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Best Cat Interactive Toys

Best Cat Interactive Toys

#1 Best Interactive Cat Toy: Catit Super Roller Circuit Toy

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This interactive cat toy is comprised of an 8-piece adjustable track with a motion-activated circuit ball. You can see the ball moving quickly along the track’s hills and valleys, as though it were on a rollercoaster.

Your cat can poke their toes through the holes on the track, allowing the ball to go off into the unknown. It’s large enough for multiple cats to play with at the same time.

So the game never gets old, the track is adjustable. There are about 100 layout options that you have the option of making, allowing for a dynamic movement pattern. You can create an exciting playground for your cat by combining the Catit track set with another track set.

Toys For Cats Home Alone

You may not want to spend your day playing with your cat all day, but you do have a life and it sometimes takes you away from the home.

Instead of leaving your cat alone when you aren’t there, give him some toys that will provide him with a safe outlet for his prey-seeking energy.

Your cat’s toys, which are not able to be touched by humans, can become essential prey. If your cat has a lot of pent-up energy and loves batting and chasing toys around, standard toys like mice, balls, and springs may keep them entertained.

If your cat prefers more lifelike toys, an electronic toy or a laser pointer toy might be a better option.

best cat interactive toys

Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Toy

Cat Amazing’s puzzle maze is an interactive toy that will delight your cat. It features different compartments to hide treats inside, and this will stimulate your cat’s inquisitive nature as they try to find and retrieve them. There are three levels to the unit: “Top-cat”, intermediate and beginner. This will allow your cat to progress through each level of stimulation depending on their ability. It is 30% recycled cardboard, and printed with non-metal inks. This makes it safe for your cat.

You will need to follow instructions in order to put the toy together. Many users reported difficulties putting it together. Also, it is made from cardboard, so many cats will simply rip it apart to get to the treats you hide inside, and any contact with water will ruin it.

Gocat Da Bird

GoCat Da Bird, a modernized version of the beloved classic feather toy, is sure to charm your pet. With the feathers that have the feel, appearance and the sound of real bird wings, this interactive cat toy is a perfect fit for Bengal cats which have a strong hunter instinct. This is the Easy to Store version of the Da Bird teaser, which means that the rod pulls apart and takes much less space than it usually would. You need to make sure your Bengali baby is happy!

  • A great choice for active Bengal cats
  • Ideal for bonding and playing with your cat
  • Easy to store away

best cat interactive toys

#3 Best Fishing Pole Cat Toy: Cat Dancer 101 Interactive Cat Toy

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The interactive cat toy is simple in its design. It looks like – and is – a piece of springy wire attached to pieces of rolled cardboard. The toy’s design makes it look and behave much like a bug – and everyone knows cats love playing with bugs.

This straightforward design is one of the most mesmerizing and exciting in the world of cat toys. This toy is loved by over 8 million cats.

The Cat Dancer 101 toy is perfect for people who want to engage in interactive playtime, but don’t want to move much. Thanks to the springy, responsive natural movement of this toy, you can sit in a chair and give your cat a full, exciting play experience.

Petmate Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

Interactive cat toys don’t have to be complicated to keep felines interested. The Petmate Crazy Circle is a great example of how sometimes the toys with simple designs can be the ones that your kitty falls in love with. The ball is enclosed in a circular tunnel with an opening on the side, which will inspire your feline to spend hours trying to pry the ball out of its round prison. Do you know what cats love, particularly Bengal cats? Well, this cat toy offers them exactly that, with an added bonus- you don’t have to worry that their forbidden obsession is one of your valuables. This cat toy is a win-win situation!

  • Doesn’t need the owner’s supervision
  • Cheap but good quality
  • Hours of guaranteed fun

best cat interactive toys

Different types of cat toys

To see the variety of cat toys available, you only need to go down to your pet shop’s cat aisle. Cat toys can be expensive, but they are generally classified into one of three categories.

These are the most popular cat toys categories:

  • Interactive Cat Toys: Toys that involve humans. This category includes laser pointers and fishing pole toys.
  • Cat Toys for Independent Play include old-fashioned mice, electronic gadgets and most of the other products available. These toys aren’t intelligent, but they provide entertainment and can keep cats busy.
  • Soft toys: They are small, soft dolls that your cat can play with. These toys are often stuffed with catnip and feel like small animals, so they’re fun to play with.
  • Battables: Springs, balls, and some mouse toys fall into this category. These toys are a great choice for cats that like to chase stray paper clips and bottle caps.
  • These toys are great for cats that eat fast or too many at once.

Every cat has their own unique preferences when it comes to toys.

While some cats like to play with small objects, others love to chase toys that move on their own. When you first bring your cat home, you should have an assortment of toys on hand and dedicate some time to playing with your cat until you learn their preferences.

In addition to learning about your cat’s preferences for toys, it may help to keep a few toys on hand for certain situations.

Interactive toys can be a fun way to get your cat moving and entertained. You may want a different type of toy, however, for times when your cat is left home alone.

Let’s explore the different types of cat toys for different situations.

Laser pointer cat toys

You’re not sure how your cat reacts to the laser pointer? The elusive red dot sends cats scrambling up walls and skidding across the floor.

But laser pointer cat toys aren’t perfect. Laser pointers are exciting, but frustrating for cats because they can be difficult to catch.

The satisfaction that comes with catching prey is what cats crave. When your cat finally slams their paws down on that little red bug, they want to feel something they can potentially sink their teeth into. It shouldn’t slip through their fingers and fly across the room.

After several unsatisfying play sessions, the laser pointer loses its value. Discouraged by the fact that they’ll never capture the elusive dot, your cat will move on to something with satisfaction potential.

best cat interactive toys

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

The best interactive toys for cats engage at least some of their hunter senses- sight, touch, smell and sound, and Catit Design Senses Play Circuit covers all, with the exception of the smelly part (thankfully). This play circuit, which features a track with peek-aboo design for cats, is smart and cat-specific. It will entice even the most picky felines. The ball, that’s partly hidden and can be accessed only through random holes will entice your cat and entertain them for hours on end. You can change the layout of tracks in more than 100 different ways. This will ensure that your cat doesn’t become bored even after several months. This toy will become the most talked about item in your cat’s house.

  • Versatile and engaging
  • It will be impossible for your cat to take their hands off of it
  • Made from top-quality materials

#12 Best Feather Toy: Go Cat Da Bird Original Feather Teaser Wand Cat Toy

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The high-flying, fishing pole-like toy mimics bird wings’ look, sound, and feel. The realistic bird swoops over your cat’s head and encourages them to jump for their colorful prey.

Da Bird can be broken and cats could inadvertently ingest pieces of it. One user reported that the cat had accidentally swallowed the cap holding the feathers together. This necessitated surgery.

Although it doesn’t score well in durability tests, Da Bird earns its place on this list as an extremely popular and well-loved product. Since the 1980’s, cats have done flips with this toy.

best cat interactive toys

#9 Best Laser Pointer Cat Toy: Petsafe Froli-Cat Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

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When you don’t have time to play with your cat yourself, this interactive laser toy is the perfect alternative. The red dot will drive your cat crazy, and he’ll chase it around until he tires of you.

The Frolicat Bolt has two modes of play to keep your cat interested. The Manual Mode lets you grab the toy, point it where you like it and the Automatic Mode makes the laser move in random patterns. This allows for interactive play with your cat alone.

This laser toy is designed to sit on any flat surface or you can hold it in your hand. You can aim the laser on a wide variety of surfaces with the adjustable mirror. The battery will last 15 minutes before it automatically shuts off.


  • Relatively bulky as far as toys go
  • Toys are a bit bulky.

If your cat takes comfort in high places, they might like this multi-level cat tree. Itas covered in carpet and has three tiers for your cat to choose from, with the highest point standing at over 46 inches tall. The cat tree also has three posts made from jute rope for your cat to scratch instead of your furniture. Just keep in mind that this option has a weight capacity of 30 pounds. The cream color will go well with most interior decor, however you also have the option to purchase it in gray.

A cat owner said, “I love it love it!” It’s affordable, easy to assemble and soft. The little, cave-like area at the bottom is a favorite spot for my tabby. I’m happy to provide him with another environment since he’s an indoor cat. He is 14 lbs. He’s happy, so I’m happy. This post is great!

best cat interactive toys

Smartykat Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy

SmartyKat’s electronic cat toy will keep your cat busy chasing “prey” for long hours. The wand is hidden and moves in random circles, stimulating your cat’s hunter instincts. The wand moves in unpredictable ways and is concealed by a plastic cover. The wand’s speed can be set to 2 speeds. You can also get a spare, interchangeable wand. The programmed movements allow your cat to have hours of fun even when you aren’t there.

The toy can be noisy, and it makes a clicking noise when your cat stops its movement. Several users report that the wand unscrews frequently, as often as every 5 minutes, which can become frustrating to constantly replace. Even if the cat isn’t playing, it can easily become bundled up.

Petcube Play

The Petcube Play is as much intended for the owners as it is for their cats. A new and improved version of the Petcube Camera, Petcube Play lets you interact with your beloved cat wherever you are! This Wi-Fi, 1080p HD camera will allow you to keep an eye on your furry friend through your smart phone. You can talk and play with them by controlling a built-in laser toy with just a finger swipe on your phone. With the help of this great gadget, it’s definitely going to occupy them while you’re not at home. For those who need to be reassured while away at night, the gadget includes a digital zoom of 3x, night vision and an autoplay mode that activates the laser.

  • Non-slip bottom and chew-proof cord
  • You can chat to your cat, play and watch with it in real-time
  • Great for pets with separation anxiety (or owners suffering from the same affliction.)

best cat interactive toys

Here are some reasons to avoid

This Burgeon offering could prove to be a good choice if you or your cat are bored of playing with chase toys.

It is shaped like a platform that can be moved by your cat. This can be done in a pre-programmed fast or slow mode, depending on your cat’s preferences or level of mobility.

On one full charge (which can be performed via USB), it stays active for 20 minutes, before switching off for 1.5 hours, and then starting up again. You can give your cat a rest and preserve the battery, which is usually good for up to 7 days.

The movements of the cat are random when it is in action. It will move forwards and backwards, and occasionally rotate, keeping your cat on its toes.

This does its job very well and should be considered if your cat is going to be left alone for a long time.

What We Liked:

  • Cats encouraged to jump and pounce
  • Realistic feather toy looks like a bird
  • For easy storage, pull-apart rod

best cat interactive toys

Different toys

Taking the above factors into consideration first will help you choose the right toy for your pet. You might want to give your cat a variety of toys. Cats can be picky so you may need to test them all. There are a variety of commonly used toys that cat owners know and trust:

Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy

Cats enjoy following their prey and chasing them. Cats love to chase prey and the Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy lets them do just that. Your cat will be able to see the balls inside this tunnel. There are holes along the tunnel that give your cat a sneak peek of the plastic balls and allow them to touch them with their paws. The track is also expandable so you can switch it up to keep it interesting for your cats. This toy is also great for multicat households. However, the batteries can’t be replaced so you will have to purchase it again.

Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Cats love scratching and hunting. The Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy gives them an outlet for both. The light-up ball will be a great toy for your curious cat. They can also ease stress by scratching away at the inner scratchpad. You can sprinkle catnip on the pad or leave it as is. You can get replacement balls or scratch pads so that you do not have to be concerned about this toy being used too often. It can be frightening for timid cats at first.

Smartykat Chickadee Chicken-Sound Cat Toy

For the cat looking for a simple, yet fun toy, the SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Electronic Bird-Sound Cat Toy is the perfect choice. The toy is small and inexpensive, but it packs lots of fun. When your cat kicks the toy, it makes a loud chirping sound. It can be refilled with catnip to provide long-lasting excitement and enticement. This one is best kept under your couch.

best cat interactive toys

Interactive Swimming Fish Toy

Curious kitties can exercise their natural hunting skills with this swimming fish toy.

Place the fish in a bowl of water and watch them automatically swim and see if your cat tries to catch them.

Some cat owners even said their pets were so transfixed, they stopped fighting with each other to play with the fish instead.

Price: $17.89

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Premier Pet Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy

This automatic laser robot rotates and projects lasers to stimulate your cat’s brain.

To avoid exhaustion, it automatically shuts itself off after fifteen minutes.

It was a “must-have” for one shopper.

Price: $19.95

Buy from Walmart

best cat interactive toys

Upsky Cat Toy Roller

For more mental stimulation for your cat, try the UPSKY Cat Toy Roller.

It features three levels with balls for your cat to play with and slide along.

Price: $10.88

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What Toys Are Best For Cats?

There are a seemingly endless number of options on the market when you’re shopping for a toy for your kitty. Using the criteria outlined below can help you sort through these options and select the best choice that will keep your feline entertained, happy, and healthy.

best cat interactive toys

Scratcher Toys

Cats love the stimulation and exercise of play and they also appreciate the ability to stretch out and remove the sheaths from their claws. That’s why toys that incorporate a claw scratcher are so fun and satisfying.

Cats with behavior issues will find scratch toys especially useful. They allow you to solve two problems at once by providing a toy that targets your cat’s need to scratch and their desire to play at the same time.

Even if your cat gets a scratcher toy from you, it is still good to give them an extra scratching place.

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