Best Mosquito Candles

Best Mosquito Candles

Best Mosquito Candles

The 7 Best Citronella Candles Of 2021

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The Spruce / Chloe Jeong Bugs can quickly put a damper on your time spent outdoors, and if you don’t want to douse yourself in bug spray every time you sit on your patio, it might be time to invest in a few citronella candles. Citronella oil is an essential oil that comes from certain varieties of grass, and it naturally repels a variety of pesky insects, including mosquitoes . When used in candles, citronella helps to keep bugs out of the immediate area, which saves you from ending the night covered in itchy bug bites The following are the best citronella candles to use this summer.

Amazon Cutter’s 20 oz Citro Guard is our top choice. This can be used to keep bugs away from your area for as long as 40 hours.

Coleman Scented Citronella Candle at Amazon

These inexpensive and lightweight candles are just under 7 ounces and come in several woodsy scents, including campfire and pine.

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Best Mosquito Candles


You will determine the size of the candle and how strong it is depending on its intended use. Small spaces, like an enclosed porch, will protect weak flames on smaller candles like tealights and votives. Some of these smaller candles are even appropriate for use indoors, but follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that this is safe.

However, patios or decks are open spaces that can be easily damaged by the weather. For these spaces, you will want a candle with better wind resistance. You can use a traditional citronella or tin candle to light these spaces. A lantern, bucket or candle can be a great idea for camping trips. It will last hours without burning and it can withstand windy conditions.

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Citronella candles may not work if your area is plagued by mosquitoes. They are ideal for problems with flying insects of moderate to severe severity. An insecticide or trap can be used to combat ongoing mosquito problems.

Best Mosquito Candles

Twelve Best Mosquito Repellents That Keep the Bugs Away

These bug sprays do it all!

Nothing ruins a lovely cookout, hike, or camping trip like a swarm of mosquitoes. These pesky bugs can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors without a solid defense plan and some of the most effective mosquito repellents.

Fortunately, experts have come up with all sorts of solutions: planting dragonfly-attracting plants (dragonflies are natural predators of mosquitoes, consuming up to 100 a day! You can make bug-resistant mesh trousers that will fit under your summer shorts. There are also many repellents available, such as candles and sprays to your yard and body.

It’s best to use a tri-pronged approach when choosing the best mosquito repellant. Spray your lawn and garden with a sprayer, then replace your spring and easter candles with mosquito repellent lanterns or citronella candles. Finally, apply the repellent to your skin and clothing. The following list contains a variety of mosquito repellents. It also includes smart options that can be used on the skin, such as lotions and balms or wipes. You can take your pick and then you need to make your backyard a success. It’s that easy! Enjoy a pest-free Summer.

Best Mosquito Candles

You can also try other strategies

Besides all the sprays and lotions that contain mosquito repellent, there are many things that supposedly drive away mosquitoes in the surrounding area.

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Citronella candles were used to repel mosquitoes from humans since 1882. However, one study has shown that plain candles are not as effective as citronella candles. They also emit heat, carbon dioxide and moisture.

Many advertisements have been placed for ultrasonic bug repellents. The devices are said to emit sounds that either scare the mosquitoes or cause them irritation. The Federal Trade Commission, American College of Physicians and a Review in Annals of Internal Medicine all cited numerous studies that show these devices don’t work.

Anderson explained that customers frequently ask her about the two newer devices Mosquito Deleto (made by Coleman) and Mosquito Magnet (made by American Biophysics Corp.

These are traps which emit carbon dioxide and an octenol chemical. The traps should be used to draw mosquitoes towards the trap.

Anderson claims that “they do collect lots and lots” of mosquitoes. Anderson says that they do not reduce mosquito bites, but it’s still unknown if the effect is real.

Anderson states, “Right now, the jury is still out.”

Don’t even bother with the old electric bug zappers. The violet light may be irresistible to some flying insects, but mosquitoes largely ignore it.

Anderson says, “It is a lot more beneficial insects that get fried.”

The best way to keep swarms of mosquitoes from descending on your backyard barbecue is to get rid of standing water, where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Best Mosquito Candles

Our Top Pick: Murphy’S Naturals Tea Light Candles

A mosquito is one of the most hated animals in the world.

The use of candles is an integral part of general pest prevention. They can provide protection for homeowners and their families from the bites of mosquitoes.

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Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Tea Light Candles (Our Top Pick) Cutter Citro Guard Candle Repel Citronella Insect Repellent Mosquito Guard Repellent Candle Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Lantern Connect with a local pro today

Do Citronella Candles Really Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Citronella candles can repel mosquitoes moderately well, but only for the immediate surrounding area. 6 The candles are not effective in keeping mosquitoes out your yard. They also do little to stop mosquitoes multiplying.

How can a candle keep mosquitoes away?

How do candles keep bugs away? Citronella is the most common candle smell that repels mosquitos. Citronella candles seem to be really effective both indoors and outdoors. Each one can protect about three square feet around the flame, so you’ll want several to place in your patio.Feb 14, 2021

Do Candles Work To Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Myth: Citronella candles repel mosquitoes. … The oil of citronella is effective in repelling mosquitoes, but it doesn’t work as well for everyone, says Joseph Conlon. He works as a technical advisor with the American Mosquito Control Association. July 23, 2009

.Best Mosquito Candles

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