.

However, there are many companies and retailers that send genuine texts to their customers.

  • So you may be wondering, does USPS send text messages? This is what I came up with after doing some research.
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    What 2022 USPS Text Messages Does USPS Send?

    Although the United States Postal Service sends text messages occasionally, customers who are concerned should know that these texts can only be sent when requested by an individual. These messages contain updates about the progress of delivery. USPS does NOT send any text messages with hyperlinks or require personal data.

  • Below you will find information on the different types of texts USPS sends and tips for recognizing if they are scams. Also, learn what to do if you receive scam text claims to be from USPS.
  • Do USPS send SMS messages regarding delivery changes?

    USPS sends text messages only about delivery updates – not changes – and only if you have signed up to receive text messages.

    It means the USPS will not send you unsolicited texts messages.

    Recent reports have been made by people claiming that they are from USPS. The messages say:

  • “USPS”: The delivery date for the shipment number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX changed. You can confirm this:
  • Finally, the message ends with a hyperlink. You can see an image of that type of text here.

    Others scam messages could refer to an Urgent Notice, followed by the link.

    The click of the link can install malware to your phone and computer (for Mac users with iMessage installed on their Macbooks).

    Sometimes it is tempting, especially if there are items on the way. To click on this link could be tempting.

  • These are the reasons why it’s important to be wary of any link in a text message. You will find yourself less inclined to click on an email about “delivery changes” and instead, you should approach every single one with caution.
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    Are You Scammed by a Text from the USPS?

    It is possible to get scammed by USPS by receiving a SMS from them. However, the chances of it being a scam are slim if you cannot recall signing up for USPS text notifications regarding a delivery.

    Bear in mind: USPS does not send out unsolicited text messages. You will only ever be able to receive it if you ask for delivery updates.

  • If you don’t know if you signed-up to receive text updates regarding a delivery or not, you can go to the tracking page.
  • You can expand this section by clicking the chevron on the right. It will show you whether notifications are available for you.

    How do you know if the text was not sent by USPS?

    Scammers use strange spellings to trick consumers.

  • Take a look at this image to see if you notice an extra space in between the words “delivery.”
  • You will receive everything from USPS without any spelling or grammatical mistakes

    The scam text also contains the shipment number. This looks like an order number that can be used by a range of retailers, such as Old Navy.

  • However, USPS tracking numbers can be much longer (20-22 digits) and don’t contain letters. And most domestic tracking numbers through USPS begin with “94,” “93” or “92.”
  • Last but not least, USPS textual evidence follows a very similar format.

  • It will look more like this: “USPS 01123456789123456789, Delivered 01/15/2014 11:10pm NORTH ANDOVER MA 01845 Reply HELP 4 info-STOP to cancel”
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    What can you do to check if your account is set up for USPS texts?

    You might be receiving messages that look like frauds from the USPS.

    It’s quick and easy to confirm that you are signed up for USPS SMS texts via their website.

    Enter your tracking number like you would to check on your package’s progress.

    After you’ve gotten your results, scroll down a bit to “Text & Mail Updates”. Click the chevron to expand this header.

    You will be able to see a listing of email and text notification options that you may have chosen. These options will be checked if you chose them.

    If you don’t see any, then you did not sign up for text notifications, and the text you received was, indeed, a scam.

    You can also view your text messaging conversations to confirm that you’re signed up.

  • After you register on USPS’s website, a first text is sent to you to confirm that you wish to receive notifications.
  • Which Number does USPS text from?

  • You can sign up for text notification from USPS if you want to “28777” the number they send.
  • Scammers also send SMS messages using 10-digit numbers like this example.

    If you find this, it will confirm firstly that you were signed up to receive notifications. Then, secondly, the text you see is not from USPS.

    That’s because all other texts from USPS would be part of the initial opt-in text conversation; it would not create a new conversation under a different number.

    Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    What should you do when the USPS sends SMS Smishing Text to your phone?

    You can respond in a small but effective way to smishing messages (SMS Phishing) that you receive.

    Per the United States Postal Inspection Service website, you can report smishing attempts to [email protected].

    The message can be copied and pasted from the text.

    Provide as much information as you can about any interactions you may have had with that number.

    You shouldn’t be ashamed to have responded and provided information. It is not difficult for scammers to convince us.

    Hopefully, though, you didn’t click the link, so you have nothing to report other than a new number being used to scam.

    You can read our posts related to if USPS First Class has tracking and updates tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • US Postal Service can send texts messages. However, only customers who are signed up will receive them.

    Messages from 10-digit numbers that contain links and may suggest there is an “urgent notice” or “delivery change” should be considered smishing and reported to the appropriate authorities.

    Is There A Usps Scam Going Around?

    Federal government officials will never call, text, or email to request your information for ‘helping’ with free kits. Scammers will not contact you asking for your Social Security Number, credit card number, and bank account information. On its website, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), warns you to “Do not respond”. Jan 21, 2022

    What is the Usps Scam Code?

    If you never signed up for a USPS tracking request for a specific package, then don’t click the link! This is known as smishing. Smishing refers to phishing using a phone number or text message.

    What number will you use to send SMS?


    .Does Usps Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

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