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Does Mcdonald’S Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay?

Does Mcdonald’S Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

McDonald’s has a variety of payment options for its customers. Customers can place their orders quickly online, in-store or via the app. But what about Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Pay?

  • Keep reading to find out if McDonald’s accepts Samsung Pay/Google Pay.
  • Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

    McDonald’s does accept both Google Pay and Samsung Pay, both in-store and in the drive-thru as of 2022. Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not accept either Samsung Pay or Google Pay. McDonald’s accepts wearable devices compatible with Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

  • Are you looking for more information about Samsung Pay and Google Pay at McDonald’s Continue reading to learn more!
  • Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

    How Does Google Pay Work At McDonald’s?

    Google Pay can be used at McDonald’s as it is similar to debit and credit cards transactions.

    You can then place an order and open the Google Pay app from your phone.

    Also, when you pass the drive-thru cashier, let them know that you will be paying using Google Pay. The contactless card reader can then be used to pay your bill with your phone.

    You could also use your iPhone to place above the cash register at McDonald’s.

    Your phone will make a sound that indicates when the transaction is complete. The card reader will also indicate approval.

    How Does Samsung Pay Work at McDonald’s?

    Samsung Pay works the same way as Google Pay at McDonald’s, although it’s important to note that only those on a Samsung device will be able to use Samsung Pay.

    You can still order as normal, just tell your worker you are using Samsung Pay.

    To register at McDonald’s, simply scan the barcode on the back of your McDonald’s card.

    If you wish to make a purchase in the store, open the Samsung Pay app by hovering your device over the reader at the counter.

    The transaction is completed when your device rings or makes a sound.

    Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

    Google Pay is possible on McDonald’s App

    Google Pay cannot be used through McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay as it currently only accepts Apple Pay.

    Samsung Pay for McDonald’s:

    McDonald’s currently does not accept Samsung Pay. Only Apple Pay, which is compatible with iOS devices, is acceptable as a digital wallet.

    Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

    Are You Safe to Use Google Pay and Samsung Pay at McDonald’s?

    That’s because you can pay with your digital wallet at McDonald’s using Google Pay/Samsung Pay.

    Additionally, to be able to access your Samsung Pay account or Google Pay, you must enter a code (or PIN). This adds another layer of authentication to the transaction that you can’t use with credit and debit cards.

  • It’s also a good idea to avoid swiping credit cards, as it can lead to fraud. You’ll be using Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, which is much better than swiping!
  • You don’t need to hand your card to the McDonald’s workers with the contactless scanner machine. This is also a greater protection for your personal information.

    Learn more about McDonald’s payment options. You can see posts such as whether McDonald’s allows coupons and PayPal.

  • Conclusion
  • Thankfully, McDonald’s does accept both Google Pay and Samsung Pay, although you can only use these payment methods in-store or through the drive-thru.

    Unfortunately, Google Pay or Samsung Pay can’t be accepted via the McDonald’s mobile order & pay app. It only supports Apple Pay.

    It’s also very easy to use Samsung Pay or Google Pay at McDonald’s.

    Simply open the payment application, place your finger on the card reader and wait until the transaction is complete.

    Plus, Google Pay or Samsung Pay can be more convenient than traditional credit and debit cards.

    Samsung Pay is a way to pay at Mcdonald’s

    Can I Use Samsung Pay At Mcdonald’S? Softcard is a McDonald’s joint venture that accepts Android NFC mobile payments. It was launched in pilot projects at McDonald’s restaurants across the country, starting with 2013 and 14,000 other locations.

    Is it possible to pay with Google Pay on Mcdonald’S App?

    Is McDonald’s accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay payments? Both payment options are accepted by McDonald’s to provide our customers with the best possible payments.

    How Do I Use Google Pay At Mcdonalds?

    Just one button is all it takes to make a payment online or via an app. After you make your payment, choose Google Pay and confirm it. Works with any credit or debit card.

    What Payment Forms Does Mcdonalds Accept?

    Register Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. Payment cards registered must be issued by a U.S. bank. If you have an iOS device, and your card is registered to your Apple Wallet, Apple Pay will automatically display as a payment option within the McDonald’s App.

    .Does Mcdonald’S Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

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