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Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

A Clumping Litter with Activated Charcoal that is unscented

This unscented, clumping litter is made with activated charcoal that neutralizes odors. Free from fragrances that might bother cats and owners, the clumping formula is also 99.9% dust-free and easy to scoop. Although this litter has minimal tracking, most reviewers were pleased. However, some cats did track the litter around their home.

According to a cat owner: aI have two cats – one of which is passive aggressive and doesn’t like to bury her business – so I’m constantly trying different litters to cover up the smell of instant death every time one of them poops. It traps the wonderful smells from litter boxes and makes my home smell as if it doesn’t have any cats.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cat Litter Products

If you are picking out a multi-cat litter product, then you need to keep a few things in mind that will improve your chances of being happy with the final results:

  • There may be multiple litter boxes. It might make sense to purchase enough litter for several litter boxes. Multiple cats can be territorial, and may not allow their cats to share the same litterbox. TheNest.com says that having several litter boxes will reduce fighting among your cats.
  • Pick something that your cat will be okay with- Some cats are very picky about the kind of litter they get, whether it is clumping or non-clumping or whether it is scented or not. You may have to perform some trial and error to find out what your cat prefers.
  • Know your cat’s allergies- Some cats will be allergic to the ingredients in certain cat litter products, so make sure you check ahead of time for what your cat has a sensitivity to. It is possible that your cat will not react until the litter has been put in the container. If this happens, it’s important to quickly change the litter.

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Which Formulas Are World’s Best Cat Litter ™?

We have a total of five formulas that all deliver the concentrated power of corn so you can do more with less litter. The Original Series offers long-lasting litters with outstanding overall performance. For homes with up to 2 cats, the Clumping Formula is for you. The Multiple Cat Clumping Formula for those with more than one cat. Lavender Scented Multiple-Cat Clumping Formula for owners with multiple cats. Advanced Series products have a concentrated power and unique ingredients that address specific needs. This series is available in the following formulas: Zero Mess(tm) is the multiple-cat-strength litter that guarantees fast and easy cleanup with 2X better clumping and 2X more odor control, so you get less mess with less wasted litter. It’s the only litter that combines the concentrated power of corn with super-absorbent plant fibers that quickly trap liquids in tight clumps, so you don’t have to chisel and scrape the box. Scoop once and you’re done. The Zero Mess Pine Scented provides fast, easy cleanup. It also contains a mixture of natural pine ingredients, which creates an appealing, gentle scent that you will love.


  • The Strategist

Dust levels: Some clay cat litters can create a lot of dust, which can be irritating to both cats and humans. If you’re very sensitive to dust (or have a small bathroom where it’s hard to dissipate), consider alternative materials like crystal or grain.

Below, you’ll find nine cat litters (plus one litter-box deodorizer) recommended by our panel of experts that should satisfy even the pickiest of feline friends. Or you can jump to whatever type of cat litter you’re looking for below.


Bosley McKeon and Kerrie McKeon (resident cat experts at Bideawee), recommend World’s Best as a litter for cats. “It’s clumping, it’s natural, and I have asthma and allergies and it doesn’t set anything off for me,” says McKeon. “If you scoop it morning and night, a bag gets you through quite a while.” Made from corn kernels, it’s a natural option that’s also septic-safe so you can easily flush away both liquid and solid waste. Bosley says that this litter “cuts down the smells the best” of all the litters she has used.


Low dust

Because she has three litter boxes at home, Angie Krause, a holistic veterinarian and consultant for I and Love and You pet food, really likes that this litter provides excellent odor control and is lightweight and easy to carry. While her cats — one in renal failure and another with irritable bowel disease — use the litter box more than most, she says this litter is just as good for owners of healthier cats who simply don’t want to lug around heavy bags of litter. This also offers “the best odor control” of a lightweight litter, according to Krause. Veterinarian Elizabeth Bales reaches for the brand at her local shops, and Bosley is another fan of Tidy Cats litter because it’s unscented and won’t bother cats with allergies. Even though it doesn’t contain fragrance, the litter does feature activated charcoal to naturally absorb odors.

Made from clay

This litter is for cats who aren’t currently using the litter box or learning how to use it as adults. It contains a unique blend of herbs which, similar to catnip lures them in. McKeon claims, “I have actually seen it work and it works.” Krause says that this litter is a great option for felines who aren’t using the litter box or learning how to do so. However, Krause advises you to consult your veterinarian before buying to make sure your cat doesn’t avoid it due to illness.


Just like humans, some kitties are asthmatic and therefore sensitive to dust. For these cats, experts recommend looking for a low- or no-dust litter. “Imagine trying to use the bathroom in a dust storm,” says Bosley. “Not fun.” Litter that produces a lot of dust when cats dig in it and kick it up can also be unpleasant for humans, too. Bosley claims Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter has the closest thing to dust-free. It’s also great at managing odors, Bosley says.

Made with wood and green tea

Compared to traditional clay litter, litters made from alternative materials like corn, wheat, and grains are more environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable. Heike Klassman, an adoption-seminar leader with Anjellicle Cats, recommends this litter, which blends naturally odor-controlling hinoki (cypress) wood and green tea. It’s easy to clean and does not contain sodium bentonite which could cause problems for cats with the bad habit of eating litter.


Another biodegradable (and flushable) litter, this one is made from wheat and comes recommended by Bosley, especially for cats who are sensitive to scents or dust.

Low dust

Non-clumping, Unscented, Dust-free

While clumping litter is usually the easiest to deal with, there are some cases when you’ll want to use a non-clumping variety — including when you have a new kitten. Fox explains that clumping litter can stick to and irritate incisions in cats who’ve recently had surgery (including spaying and neutering), and that it doesn’t let you monitor urine output, which is important when caring for diabetic cats. Clumps can irritate sensitive stomachs and kittens are more inclined to consume litter. Yesterday’s News is recommended for these cases. It’s basically newspaper in pellet form. The urine can sit on top of the box and won’t stick incisions. It’s also what shelters use for newly spayed or neutered kittens; for instance, at Bideawee, McKeon says they’re “using it for a cat with skin issues because it’s hypoallergenic” and doesn’t produce any dust.

This isn’t technically a litter, but since contributor Julia Gomez Kramer raved about this odor eliminator, we felt the need to include it for the cat owners who don’t want their homes to smell like their cats. Kramer, who has two cats named Tuna and Salmon, had tried odor-absorbing balls, deodorizing powders, and even charcoal filters before. This deodorizer won her heart: “When it’s used, the litter box smells like nothing more than anything,” Kramer says.

best cat litter for multiple cats

Scoop Away Complete Performance Cat Litter — Best Value

The best cat litter for households with multiple cats for the money is Scoop Away Complete Performance Fresh Scented Cat Litter. It’s an excellent price for a large amount of litter that has been broken up into smaller and more manageable 10.5-pound bags. The litter is mildly scented with extracts from plants for odor control, lasts up to 10 days and is easy to clump.

There is still some clay dust in this litter, which, as with many clay litters does track. Additionally, the scent of this litter might not be appealing to everyone (or their cats).

  • It’s affordable
  • Large size broken up into 10.5-pound bags
  • For up to 10 days, light scent is used for odor control
  • Well-designed Clumps
  • Dust levels are low
  • Still dusty
  • Tends to track
  • The smell of scent may not be appealing to you

Top Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

What you need to know: Produced by a well-recognized brand, this powerful, scent-free litter eliminates odors on contact and is nearly 100% dust-free.

What you’ll love: With baking soda built into the formula, the micro-granules of this litter form a strong seal around cat waste with ease. This litter is very absorbent, making it easy to remove waste. It’s safe for people and cats with sensitive skin, as it is dust-free.

What you should consider: Noticeable tracking is an issue, although that’s the case with most non-natural litters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

best cat litter for multiple cats

#4: Cat’S Pride Ultimate Care Lightweight, Unscented Hypoallergenic Multicat Litter

It is perfect for cats with sensitive skin. Because it is unscented, the cats should not shy away from it due to a strong fragrance that you’ll find in most other natural cat litter products. It’s also hypoallergenic, so those cats with allergies and sensitivities should be safe and comfortable while using it.

On top of that, it manages to prevent and kill odors quickly, providing instant protection against bad smells and keeping your litter box smelling nice for a long time. This product can track a lot, so it may take some effort to clean the litter box.

Swheat Scoop Multi Cat Formula Cat Litter

Our final pick is the sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Formula Cat Litter. This is an interesting product because on the surface it has many things going for it. It is made from wheat and is 100% renewable. It contains no toxic ingredients and is biodegradable without any dyes or scent. Plus, you can flush it down the toilet.

The sWheat Scoop is not eco-friendly. The wheat is not conducive to creating clumps. It will not stick together but it won’t harden. It sticks to anything, even moisture.

As far as odor control, it will mask the smell of urine, but it replaces the smell with a terrible wheat/ammonia fragrance that is worse. As mentioned, the litter turns into a dough-like consistency that we do not recommend flushing, although the brand says that it is safe for septic systems.

The sWheat makes a mess more than other options. It has quite a bit of dust for its eco-friendliness, yet the package is not recyclable. It is also heavy. Overall, this is our least favorite choice for a cat litter for multiple cats.

best cat litter for multiple cats

What Makes A Good Product In This Category?

There are some requirements that must be met when it comes to litter boxes. It is important to choose a litter that leaves your house smelling clean and does not require you to use a face mask or paint scraper.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should be looking for:

  • Clumping: A litter that creates nice, hard clumps is key. This makes it easier to clean the boxes and prevents moisture from combining with the formula, creating mess.
  • You must also control odors. You must neutralize ammonia and urine as well as feces. This is where the problem lies. Although many litters contain fragrances such as Febreze or other scents, it is important to ensure that the litter’s formula is neutralizing and trapping odors.
  • Non-tracking Formula: You know the value of non-tracking formula if you’ve followed your pet’s footprints around your home with a vacuum. Not only does it cause a nasty mess, but the litter can have urine and poo on it.
  • Dust: Anyone with respiratory illnesses or allergies will definitely need a low dust formula. Dust can cause respiratory problems and even damage to your health. Be advised, though, there are very few REALLY dust-free litters. Pine pellets, for example, are one of the few that is dust-free.

Follow-up at a Low Level

Another feature to look for when looking for a good kitty litter is to find one that is low tracking. What does low tracking mean? What does low tracking mean? It simply means your cat will not track as much litter from their litter box to the ground after they have used it.

Some litter may remain on the cat’s feet after they have finished using their box. This is just part of cat litter. Because cats don’t want to walk on contaminated litter, the best litter for multiple cats won’t track as well. A litter mat will trap the majority of your litter before it reaches the floor.

best cat litter for multiple cats

A Best-Selling Clumping Litter That’S Great For Finicky Cats

Although it’s made without deodorizers or scents, reviewers rave that this best-selling cat litter offers excellent odor control, making it the best option for finicky cats that turn their noses up at additives like baking soda or activated charcoal on Amazon. The easy-to-scoop clumping litter is made with natural ingredients, and since it’s 99.99% dust-free and hypoallergenic, it likely wonat irritate allergies. The large and dense litter particles stick well to cats’ feet so they won’t be able to track it around.

You can also purchase different litter styles: Ultra for mechanical litter boxes, Ultra Scented, Cat Attract (for litter box training), and Clean Tracks for even less litter tracking. Choose from 18- or 40-pound bags.

A cat owner stated that the litter was completely free of dust and had no smell. It also tracks much less than other litters I’ve used before, probably because the granules are heavier. The cats had no problem adjusting to it, and I couldn’t be more pleased.a

Frisco Odor Defense Cat Litter

Frisco Odor Defence Cat Litter reduces odor by using a “defense” system that eliminates litter box smells without covering them up with fragrances or perfumes. Clumps form quickly, which also helps prevent odors. It is low dust and unscented.

However, this litter does tend to track around the house, and it seems to be dusty, like most other litters. You might also find that it doesn’t contain the odor as well as what you might prefer.

  • Excellent price
  • Odor defense without any perfumes or dyes
  • Quickly forming clumps helps prevent odors
  • Unscented
  • Dust levels are low
  • Tracks around the house
  • Dusty
  • It doesn’t have the same odors as other brands

best cat litter for multiple cats

The Cons Of Clumping Cat Litter

Since nothing is perfect, there are some disadvantages to using clumping cat litter. Sometimes the clumps can harden along the side or the bottom of the litter box, causing the clumps to stick to the box and making it difficult to clean.

The clumping kitty litter also contains finer granules, which can be tracked outside the box. They are also more difficult to clean up than their non-clumping counterparts. If you use clumping litter or any litter, really, a cat litter mat is highly recommended.

If you are litter training a kitten, pay close attention to them when they are being taught to use the litter box. Clumps can build up in their digestive system and cause health problems. Switch to non-clumping litter if this happens until your kitten gets older. Of course, bring them to the vet if you become aware of any health issues with your kitten after using the litter box.

Nature’S Miracle Multi-Cat Clumping Clay Litter

In the second to last position is Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Clumping Clay Litter. You can pick this product up in a 20 or 40-pound bag. This is a clay litter with a fresh linen scent that says it is 99 percent dust-free. Unfortunately, this is not the case as there is a considerable amount of dust.

Nature’s Miracle is a good one for sticking to your puss’s paws. It tracks through your house and is sharper than any other option. It can be uncomfortable for your cat, as well. You can recycle the packaging to shine some light on it.

This litter does not form a clump like it should. Because clay does not absorb liquids, you will end up with wet sand that is difficult to clean. However, it is light. It does not remove odors long-term, even though it has a light linen fragrance. The initial mess will be covered with the fragrances, but it does not neutralize the smells.

best cat litter for multiple cats

Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

In this next review, the Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter, you have four varieties to choose from, but we prefer the Ultra Odor Control for multiple cats. It is unscented, but it prevents the smell of the kitty box from invading your home. You can also get it in a 6-, 14- or 26-pound size.

This formula is made in America using all-natural, biodegradable, ground organic walnut shells. There are no GMO-ingredients, as well as, no clay, corn, or grains. However, silica dust is not brown and can stain fabrics if it touches them. It can also stick to your cat’s feet, which is why it may track.

The Naturally Fresh litter is absorbent, although, it does not clump as well as some other options. Plus, it can take more than 15 minutes for the junks to form. The litter has a woodsy and walnut scent, which can last up to 10 days. This litter’s only drawback is its non-recyclable packaging.

Frisco Multi-Cat Scented Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter

The Frisco Multi-Cat Non-Clumping Scented Crystal Cat Litter is made with silica gel crystals that have tiny pores designed to absorb and lock in liquid and odor. You can also scent it to control odors. Crystals have low dust content and are gentle for cats’ feet.

best cat litter for multiple cats


Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Clumping Clay Cat Litter is one of the few litters created specifically for kittens. It has a delicate granule size and texture for a kitten’s tiny paws. It also contains an herbal attractant designed to encourage kittens to use the box. The natural, chlorophyll-based smell control is included.

This is the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats in Depth

After combing reviews, testing kitty litter with our own cats, and compiling the data, we have come up with the best cat litter for multiple cats in several categories to give you some great options to try in your home.

Whether you are looking for strong clumping, unscented, inexpensive, or natural litter, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with any of these multi-cat litter choices.

best cat litter for multiple cats

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Clay Cat Litter – Best Overall

The Fresh Step Multicat Scented Clay Cat Litter is our top pick. With added Febreze scent, this might be the best smelling cat litter. In addition to the scent, it features an ammonia blocking technology with activated charcoal that absorbs odors. The Febreze scent is released when cats scratch.

Cat’s Pride Total Odor Control Cat Litter, Best Value

Cat Pride Total Odor Control Clumping Clay Cat Litter is our pick. This economical litter is unscented and contains no dyes or perfumes, but it has an odor trapping formula that works for up to 10 days. To make pouring easy, it is 25% lighter than other clumping litters.

best cat litter for multiple cats

You can try different types

Some cats don’t mind scented litter, others do. And cats will be hesitant to use any type of litter if isn’t clean.


You might find the right litter for your cat, but there are also cheaper options that may be better. You’ll probably have to spend a bit of money trying to figure out the right litter for you and your cat.

best cat litter for multiple cats

This is the Best Natural Multi-Cat Litter

Why we love it: For people who want to skip the clay litter and use a natural product instead, World’s Best Multi-Cat corn litter is a great choice. It clumps well, keeps odors at bay, and is flushable (for urine only!). It also comes in both scented and unscented versions.

Average Price: $1.03 per pound

Guaranteed Odor Control

Multicat households can lead to multiple sources for odors. But to protect your home from smell, opt for natural cat litter that neutralizes odors. In fact, this may be one of the most important features for you. You don’t want tons of odors mixing together – especially the bad kind!

Avoid using scented litters for your cat. Cats don’t particularly like chemicals and weird smells. You will want to make sure your cat and home smell fresh.

best cat litter for multiple cats

Dust Level

Dust in litter can have a major impact on your choice of litter. Even litter that claims to be dust-free isn’t actually 100% dust-free. These litters don’t get all dusty until they start to pour, but it is important that you look for litter-free if your cat suffers from respiratory problems.

The more dusty your litter, the higher chance of tracking. A litter mat can be a great option to help clean up the litter from your cat’s feet.

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