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What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

Parcel Select Lightweight is a USPS service that you should know about if you own an e-commerce company and send more than 50K packages annually.

  • By using this service you can get half off shipping for lighter packages (1 lb and less). You can read the remainder of this article to learn more about this service and take advantage of its money-saving opportunities.
  • What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022?

    Parcel Select Lightweight, a USPS ground delivery service for bulk parcels weighing under 16 ounces (one pound) is offered. This service offers per ounce rates, making it cheaper than pound parcel rates offered through Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx ground services. Deliveries take 2-9 business days by 2022.

  • If you’ve got more questions about Parcel Select Lightweight, then keep reading this article to learn more facts about this delivery service!
  • What is Parcel Select at USPS?

    Before we get into the specifics of what USPS’ Parcel Select Lightweight service means, let’s take a step back and look at what the Parcel Select service is in general.

    Parcel Select is an economical ground delivery service that USPS offers for packages entering the company’s delivery system in bulk, including packages that enter the system at destination facilities.

    This service is intended to be used and provided by large and medium-sized parcel smugglers (i.e. Ship more than 50.000 packages per annum.

    However, this is not a requirement. This service is usually cheaper than Priority Mail.

    Parcel Select mailers will pay postage that is reflective of the amount they contributed to shipping.

    Rather than hand off packages to a letter carrier or drop them off at the post office, Parcel Select mailers presort parcels and/or drop ship pieces at a destination facility located closer to the delivery location.

    Parcel Select items are transported to either a destination sectional center facility, destination bulk mail center (DBMC), or a destination delivery un (DDU), for residential and business delivery.

    Parcel Select mailers are able to do most of the USPS’s work, and they get a much lower rate for their mailing services.

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    What Does Parcel Select Lightweight Mean at USPS?

    Parcel Choose Lightweight is one among many available options as part the Parcel Service, which provides ground delivery for lighter parcels. The weight limit for eligible parcels is between 3.5 ounces (16 ounces) and 1 pound (1 pound).

    The service can only be used if packages have been pre-sorted.

  • Destination Network Distribution Center (DNDC)
  • Destination Sectional Center Facility
  • Destination Delivery Unit – DDU
  • Prices are determined by the distance and weight, therefore size is irrelevant. Parcel Select Lightweight packages are usually delivered in 2 to 9 business day within the contiguous 48 States.

    However, it may take longer for deliveries going to Alaska or Hawaii.

    What is the Cost of Parcel Select Lightweight?

    Without knowing the specifics of the packages you’re sending, it’s not possible to give a precise estimate of Parcel Select Lightweight shipping costs.

    Price depends on several factors:

  • You can only purchase this service through Stamps.com.
  • Package weight. (It will cost more to have your package weight close to the limit of 1lb).
  • The frequency with which you send packages. You’ll receive better rates if you ship more frequently.
  • Parcel Select Lightweight costs significantly less than other similar products like FedEx and UPS.

    Parcel Select Lightweight is one reason why this happens. Other services sell in pound increments.

    For example, 1 lb packages shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS, FedEx, or FedEx, start at $5 to $7. Prices can go up depending upon how far it is being sent.

    On the other hand, Parcel Select Lightweight packages range from $1.38 to $3.20, making them less than half as expensive as other comparable services.

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Parcel Select lightweight: What size?

    Parcel select Lightweight must send mail items that weigh no more than 16 ounces

    The combined length and width of the body cannot exceed 108 inches. Note that your size does not affect the price. Prices are calculated solely based on your weight and how far you’re willing to travel.

    However, you need your package to contain enough postage to cover any additional items that may be required.

    Parcel Select lightweight: When will it arrive?

    Parcel Select Lightweight services will send items within 2-9 business days to all addresses in the contiguous 48 States.

    Parcel Select delivery times can be significantly longer (10 to 14 days) if your package is being delivered to or from Alaska, Hawaii or a U.S. territory.

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Do I have the right to buy Parcel Select Lightweight from the Post Office

    Parcel Select Lightweight cannot be bought at the postal office. Rather, it’s only available online via a PC postage vendor (like Stamps.com), or from another authorized USPS business partner.

    Parcel Select Lightweight: When should I use it?

    Parcel Select lightweight is an excellent shipping option for medium and large businesses, which ship up to 1 pound per parcel (or more) each year.

    You can ship via USPS Priority Mail (UPS, FedEx), or UPS. Customers pay per-ounce and not per-pound.

    This pricing arrangement could lead to savings of up 50% over comparable services. If you are looking for lower shipping costs than fast delivery times then this might be the right service.

    Our posts include information on the time it takes for USPS Parcel Select to arrive, what steps you should take if a package arrives stolen, as well as how you can reroute USPS boxes.

  • Conclusion
  • Parcel Select lightweight is an option for businesses that need bulk shipping. It is offered by USPS as a ground delivery service.

    Prices vary depending upon where you purchase the service, how many packages are being shipped and how often they are delivered.

    What Does Parcel Select Lightweight Mean?

    Parcel Select(r), an economical ground service, is available for parcels that have been entered bulky and those at the destination facility. Parcel Select Lightweight is a ground service that delivers lightweight parcels of less than 16-ounces.

    Which class is Parcel Select lightweight?

    #5 Parcels Select Lightweight: For packages less than one pound. Packages are required to be prepared for shipment.

    Parcel Select lightweight: What Size is it?

    Parcel Selection Lightweight pieces should weigh less that 16 ounces.

    What exactly is a lightweight package?

    It shares the same goal as practices such source reduction or waste consciousness. However, lightweighting is specifically about the ability create lighter and more efficient versions.

    .What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

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