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Best Pet Friendly Mouse Poison

Best Pet Friendly Mouse Poison

Best Pet Friendly Mouse Poison

Is Your Pest Control Pet Friendly?

Question: Are your methods safe for household pets?

Question: When we first came to inquire about the service, the person said we had to get out of our house within four hours. We also were required to take our pets out, as well, so that the fish would survive. I just wanted to make sure that what he said is true.

Answer: You do NOT have to be out of the house, the pets need only be kept from treated surfaces until they (the surfaces) are dry … and cover the fish tanks/bowls.

Pesticides for household insects are designed to be applied at low concentrations, usually less than 1 percent. These concentrations are high enough to be effective in killing small insects, but pose no threat to people or pets.

Generally, the droplet size of household application equipment is large enough so that the material does not remain in the air for very long and there is little opportunity for exposure through breathing. The surface that has been treated is usually dried quickly so it’s unlikely you will be exposed. It is possible for the residual residue to be harmful to insects but not to human health. While the residual is not likely to last too long, it can be long enough to reach insects and cause them death. This website may help. The web address to the site is: www.epa.gov/pesticides The best strategy to keep pets safe is to keep them off any treated surface until it is dry, and this may take 1-2 hours. Your Orkin Pest Specialist can perform this service in the most professional manner. They will also follow the directions on the labels regarding how the materials are applied. These services, which have scientific backing, were created to fit your particular needs.

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If you have questions ask the Orkin Pest Specialist at the time of the service.

If you are not satisfied, contact your and ask to speak with a member of the management team.

Orkin used information from the above to answer the following questions, submitted by Orkin.com customers:

Question: I have carpenter ants and I’m afraid to use any pest control services because I have an exotic bird, 3 cats and many lizards and other reptiles. Are you able to offer pets-friendly pest control solutions?

Question: If the dead mouse is bitten by the poison, will it harm the cat or cause serious health problems?

What is Safe for Pets, but Kills Mice?

Snap traps can be replaced by live traps but they are safer for pets and humane. Although they come in many sizes, live traps can usually be opened to allow the animals to escape. For them to return, you must keep at least two miles from their home.

What are the Toxicities of Mice, But Not to Dogs?

The Natural Rat Poison Secret Ingredient Is Salt! Yep, plain old table salt. It is absorbed into the lower intestines of rodents and dehydrates them.

What Mouse Bait is Safe for Dogs?

We searched for pet-friendly products and found the perfect solution in Surefire Couma All Weather Blocks. These bait block come pre-used and contain the active substance Coumatetralyl. The poisonous ingredient is toxic to both rats and mice. However, it can be quickly metabolised.

What can you do to get rid of rats and mice without harming your pets?

Remove yard debris and trim shrubs to decrease rat habitat.

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.Best Pet Friendly Mouse Poison

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