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Best Cat Fountain

Best Cat Fountain

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain

The stylish and luxurious design of this cat drinking fountain makes it hard to believe it costs as little as it does. However, the cheap price doesn’t mean you’ll be losing on quality. The Pioneer Raindrop fountain is made from stainless steel and holds 60 ounces of water. It’s continuously purified using premium filters. The 3-layer charcoal filters cost $13 and need to be replaced each month. Ultra quiet pump circulates the water gently around the fountain, so you don’t have to worry about puddles on your kitchen floor. This fountain is easy to clean and maintain. Even though this cat water fountain is quite low at 4.5 inches, it’s wide enough to accommodate both kittens and adult cats. This fountain runs on electric power and the low voltage makes it energy-efficient.

  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel, elegant design makes it great for cats with allergies or feline acne
  • Amazingly silent

Polame Cat Water Fountain – Premium Choice

The POLAME Cat Water Fountain is a great choice if you are looking for high-quality quality without having to spend more. Rather than being plastic, the well-made design is food-grade 304 stainless steel.

It is designed to be cleaner and less likely to retain bacteria. The fountain’s quietness means that you won’t hear it pumping as often. It has a triple filter to refresh, clean, and sift–and there are three included in the purchase.

There are three different flow modes which are the flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. Each mode is efficient, but your favorite will depend on the preference of your kitty. This is considered a large capacity dispenser, holding up to 2.5 liters. It is perfect for a multi-cat household.

It might be a little bit more expensive than regular fountains, but we really think it’s worth it if you’re looking for something to reduce as much bacteria as possible. It’s very easy to maintain and looks great inside the house.

best cat fountain

Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser – Healthy And Hygienic

You are looking for a cat water fountain but find the pump-related background noise sickening. You can find quiet fountains on the market, such as this Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser.

Submersible pumps are so silent that they will not cause any disturbance to you or your pet. The machine is also low-consumption and can operate for an astounding 10,000 hours! It can customize three flow settings, features activated carbon filtration and has a capacity of 70 ounces.

This cat fountain has been praised by users for being easy to put together and quieter than many other options. Apart from irritating human beings, the noise of a pump can scare cats and dissuade them from drinking at the fountain.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Capacity: 70 oz
  • Size: 7.2 x 7.2 x 4.7 inches
  • Chord Length: Approximately 5 ft.
  • Filter Type: Dual filtration

Our criteria

Cat lovers are no strangers to the idea that certain cats prefer to drink out of a dripping or running faucet instead of their stationary water bowls. The idea of this is not a new one, as they are simply pulling from their evolutionary feline traits of drinking from streams or creeks, as standing water can indicate disease or unwanted parasites. A-Z Animals has seen a few different fountains, and each cat’s preferences have led to them trying different types. Some cats prefer stainless steel, while others prefer ceramic. Some cats prefer a fountain-type faucet, while others like a stream-over rock feel. If you ask cats how they choose a fountain to water their feline companions, the most important factors are durability and washability.

*Aesthetic and durable cat water fountain

Water capacity: *3 Liters

*Easy to clean and refill

*Triple action water filter

It is easy to clean

best cat fountain

#4 Best Stainless-Steel Fountain: Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain Review

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If hygiene is your top priority stainless steel water fountains such as this one will be the best choice. Compared to plastic, stainless steel is less likely to collect bacteria and other contaminants. The fountain can be disassembled easily and put in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning it easy for pet owners.

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop is more likely to get dirt than the gray or white plastic fountains. After just hours of use, I noticed smudges and smears on the high-gloss surface.

This elegant, low-slung water fountain has two drinking areas–a freshly-aerated pool and a bubbling river. This fountain is the smallest on our list and can hold 60 ounces. This is plenty enough for one cat, but if you’d like a larger fountain, consider Pioneer Pet’s 96-ounce raindrop fountain.

Of the fountains on this list, the Pioneer Pet Raindrop is one of the most streamlined and easiest to assemble. It consists of the carbon filter, pump and a compact unit which sits on top of the fountain. The pump is aligned with its top by suction cups that hold it to the ground.

Pioneer Raindrop fountain has a simple, clean design. However, what it lacks is style, it more than makes up in cleanliness and ease of usage. It’s the kind of water fountain you can clean quickly and it stays cleaner longer than other fountains because it’s made from hygienic materials.

Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain

Dual free-falling streams and two drinking areas are a great solution if you have a pair of Bengals in your home. The modern ceramic design comes in two different colors, and this antibacterial and durable material makes this fountain ideal for cats with allergies and feline acne. Free-falling streams circulate fresh water thanks to two sets of filters, meant to keep pet hair and debris away and purify water. The replacement filters go for $5 per 4 filters and need to be changed once or twice a month. This fountain holds up to 70 oz of water and is powered by a silent submersible pump that runs on electric power.

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • There are two drinking areas, and there are two water streams
  • Ceramic design makes it suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone cats and cats with feline acne

best cat fountain

Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinwell cat water fountain has a capacity of 1 gallon, which is great for cats of all sizes.

The cat will be enticed to drink more by the free-flowing water stream.

The foam filter will take care of hair and dirt in the water while the carbon filter will remove any bad taste and odors from it. The constant circulation of water through the bowl will stop bacteria breeding.

You can adjust the water flow to make it more comfortable for your pet and you. It is also possible to turn off the stream altogether for a quieter operation.

“To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat water fountain.”

Key Features and Specifications

  • Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Dimensions: 12.6×11.3×5.2 inches
  • The chord length is approximately 5.5 feet.
  • Filter Type: Dual filtration

Easiest To Clean

  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 8.46in x 8.15in x 5.2in

Another quiet cat water dispenser (30dB) that pets love is this one. As usually is the case, it gets louder once the water level is low, but that’s simply a sign you need to refill it.

Toozey’s fountain is a smart choice if you have picky drinkers since there are four flow modes. Comparable to the other products, this product has a capacity of around average. You can see how much water is left thanks to the transparent level window.

The filter’s also standard, removing calcium, magnesium, debris, and odors from the water. On average, it needs replacement every 2-4 weeks. Additionally, this is one of the best pet fountain choices because it comes with three replaceable filters, two cleaning brushes, one pre-filter sponge, one pump, one adapter, and one exquisite box.

So many users swear the cleaning process is easy, primarily because of the brushes mentioned, letting you get to all the nooks and crannies. Once you’re done, you’ll have no problems putting the fountain back together. However, customers have noted that some cats manage to knock over this fountain if the water level is low, so be careful about that.

best cat fountain

Best Dual-Stream Fountain

  • Water capacity: 70oz
  • Dimensions: 12.25in x 12.25in x 8.3in
  • Colour:
  • Source of power: A corded electric

We have many great Drinkwell cat water fountains so we added another. This one also employs an open-bowl concept, which is very convenient in case of a power outage. It’s an excellent choice for homes with cats or small to medium dogs.

According to some users, the assembly seems a bit complicated. Still, if you follow the instructions closely, there shouldn’t be any problems. Cleaning can also be a tedious task, but is manageable. You should change your filters every 2 to 4 weeks.

We must also mention the fact that many pet owners report pump problems after a while. Although it can usually be repaired, it is not an issue. We believe it should still be noted.

How To Find The Best Water Fountain For Cats

Before buying a cat water fountain, you might want to consider a few things first, like how safe it is and how easy it is to clean.

Dr. Squillace advised that fountains should be made from non-porous materials like ceramic and metals. “Make sure ceramic has a food-safe glaze. These surfaces do not allow bacteria to harbor [in it] and cause infections, like chin acne.”

When it comes to cleaning the fountain, “it should take no longer than five minutes,” Dr. Squillace said. If it takes more time, the fountain is too complex and that’s why you shouldn’t consider this model.

You should also consider whether or not your cat gets scared easily by unusual noises. You might consider getting a cat fountain that bubbles instead of pouring — this is quieter. Dr. Squillace also recommends a cat water fountain with a good filtration system and a filter that can be replaced.

Here are some other considerations:

  • How does the fountain flow and how can it be controlled?
  • Do you think your cat likes a higher bowl?
  • Is it attractive enough that you would want it in your house without needing to hide it?
  • Can you keep it in an area easily accessible to your cat?
  • What is the expected life expectancy of a fountain? And what are the costs long-term for keeping it running (e.g., replacing filters)

best cat fountain

#11 Most Versatile Fountain: The Npet 101-Ounce Automatic Pet Fountain Review

Amazon: Buy

The Petkit Eversweet 2 and Petlibro Capsule Fountain are very similar in design to this automatic fountain by NPET. The unit is square in shape and has a 101-ounce capacity. All parts can be stacked into one compact unit.

The NPET fountain uses transparent and BPA-free plastic. It is transparent, so you can see the water level as well as check its quality. It is quite low-tech and doesn’t include any indicators lights. However, you won’t need them.

Although the pet fountain’s design is simple, there are three flow options. You can choose from either a regular waterfall or bubbling fountain. Or, you could go with a 3-way leaf design which produces different streams. You can personalize the NPET fountain to suit your cat’s needs with all these options.

The NPET fountain was a bit more difficult to set up and maintain due to the small pictures and hard to read manual. The unit was up and running in a little over 3 minutes and, once it was, it was incredibly easy to refill – you just pop the to piece off and refill it in the sink.

The filter is an important feature of this fountain. The filter is made of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It is combined with high-density Cotton, which acts as a prefilter. Like the Petlibro, the NPET filters water after it passes through the drinking bowl.

The NPET fountain works well, is versatile and moderately large, is easy to maintain, and it is reliable. The filters are relatively inexpensive and you can replace them every two months.

Here’S How We Chose The Top Five Cat Water Fountains On The Market

Before testing out our seven recommendations, we spent hours researching cat water fountains, establishing what they do, why you might want one, and what separates bad fountains from good ones. We came up with several key characteristics that make cat fountains the most popular on the current market.

  • The best water fountains are quiet and unobtrusive. Our criteria included water fountains that were quiet and reliable, with good water supply.

These criteria were used to narrow down the selection of water fountains. We chose seven that had great reviews from customers, were affordable, and featured sturdy, reliable designs. We selected the fountains independently with no input from the companies that sell them.

best cat fountain

Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda Automatic Ceramic Drinking Fountain For Cats

The Drinkwell Pagoda Cat Fountain is completely made of ceramic and is easy to clean and hygienic. This product can hold 70 ounces water and circulates it to keep your pet hydrated.

Submersible pumps keep water flowing smoothly and replaceable carbon filters help to preserve the water. Dual streams mean two pets can drink at the same time and the elevated drinking bowl is great for elderly cats.

Customers love the all-ceramic Drinkwell Pagoda, which is also available in white, red and taupe. It’s very easy to assemble and can be relied on to encourage cats to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Capacity: 70 oz
  • Size: 10.5 in. Dimensions: L x 8.875 inches. W x 5.75 in. H (bowl height 3.75 in.
  • The Chord length is approximately 5.5 feet
  • Filter Type: Dual filtration

Maintaining a Home

All of our water fountains cost between $25 and $48, but their maintenance costs varied widely based on the prices of their respective filters.

Our test was limited to a few days, and I wasn’t able to experience filter replacement and operating costs over time, so I did a little research to determine how much it would cost to maintain each water fountain over time.

Most carbon filters need to be replaced once a month, adding up to typical annual costs between $9.33 and $40. The outlier here was the Petlibro Capsule Fountain which comes with a recommendation for changing the filter every two weeks, though you could probably get away with doing it once a month.

Surprisingly the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum, which is our most costly option, would likely prove to be the least expensive over time.

Here are the replacement costs:

  • Petkit Eversweet 2, $40 per year in regular mode, $13.59 smart mode
  • Catit Flower Fountain $31-$62 per Year
  • Petlibro Fountain: $49.96 to $99.93 annually
  • Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain – $26.97 – $53.94 per year
  • PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum – $9.33 – $18.66 per year
  • NPET Automatic Fountain – $12.99 – $19.49 Per Year
  • Cat Mate Water Fountain – $38.85 – $77.70 per year

How often you need to buy a new carbon filter varies based on the quality of the prefilter, so a unit with a poorly-designed or nonexistent prefilter may translate to more frequent filter replacement.

best cat fountain

Catit Flower Cat Fountain with Triple-Action Filter

Catit Flower’s cat water fountain holds 34 ounces and has three settings. You can change the setting by inserting the accessories for the flowers, which are the yellow disk and petals. The rest of the fountain apart from the flower is green in color. It is also very compact and will fit anywhere in your home.

However, we shall get back to the settings. Inserting the flower accessory creates long faucet-like streams of water. Replacing the flower cap will tamp down the bubbling of water on top. Without the flower, the water becomes a smooth flowing surface. Choose the setting that fascinates your kitty and makes her drink.

Triple action filters are used to remove calcium and magnesium in tap water. The filter also removes bacteria and chlorine.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Capacity: 34 ounces
  • Size: 9.0 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches
  • Chord length: About 3.5 ft.
  • Filter Type: Triple filtration


An electric pump is an electronic unit inside the cat’s water fountain that circulates and filters water.

With included pumps, you have to be very conscientious of fill lines. If the water is too low, it can cause the pump to work on overdrive, essentially burning up the product–rendering it unusable. Always make sure your cat has the appropriate amount of water to operate the product as it is intended.

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Catit Design Senses Plastic Drinking Fountain

If you’re looking for a pet fountain with a minimalistic design, then Catit Design Senses Plastic Drinking Fountain might appeal. Cats will love the large, water-to-air platform. It helps to increase oxygenation and makes water taste fresher.

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Cat Fountain

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Cat Fountain increases your cat’s water intake and looks sleek and fashionable. You can select from either 60 or 96 ounces depending on the number of cats or dogs you own.

The water fountain can be washed in a dishwasher and has a charcoal filter that you can replace to get rid of impurities. The stream in this fountain falls into a pool of water, and depending on how messy your cats are, you might find that this collects debris and dust.

best cat fountain

Here are some reasons to avoid

With three different modes of flow – waterfall, flower bubble and gentle fountain – you can make adjustments to suit cats or dogs, while the triple filtration system comprising a non-woven fabric, coconut shell activated carbon and ion exchange resin keeps the water clean and fresh. It’s also very quiet, performing its job at less than 40dB. It’s a great little system.

Petsafe Sedona Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain

  • Capacity: 100 oz.
  • A home with a beautiful appearance will look great!
  • Quiet operation
  • Large drinking area
  • Filters the water and reduces odors
  • Premium price
  • Only partially made from ceramic
  • May be tipped over easily
  • Pump requires at least weekly cleaning

best cat fountain

The Top Selections

I had nothing but trouble with my Drinkwell pet fountain. It was so hard to clean; no matter what I did, I couldn’t get into all the nooks and crannies in this unit. Plus, there were constantly charcoal fragments circulating around the reservoir. This unit is not recommended.

Cat Water Fountain: PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station Dog and Cat Water System with Stainless Steel Bowl

Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain

  • It holds 128 ounces water
  • Strong stainless steel
  • [email protected] design allows multiple pets to drink at the same time
  • Free-falling design with adjustable flow
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It is protected by rubber feet to prevent it from sliding
  • Noisier than many other options
  • Assembly and disassembly are multi-step processes
  • Premium price

best cat fountain

How Much Water Should My Cat Drink?

A cat needs to drink 3.5-4.5 ounces water for every 5 pounds they weigh each day. This will vary depending on if your cat eats wet or dry food, as wet food provides a higher percentage of moisture, so your cat may need to drink less as a result.

Dry cat food only contains 8-12% water, while wet food can contain as much as 80% water.

It’s easy to clean

After running them for a couple of days, I broke down each of the water fountains and, if possible, put them into the dishwasher. I took note of how easy it was to take apart each fountain and how well each one fit into the dishwasher. Any parts not dishwasher safe, I noted how simple it was to clean and handle them.

best cat fountain

Multi-fountain Use

Multiple fountains throughout the home will encourage cats to drink more. You should have plenty of drinking water around your house. They should be placed away from your cat’s litter and food. It is a bad idea to place water next to food as your cat may be more likely choose the food over the drink. You should also never place the water near your cat’s litter tray — cat’s are clean animals and, just like us, they don’t want to drink near their toilet!

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