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Usps Parcel Select

Usps Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

Shipping is a competitive option for small business owners that deal with e-commerce.

There are many options for domestic shipping. The United States Postal Service has several services like Priority Parcel, First-Class Parcel, or Parcel Select.

  • Parcel Select: But, what is it exactly? This could be the ideal option for your small-business. Please read on!
  • USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    What is USPS Parcel Select in 2022?

    USPS Parcel Select, a package shipping service offered by the Postal Service to medium-to-large-sized shippers, is called USPS Parcel Select. This is USPS’s fastest parcel shipping service and also the most affordable, with a delivery period of 2-8 business days. Parcel Select cannot be ordered online through a vendor like Stamps.com. It can’t also be bought in Post Offices or on USPS.com.

  • Parcel Select can be a great option for you if you have questions regarding how Parcel Select operates, what savings it offers and how it compares with USPS’s other shipping services. I’ll get into the nitty-gritty, so keep reading!
  • How does USPS Parcel select work?

  • Background
  • USPS Parcel Select became available in the United States Postal Service’s 2013 offering. It was then discontinued.

    Parcel Select is an internet-only postage vendor service. They offer 2-8 day shipping, and the lowest USPS parcel shipping prices.

    The ideal shipping option for small- and medium-sized businesses and those who regularly ship but don’t have the funds to pay extra for other shipping options is this one.

  • Parcel Select can be used by UPS and FedEx for delivery of the last leg.
  • Selecting a Parcel
  • Accessing it however is difficult online (USPS.com) or at your local Post Office.

    Parcel Select may only be offered by postage sellers; some examples are Stamps.com Shipping Easy, SendPro Online and Shipping Easy.

    Parcel Select requires that you have an account at one of these vendors in order to benefit from it.

  • Pricing and shipping know-how
  • The weight of the package, its dimensions and location may affect prices.

    The starting price for a 1-pound package is $3.30.

    The maximum weight of machinable packs is 35 pounds Only $6.84 is the starting price! The non-machinable package may weigh in at 70 lbs. for $9.24. Larger parcels are available for $13.97.

    Parcel Select seems to be most efficient for parcels between 1 and 35 pounds that travel from the DDU (destination delivery unit) or “Last Mile”.

    Parcel Select has built-in USPS tracking, which makes it a great option for an economically priced service.

    USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    How long does USPS Parcel Select take?

    USPS Parcel Select can take between 2-8 days and sometimes takes longer. Priority ships within one or three days.

    Just like all their services, Parcel Select does deliver on Saturdays, as Saturdays are considered “business as usual” for the Postal Service.

    They do not deliver on Sundays, and as far as I can tell, Sunday delivery cannot be purchased for Parcel Select, as it can be for some other services.

    Parcel select customers are not using it for speed.

    What is the USPS Parcel Select Price?

    USPS Parcel Select always offers the lowest price for packages below 35 Pounds, shipped from the DDU or “Last Mile”, of the delivery route.

    A 35-lb. machinable package set from the DDU, costs only $6.85 to ship, which is half the cost of shipping a medium Flat Rate box (and cheaper even than a small Flat Rate! ).

    See this page to see the entire graph for Parcel Select Fees.

    USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    Can USPS Deliver Parcel Select Sundays?

    Stamps.com’s chart shows that USPS does NOT offer Parcel Select Delivery on Sundays.

    Only Priority Mail Express Express and Priority Package orders are eligible for this service for $12.50.

    Your package may have arrived at your Post Office Saturday, but not been delivered yet. It will be sent on Monday.

    Will USPS Pick Up Parcel Select Ground?

    USPS Parcel Select is not eligible for pick-up by the Postal Service.

    Stamps.com is a postage vendor that allows you to easily calculate, print, affix, and postage.

    If it is not possible to fit in a postal box, the parcel must be hand delivered to one of two places: a street postbox (if applicable) and a Post Office. You may also hand it over to your post carrier.

    USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    What is the Difference between USPS Parcel Select and USPS Retail Ground?

    You can see that the differences in USPS Retail Ground vs. Parcel Select are very minimal.

    You’re right – some things are similar, such as the delivery rates which are identical, two to eight business days plus included USPS Tracking.

    Despite this, they are quite distinct.

    You can buy Retail Ground at USPS.com and in Post Offices. Parcel Select is not available at any of these places.

    Parcel Select cannot be bought from a postal vendor such as Stamps.com and Shippo.com.

    Parcel Select may be more affordable than Retail Ground for some situations. However, the latter is something of a special service which can only be offered to a limited number.

    USPS will only offer super-low shipping prices to mailers that have third-party postal vendors accounts.

    What are the differences between USPS Priority Mail (USPS) and Parcel Select (USPS)?

    There is a world of difference between USPS Priority Mail and Parcel Select.

    Here’s a list of some the greatest contrasts.

  • Parcel Select is only available via postage vendors like Stamps.com; Priority Mail can be accessed both online and in Post Offices
  • Parcel Select costs significantly less than Priority Mail. Even a small Priority Mail Flat rate box is more expensive than a 35-lb. box with Parcel Select
  • Priority Mail has a faster shipping time, sometimes in less than one day. Parcel Select ships in two days. Parcel Select delivers in up to eight business days.
  • Priority Mail can deliver on Sundays; however, this service is only available for Parcel Select shippers.
  • Priority Mail qualifies for Scheduled Pickups from USPS. Parcel Select does not qualify and must be delivered by hand to a post office, letterbox or mail carrier.
  • You can read more on USPS by reading our posts about how USPS keeps packages safe, tracking updates and click-n-ship.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS Parcel Select provides an economic option for frequent shippers, who don’t care as much about speed.

    Parcel Select is a USPS postage service. However, it can only been accessed by stamp vendors like Stamps.com. Parcel Select cannot even be bought online at USPS.com.

    What is Usps Parcel Selection?

    It is designed for and generally used by large- and medium-sized parcel shippers. Parcel Select mailers charge postage that is proportional to the work involved in sorting parcels, and/or dropping shipping the items at a facility near the delivery location.

    Is Parcel Select Better Than First Class?

    First Class Package Service, which is for light packages, offers greater cost savings than Priority Mail and Parcel Select Ground. The mail class also offers fast, nationwide delivery in three days or less, closely matching the speed of Priority Mail.

    What’s the difference between Usps Retail Ground and Parcel Select?

    Parcel Select costs less than Retail Ground. In certain cases it can even be more affordable than Retail Ground (up 43% lower than Retail Ground prices at the top). Parcel Select Ground, which USPS provides to shippers with access to Special Commercial Pricing Rates, is this ground service. May 6, 2021

    Select What Kind Of Package?

    It is high-density parcel that weighs over 15 pounds. On its smallest side, it exerts more 60 pounds pressure per square foot. It contains a film case weighing more than 5 pounds or with strap-type closures, except any film case the USPS authorizes to be entered as a machinable parcel.

    .Usps Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

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