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Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Answered]

Apple Pay makes shopping easy. Just tap your smartphone and you’re on your way.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay In 2022? [ANSWERED]

Apple Pay can be used by not all stores. So, as one of the biggest chains in the US – does Dollar General accept Apple Pay?

These are my findings about Apple Pay & Dollar General.

Do You Think Dollar General Will Pay Apple In 2022

Dollar General has not yet listed Apple Pay among their acceptable payment methods. In July 2020, Dollar General tweeted that certain stores were updated with Apple Pay support. Later they retracted the comment and announced no plans for Apple Pay to enter its stores.

  • Is there another way you can pay Dollar General with your phone? Keep reading for more information!
  • Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay In 2022? [ANSWERED]

    Do you have any smartphone payment options for Dollar General

    Yes, Dollar General has its own smartphone app called DG Go, which can scan items as you shop and pay via your phone when you’ve finished.

    Only a select number of stores can accept DG Go payments. Make sure to check if you store has them.

    Dollar General doesn’t offer other mobile payment options, such as DG Go or Samsung Pay.

    Dollar General is also unable to accept PayPal payments in stores or online.

    How do I pay my Phone at Dollar General Using DGGo

    Follow these steps to make a payment at Dollar General using your mobile phone:

  • Download and install the DG Go app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Use the store locator in the app to check if your store accepts DG Go payments. If it does not, then you will need to find another one that supports DG Go to make payment with your smartphone.
  • Add payment methods such as bank accounts, gift cards or credit cards.
  • You can find any available digital coupons by checking your app. Once you have saved them, go to your local store.
  • The app can be used to scan barcodes for products, and you can add them as you shop.
  • Once you’re done shopping go to the DG Go Checkout Tablet at the Front of the Store and select “I want to checkout” via the App
  • The app will scan the barcode found on the checkout tablet. Once payment is processed, you will receive an electronic receipt.
  • Learn more about Dollar General’s payment options. You can see posts such as whether Dollar General accepts American Express, Dollar General accepting checks, or if Dollar General allows coupons.

  • Conclusion
  • Dollar General will not accept Apple Pay nor any other popular smartphone payment app (Google Pay, Samsung Pay), and appears not to plan to do so.

    However, it offers its own app, DG Go, which can scan products while shopping and use a QR code to pay with your phone at select stores.

    .Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Answered]

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