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Best Cat Comb

Best Cat Comb

Here’s an overview of the Best Cat Brushes and De-Shedding Products To Buy

Below is a comparison table that highlights the key features of each product. You’ll find more detailed information about each product later in the article.

  • Comb through your hair effectively
  • Retractable teeth for easy cleanup
  • Comfort grip handle for easy brushing
  • For sensitive cats, gentle rubber teeth
  • Cute cat design
  • Effectively removes dead hair
  • Great for mat-prone cats
  • Soft gel handles for maximum control and comfort
  • Two-sided functionality allows you to use the comb as a deshedding tool and also for dematting
  • Great for short haired cats
  • Soft for sensitive skin
  • Easy to handle
  • Nub pattern allows for effective grooming
  • Two colors available
  • For sensitive cats, gentle
  • Great for cats with thick undercoats
  • One of the best-loved cat brushes on the market
  • High-quality, long-lasting construction
  • Important tool for families at high risk of flea infestation
  • Priced below $5, highly affordable
  • Simple design, very easy to use

Before we jump into individual product reviews of the top 11 best cat brushes on the market, let’s talk about the types of cat brushes available, identifying which brushes are best for certain coat types and personalities.

Furminator Cat Deshedding Tool for Short Hair

The FURminator Short-Hair Cat Deshedding Tool is our pick for best short-hair cat comb. FURminator is a company with a highly regarded reputation for reducing shedding for household pets. The comb was specifically designed for cats with short hair.

This deshedding tool works great on both your short-haired cat’s topcoat and undercoat. It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for owners during grooming. It effortlessly removes loose hairs and with regular use, each week can show an immense improvement on your cat’s shedding.

This comb is not going to be a good choice for long-haired cat owners, and it is a bit pricier than some other options. This comb is highly recommended and the reviews speak for themselves.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Great for topcoat and undercoat
  • Reduces shedding
  • This is not the right product for long-haired cats
  • Pricey

best cat comb

Andis Steel Pet Comb

The grooming of short-haired cats is usually minimal. Short-haired cats are clean and tidy. Their tongues can do an amazing job caring for their hair, particularly if it is short.

A comb can be used to brush your cat’s locks every now and again. For short-haired cats, an easy-to-use comb such as the Andis Steel Pet Comb will work well. Your short-haired cat won’t need any of the bells and whistles required to maintain a long-haired cat’s coat.

You’ll need a de-shedding tool if your cat needs to be groomed. However, a comb will work if your cat wants to have a straight, even combed fur.

How Grooming Can Help You Identify Health Problems

There are many conditions that cats may face, which can be diagnosed when they’re groomed. Grooming cats can help you identify skin conditions such as hair loss, skin irritations, or other inflammation. Grooming cats is not only good for their appearance, but it also helps us to know when our pets are sick.

Of course, it’s always possible that your cat starts to lose their fur as they get older. Just like humans, cats can develop age-related alopecia, and only you can use your best judgment. If you are worried that your cat has developed a health issue that might be causing them to lose hair, a visit to the veterinarian can always help ease your worries.

best cat comb

It’s small and easy to hold a silicone brush

This compact cat brush has a round design and a nonslip hand grip, so you may find it easier to maneuver than other brushes. Plus, the smaller size is great for grooming catsa faces and paws. The brush has flexible silicone bristles that quickly and gently remove loose fur, and reviewers recommend wetting the bristles slightly to catch even more hair. Itas a popular pick with pet owners and has earned more than 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One cat parentas take: a[…] There are 3 things I really love about this brush compared to every other type we have tried. First, it gets a ton of hair off our cats. The brush is great for removing a lot of hair from cats that don’t shed much. Second, the soft bristles don’t irritate the cats’ skin at all, making this a great brush to use frequently. Our cats love this brush. They love it so much that they will run towards me to brush their fur. This is something I have never experienced with other grooming tools. The brush is easy to use, cleans easily, holds the cat’s fur well, and it is ergonomically comfortable to hold. I definitely recommend this little brush to anyone with cats!a

Dakpets Furblaster Dog & Cat Grooming Glove


  • All sizes are the same
  • Most cats like it
  • Removes a lot of hair


  • Only comes with a right-handed glove; not good for lefties
  • Large one size fits all glove slides around on small hands
  • Hard to clean
  • Doesn’t capture hair as well as our top pick

The DakPets FURBlaster Dog & Cat Grooming Glove is a typical mitt-style grooming glove for removing your cat’s loose hair.

This product is more popular with cats than any other glove.

Our Verdict:

Honestly, we included this because I know it’s popular, but after reviewing it, this product probably isn’t worth the money. There are better products on the market, and our #1 cat grooming glove recommendation is several dollars cheaper than this one with better functionality.

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best cat comb

Pet Haven Premium 6-In-1 Cat Brush

Pet Haven’s 6-in-1 Cat Brush is the top choice. The purchase includes 5 brush options and nail clippers. This product is loved by reviewers for its versatility.

This comb can be used for de-matting, de-shedding, a typical bristle brush, a pin brush, massager, and even a bath brush. This comb is effective in removing tangles and mats from the fur, as well as reducing shedding.

The massage portion can increase blood circulation and promote the spread of natural oils. This is a wonderful option for a complete rinse and many cats love the feeling. They are easy to interchange and have a lockable design that makes them great for all occasions.

It is easy to hold and can be used on all types of coats. The biggest complaint among reviewers is that the comb is a bit on the heavy side and some customers received the package with missing attachments. It’s best to check your order thoroughly upon receiving it. It’s higher priced than some other options but you can’t beat the versatility.

  • Available with many attachments
  • All coat types compatible
  • Heavy
  • Some customers received product with missing attachments

0 Self Groomer Cat Toy Review

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This is a new twist on the grooming brush. This toy allows cats to groom themselves while having fun.

A self-grooming brush like this will not work for most cats. This can, however, be an alternative to a human-operated brush for cats that are stubbornly independent and refuse to let anyone else groom their cat.

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Toy can be placed on the ground or mounted to a corner. To entice cats to the toy, you can use the catnip pouch. If you’re lucky, the nipped-up cat will start to rub their face and body against the groomer.

These bristles can be used to massage the skin of your cat and remove any hair that isn’t needed.

best cat comb

Ideal for bathing

This Furbliss Pet Brush from Vetnique Labs turns bathtime into a luxurious massage. This multipurpose grooming tool, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, is safe and efficient when wet. Its soft bristles help to gently remove excess hair, stimulate blood flow to the skin, and distribute natural oils throughout your pet’s coat. The best part is, the silicone cat brush is dishwasher safe for easy sterilization between uses. It’s great for dogs, rabbits, and other small house pets too!

You don’t have the time to brush your cat every day. Let your kitty groom themselves with the Senses 2.0 Self-Groomer Cat Brush from Catit. Attach the cat groomer to any flat surface, such as a corner or wall using the included adhesive strips. Your cat will be able to rub and scratch his way to healthier hair. This handy tool can also be used as a self-grooming device. It’s a great option for shy, sensitive cats who don’t like to be groomed.

Paws & Pals Best In Show Deshedding Tool

The Paws & Pals Best in Show Deshedding Tool is a high-rated deshedder amount for both dog and cat owners. The ergonomic handle allows for easy gripping. The stainless-steel blade can penetrate down into the undercoat while being gentle on their skin.

This brush does a great job removing loose hair, maintaining the undercoat, and preventing matting and dander. This deshedding comb comes at a great price compared to some other competitors and reviewers rave about its effectiveness.

The only negative feedback surrounding this product was that some pet owners were disappointed that it did not remove as much hair as expected. Though it’s best to keep in mind that regular brushing will help keep the amount of hair under control.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Remove loose hair and maintain undercoat
  • Prevents matting
  • Some hairs didn’t get as far as they hoped.

best cat comb

#2 Best Rubber Cat Brush: Kong Zoomgroom Review

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This one is a classic. The KONG ZoomGroom is a cat-shaped little rubber brush that fits in the palm of your hand and gently removes loose hair from your cat’s coat.

The wide-spaced rubber teeth are flexible, making it a gentle brush that’s easy on even the most sensitive kitties. It can be thought of as a gentle massage brush, which stimulates skin gently without irritating.

While the ZoomGroom has great popularity thanks to its gentle groom-massage and deshedding abilities, it’s not perfect. It doesn’t grab the hair very securely and, according to customer reviews, tends to send fur flying around. Although it can remove a lot of hair, it is likely to let the rest fall on your cat’s furniture and cats.

Safari Self-Cleaning Brush for Cats


  • It is easy to keep clean
  • It is easy to use
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable


  • Some cats are too sensitive for slicker brushes and won’t tolerate this brush
  • Some cats are too sensitive for slicker brushes and won’t tolerate this brush

Slicker brushes can be the best choice for many kitties but they are also the hardest to clean.

The tool pulls hair off of the brush. Because the pins can retract, it is easy to wipe grease or dander off the brush’s head.

Comfort-grip handles are easier to use than any other types of handle. It is also simpler to clean and use.

Our Verdict:

The Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush For Cats is the best cat slicker brush on the market right now. It is unbeatable for its self-cleaning and comfortable-grip handles at an affordable price.

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best cat comb

GroomeraS Pick: The Best Cat Brushes On A Budget

Another recommendation from Opp, this affordable cat grooming set features two stainless steel combs with smooth, rounded tines that will be gentle on kittyas skin. The set includes one large and one small comb so you can efficiently groom different areas of your catas fur, and each comb has both dense and wide teeth thatall help remove loose hair and tangles. This popular comb set has earned a 4.7-star rating after more than 2,800 Amazon customers weighed in.

One cat parentas take: aBest comb for long-haired pets! It’s the only one our cat can tolerate and it makes him so relaxed. He was a nibbler and a swiper when I used to brush him. Before we found this product, we tried five other brushes. So easy to clean and less hairballs and no mats for our baby. Easily detangles with soft, short strokes.a

Handson Grooming Glove Reviews: #5

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Grooming gloves can be a great choice for sensitive cats. A grooming glove can be a soothing alternative to traditional brushes for cats that are afraid of foreign objects running through their coats.

The HandsOn glove has a few features that set it apart from other grooming gloves, but sizing is the most significant point of difference. The glove is available in five sizes–junior, small, medium, large, and extra large.

They fit perfectly so you can give your cat an easy, natural grooming experience. The bottom of the glove is covered in nitrile nodules. While the bristles on the fingers are longer, those covering the palm have slightly more aggressive massage nodes.

You can get it in black or green.

best cat comb

Kong Cat Zoomgroom Multi-Use Brush


  • You can remove a lot of hair
  • Be gentle on the skin
  • Can also be used on furniture and rugs
  • Most pets like it
  • Very affordable


  • It can be messy because the hair isn’t always in place when you brush it.
  • Some cats don’t like it
  • If your cat chews on the piece and swallows it, it can pose a danger to his health.

KONG Zoom Groom is a secret weapon for groomers over many years. Now cat owners are finding out how incredible this product can be.

This tool gently removes hair from cats with short hair. Many furry friends enjoy the process of brushing.

Our Verdict:

The KONG Cat Zoom Groom is the ideal brush for most short-haired cats and kittens. It removes a ton of hair and is well-tolerated by most pets. Although hair can get all over the place during brushing you have the option to use the rubber brush instead to clean your carpet or furniture.

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Best Cat Brush Glove

Rubber brushes can become difficult to use and hold. Cat brush gloves make it easy to groom your cat.

Most cats think they’re getting petted and massaged instead of being brushed.

best cat comb

Babyliss Pro Pet Double-Row Pet Rake

Babyliss Pro Pet’s Double Row Pet Rake is great for pets with medium or long hair. These pins, made from stainless steel, can penetrate the skin to remove dead and tangled fur.

The rake doesn’t feature deshedding, where the brush loosens fur that is ready to shed into the undercoat and removes it before it can shed on its own. So, you may not see the same reduction in shedding that you would see from a dedicated de-shedding tool. You will likely see less fur around your home.

Best Cat Comb

Cat Combs can be used to locate mats and remove undercoat.

While they usually don’t do as good of a job getting all the loose fur as a brush would, they are a crucial addition to the toolbox of any parent of a long-haired cat.

best cat comb

Know When To Bathe Your Cat

It is not enough to brush them, you must also bathe them. This will ensure that your cat is clean and healthy. This also sees to it that your cat is cleaned properly. There is some dirt that canat be removed by merely brushing them.

Grease, grime and other sticky substances are difficult to get rid of. You can remove them by giving them a bath. Don’t overdo it. If they still look and smell fresh, then donat bath them. They will all get sick if they are over-bathed.

Does Brushing Help With Cat Dandruff?

Most cats are meticulous groomers, so they keep their coats in pretty good condition. When it comes to issues like dry skin and dandruff, however, they may need a little help. Regular brushing can help exfoliate the skin but you may also want to bathe your cat with hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

best cat comb

Furemover Duo Dual-Bristle Brush

A traditional pin brush may be too intense for sensitive cats. If your cat has sensitive skin or gets overstimulated easily, you’ll need something a bit gentler. This FURemover Duo Dual Bristle Brush is made with soft rubber bristles and not metal pins. It doubles up as a grooming and lint removal tool thanks to its dual-sided design. The thick bristle side helps detangle matted fur and massage your cat’s skin, while the thin bristle side helps remove lint and loose hair from your clothing, furniture, and pet beds. It’s great for taking on the go!


Combs are better than brushes for deshedding cats. To remove any undercoat shedding, the teeth of the comb dig deeper. The comb’s teeth also do better than a brush at removing the dead fur from the undercoat.

Brushes are more for maintaining the overcoat than removing the undercoat. Brushing your cat will improve the look and quality of the overcoat while combing them will help remove the dead fur in the undercoat.

best cat comb

Pin Brush For Cats

To prevent matting, pin brushes are great for cats. They remove knots from fur and reduce tangles. Pins can easily be used to comb long hair and tidy it up. It is a good every day brush to use for all coats, especially medium and long hair.

Dematting Tools

For long-haired cats that are prone to mats

Don’t use a pair of scissors to cut out a mat. If your cat flinches or you snip in the wrong place, you could cut their skin instead of the matted fur. Use a dematting tool instead. These tools have sharp blades with rounded tips. The tools are used to gently remove the mat from the skin by scooping it under.

best cat comb

Babyliss Pro Pet Comb

Babyliss Pro Pet Comb also makes an excellent no-frills pet comb that’s great for lower-maintenance cats. The Pet Comb is exactly the same as what you would use to brush your hair. You could even use it yourself!

It features both a wide and a fine-toothed comb, just like the combs you see at CVS. It is made of stainless steel and it’s durable. Your cat will love having their teeth combed by you!

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