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Best Cat Litter Mat

Best Cat Litter Mat

Petfusion Smartgrip Cat Litter mat

  • This large, soft, rubberized mat stops tracking with ease.
  • The mat is a favorite of cats. If your cat does not like the surface, the channels at the corners will stop liquids from spilling.
  • The mat is huge – which means you can set the whole box on the mat so that litter escaping any edge of the box will be easily caught, and it can be picked up and folded to pour any excess litter into the garbage or back into the box if it’s clean.
  • SAFE & COMFY FOR YOUR CAT: (i) PVC material without phthalates and vinyl chloride. The mat is soft to allow your cat’s paws to relax and to release any litter trapped (rather than jumping on the surface).
  • GREAT FOR TRAPPING LITTER. (i) Litter kept in place with small grooves. (iii) The outer channel captures litter trying to escape.
  • SUPER EASY TO CLEAN w/ FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: (i) Broom, vacuum w/ attachment or hand-held, sponge. Although litter remains in surface recesses, unlike other mats it is not hidden from sight or accessible (growing mildew) (ii) Material is closed pore to resist moisture absorption
  • GREAT VALUE: (i) 35 x 24 inches. You can simply fold the litter and place it back in its container. (iii) Durable to prevent sliding and flexible to fit in tight spaces, including closets or small bathrooms.
  • YOU CAN TRUST US: (i) Unlike many other mats, WE REFUSE TO BUY ‘UNVERIFIED’ REVIEWS in exchange for highly discounted or no-cost products. (ii) If your cat scratches softer materials or carpets, we recommend our ToughGrip litter mat made of FDA grade silicone

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Cat Age And Hair Length

Senior cats may face mobility, cognitive, and general preference changes that can contribute to litter box issues. To help with mobility issues, some senior cats prefer lower litter boxes that are easier to enter and exit. Litter can escape more easily from these lower boxes, so a larger litter mat is a logical choice.

Litter habit changes may cause some senior cats to overshoot the box or go nearby the box instead of inside it. After health issues have been ruled out, a waterproof litter mat can be used to contain any accidents.

Long fur is a great litter trap. Cats with long hair also have longer paw hair. These long tufts of hair can catch litter. Litter can be caught on cats’ tails or belly if they have very long hair. Consider a larger litter mat in these cases; the bigger surface area gives the mat more time to catch pesky pieces of litter.

best cat litter mat

#1 Iprimio Cat Litter Trapper Ez Clean Mat Review

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The litter mat is made up of two layers. The top layer features a honeycomb pattern of large holes that capture litter. Once the litter drops through the holes, it’s stored there until you’re ready to pour it out. Both layers can be attached to one another. The trash container opens up like a book and allows for easy litter disposal.

If your cat has a tendency to overshoot the litter box, this litter mat might be what you need. While the top layer is made from a soft, gentle material, the bottom layer is plastic. The bottom layer is water-resistant so liquids or odors won’t seep into the flooring.

You might consider slipping a puppy pad in between two layers of your mat if you cat is having trouble “going” outside the litter box.

Cleaning is easy. You can either pour the litter out or vacuum it up for normal litter. If the mess is more severe, wash it with soap and water. Hang it to dry.

Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat

Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat is unique and stands out from the rest. It’s wide enough to hold two litter boxes.

More importantly, this cat litter mat has a tough and durable design as it resists wear and tear. Furthermore, this mat is heavy enough to maintain its shape and has a non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding on the floor.

This product captures litter with its superior design, which includes deep grooves and mesh. Also, it has thick coils on the topside to assist in keeping the mess on the mat and off the floors.

The mat’s softness and comfort is another great feature. The mat is also safe because it contains no phthalates to increase comfort.

best cat litter mat

Omega Paw Cleaning Litter Mat For Cats

  • Material:
  • Colors: White/grey

Our Omega Paw Cleaning Litter Mat For Cats is a beautiful design and soft surface. The mat is made from hard rubber, with angled ridges that effectively catch litter from your cat’s paws without hurting them. The material is non-slip and easy to clean with warm water or a vacuum. It also has a nifty tab for hanging up when not in use.

This mat may not be suitable for cats with multiple cats or messy habits. Also, the rubber material retains the smell if your cat urinates on it, even after washing, and the ridges aren’t as effective at catching litter as other mats.

  • It is made from hard rubber
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Nifty hanging tab
  • Too small for most cats
  • Retains odors
  • Not as effective as other mats

Best For Sensitive Paws

Some picky cats dislike the feeling of plastic or rubber mats, especially those mats that force their paws to open. The Vivaglory cat litter mat is like a miniature shag rug. This soft mat is made of microfiber and has thousands of plush fibers to gently remove litter from sensitive paws.

To prevent the mat from sliding, it features a nonslip backing. To prevent accidental water from seeping through, the backing is waterproof. When it’s time for a cleaning, just toss this machine-washable mat into the washing machine.

Measuring 31 inches by 20 inches, this medium-size mat comes in a deep brown color, but a handful of other colors are also available.

best cat litter mat

Jumbo Litter Mat

Arguably, the Jumbo Litter mat is among the most efficient products to help maintain cat hygiene. This mat is unique because it can be customized to meet different needs.

The mat features deep grooves with a quality mesh to collect more litter effectively. This mat is the perfect size to collect litter efficiently, so it requires less cleaning around the cat box.

Jumbo Litter Mat is made of thick, extra-large PVC material that resists tears when it’s used frequently. Moreover, it has a super soft texture which is a tremendous advantage to sensitive paws.

This litter mat is also made of lightweight and water-resistant materials, making it super easy to clean. In addition, it has a non-slip function that helps to keep it in one place.

Petlinks Cat Litter Mats are efficient in their design. They help to organize cat litter and encourage good health.

This litter mat uses rubber materials textured well with small depths that can capture all the messes from the cat. This mat also helps to reduce food and water scattering around the area. It is easy to keep dirt from getting on the floor and it’s easier to control it.

This mat is easy to clean. To remove dirt, you can either vacuum the mat or soap it and then dry it.

Petlinks cat mat has a smooth and soft surface that can tolerate sensitive paws and keep them comfortable. Additionally, the used materials are safe from dangerous elements such as phthalate and other toxins.

The Best Corner Cat Litter Mat

  • Available sizes: 37.75 x 30.8 inches
  • Available sizes: 37.75 x 30.8 inches

This corner litter mat is ideal for triangular litter boxes that are tucked away. It will also fit perfectly in the box while still allowing you to trap litter around the edges. Made from a rubberized material, the mat is soft on kittyas paws. You can either vacuum or shake the webbed material to trap smaller particles.

One cat parent’s take: aWhat a perfect cat litter mat for our bathroom. It fits perfectly in the corner of our bathroom and we have a matching grey litter box. It is very attractive and captures the litter onto the mat.

best cat litter mat

Pawkin Kitty Litter Mat

You can choose from two sizes of the Pawkin Cat Litter Mat: extra-large or extra-extra large. Although it is only designed in one gray color, it is effective at capturing excess litter from your cat box, as well as your feline’s paws.

Pawkin is non-toxic and phthalate-free. It has a non-slip bottom that keeps it from moving around, plus it is soft on your pal’s paws when they step on it. What’s more, the water-resistant bottom will keep any moisture from seeping through.

This mat will catch on your kitty’s nails if they are not careful. It is also not as simple to clean as other alternatives. You can scrub it clean with water and soap, but vacuuming it isn’t recommended. Beyond that, it is durable weighing 2.2 pounds that will last you quite a while.

Hepper Litter Mat – Best Overall

Compared to dog owners, cat lovers may feel privileged that their pets have their own self-contained bathrooms and do not require outdoor breaks. Litter boxes are convenient, but dealing with the mess is one of the more unpleasant aspects of feline ownership. Even though some litter boxes are high, loose material can still get on your floors. With the Hepper Litter Mat, you can keep the litter area clean and prevent contaminated material from being tracked around your clean home.

Whether you have a destructive kitty or a light scratcher, the Hepper Litter Mat is durable enough to withstand abuse from any feline. The double-layered, waterproof and slip-proof design makes it easy to clean. Hepper’s design is more than just a floor mat. It has large hexagonal holes which trap and minimize tracking. You can simply shake the mat over the trashcan to release trapped bits.

At Excited Cats, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

The Petlinks 49507 Pet-FECT Paws Cat Litter Mat may be a better option if you are looking for something more affordable. This handy item comes in either a medium, large, or extra-large size, plus you can choose from gray, blue, or tan. This durable item will keep litter out of your home.

Petlinks’ mat distributes litter between your cat and their paws to remove it. It features a non-slip bottom, plus it does not leak. The flexible design makes it easy to clean. You can either vacuum it, brush it off or just dump it in the trash.

This mat is non-toxic and safe for your pet and family. Made of durable material, it will not rip, and it can resist heavy scratching. The only drawback of note is it is not as soft as our top option. Otherwise, this is the best cat litter mat for the money.

best cat litter mat

Petlinks Purr-Fectpaws Cat Litter Mat

The Purr-fect Paws mat has a simple, but effective design.

  • The mat has a nice “space-age” look with the craters on the surface that are designed to catch the litter from your cat’s feet as they move across it.
  • The mat doesn’t lend itself well to sweeping, but it can be folded up and the excess litter poured off (it slides easily), or you can vacuum it off just as easily.
  • Although some don’t like the look of this model, they do the job well.
  • You can choose from three sizes. While it’s slightly more costly than PetFusion, you might find it worth it for its durability and ease of use.

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The Best Extra Large

An extra-large litter mat is ideal for placing under several litter boxes or for cats who are prolific diggers. The jumbo Gorilla Grip Original cat litter mat measures 47 inches by 35 inches, offering plenty of coverage. The slip-resistant backing keeps the mat in place.

The large litter mat is made of densely woven mesh and has deep coils that trap litter. It also feels comfortable under the cats’ feet. Its diamond-inlay design helps you to remove litter from the floor and gives it some flair. Like other plastic mats, cleaning is simple with a shake, a scrub with soap and water, or a vacuum. The mat is available in hunter green, as well as a variety of solid colors.

best cat litter mat


The litter mat’s design is important to take into consideration when placing litter boxes in public areas. Litter mats are available in a range of colors and designs, and while it is still a litter mat, it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. In smaller areas, balance style and function. For smaller spaces or high traffic, choose small or medium-sized mats.

It’s also essential to select a durable litter mat that holds up well to cleaning. Regardless of the color or style, if the mat starts looking dingy after you’ve cleaned it a few times, it will ruin the aesthetic.

Aesthetics may not be a concern for hidden litter boxes. In that case, choose the most affordable or functional option.

The Best Cat Litter Mats: 9 Top Brands Reviewed!

Cats take care of their hygiene and are very finicky about their surroundings. Or at least most of the time they are like that. But what about things outside of their control?

Let’s face it: As cute as cats are, things can definitely get a little messy sometimes if you’re a cat owner.

Enter a cat litter mat. A mat or rug underneath your cat’s litter box can be more than just an aesthetic choice. It will also help reduce household clutter. We’ll be reviewing some top-rated cat litter mats and mats to help you choose the right one for your house.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. Our reviews are also regularly updated and reviewed to ensure that manufacturers do not make any modifications.

FelineLiving.Net is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary loves animals, both dogs and cats. Her staff and she are passionate animal lovers and will work tirelessly to give you all the information you need for your cat.

  • iPrimio Jumbo Size Cat Litter Trapper
  • Gorilla Grip Original
  • Moonshuttle BlackHole Litter Mat
  • Lepet Cat Litter Mat, Honeycomb
  • Comparative Comparison of Top Cat Litter Mats
  • 1. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat
  • 2. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper
  • 3. Gorilla Grip Original
  • 4. Moonshuttle BlackHole Litter Mat
  • 5. Lepet Cat Litter Mat, Honeycomb
  • 6. PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Matt
  • 7. CleanHouse Pets Cat Litter Mat
  • 8. MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mat
  • A cat litter mat to help you clean
  • 1. Durability
  • 2. Effectiveness
  • 3. Odor
  • 4. Water Resistance
  • 5. Simple Cleaning
  • 6. Cat Friendliness
  • 7. Security Concerns
  • 8. Size
  • 9. Design and colors
  • How to control cat litter tracking
  • How to Clean and Maintain Cat Litter Mats
  • Conclusion
  • What is the secret to cat litter mats working?
  • Is it possible to wash cat litter?
  • What is a littermat?

best cat litter mat

Smiling Paws Bpa-Free Premium Cat Litter Mat

  • The Smiling Paws is a simple-looking mat with an image of an adorable kitten in the lower corner.
  • Its technology for collecting and catching litter earns the company second place on this list.
  • The Smiling Paws’ surface is not made of smooth rubberized materials. It has a woven design that knocks the litter from your cat’s feet and traps it in several layers.
  • Like the others, this mat can be vacuumed or shaken outside – and if it needs a really thorough cleaning, it’s durable enough to take a power washer to.
  • It’s a very soft-feeling surface, and best of all, the material doesn’t have the toxic chemicals that many plastic and rubber products can have.
  • LARGE SIZE MEANS LARGE RESULTS: The Smiling Paws Pets extra large cat litter mat weighs 3.6 lbs. This is no little mat. A heavier cat litter trapping mat means less mess from your litter box and less time spent cleaning. This product is a better cat litter trapper because it has a thicker loofah. Because of its size, it can handle a large litter box.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, EASY CLEAN: This large litter mat requires little effort to maintain. This litter box mat gives fantastic scatter control, meaning you spend more time with your cat, and less time cleaning the cat mat. Our cat mats for litter will make your life easier.
  • URINE PROOF LITTER MAT: Our cat litter box mat is specially designed for a kitty that often misses the kitten litter box. The proprietary laminated bottom keeps cat urine off your floors, preventing damage. This cat litter rug also has a non-skid bottom, which ensures it remains in place.
  • SCRATCH & TEAR RESISTANT: Cat litter mats need to be resistant to damage and long-lasting. Our cat box mat’s heavy-duty design makes it harder for your cat to put wear and tear on the litter box mat, ensuring that you will spend less money overall.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Smiling Paws Pets cares about your cats, and we understand the need to keep them and the environment free from harmful chemicals. The cat litter trapper mat we use is completely free of BPA and Phthalate. It is a litter box mat friendly to your pets and other animals.

Cleanhouse Pets Cat Litter Mat

A few users find it’s not quite as durable as other brands, but overall the reviews are glowing and the mat appears to really cut down on mess.

best cat litter mat

Best Overall: Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

It features a honeycomb-like double layer design, making cleanup easy. Cat litter falls off your kitty’s paws through the top layer and gets trapped in the bottom layer so that you can minimize tracking and easily toss or reuse the litter that gets collected. To remove any litter, simply use the edge that is easily opened. This mat is durable and easily washable. It can be placed under the litter box to sweep. Plus, it comes in two sizes and three colors.


Your cat will simply not step on a cat litter mat that is too soft or comfortable for their paws. You may have to give your cat a few mats to get used to.

best cat litter mat

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

Pawkin’s Jumbo Litter Mat promises to capture more litter granules than other alternatives. Pet owners who’ve put it to the test seem to agree, although a few note that it’s just a bit too large for small spaces.

The unique looping, soft and flexible texture is combined with a low pile to reduce the risk of claw snags. Plus, it has a non-skid bottom surface that’s floor-friendly, and is non-toxic so it’s safe for even the littlest paws.

The mat features a subtle pleasant design and comes in seven color options.


Cats are sensitive about what they prefer to walk on. If the mat is too rough for the cat, particularly on their paws and feet, it will be jumped on by them.

Make sure the cat mat is soft on your palm when you place your hand on it before buying. If you sense some discomfort, then chances are the cat will not like it too.

best cat litter mat

Your Cat Litter Mat to Help Cleanse

Here’s how:

Good quality mats provide a safe place for litter granules and other debris to settle on. You’ll find less litter around your house and it will be concentrated in the box.

How does a mat look good? Let’s get into it.

Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat

Some people find it easier to simply bend the mat in a C shape and then dump it out. Otherwise, litter granules can fall out.

best cat litter mat

Gorilla grip Original Cat Litter Mat – Best Colour/Size

Gorilla Grip Premium Cat Litter Mats come in 5 sizes, including corner and half circle shapes. There are 12 color options to match any decor. The mat’s superior mesh and thick coils capture litter well until it is removed. This soft, padded litter mat is extra gentle on sensitive paws.

What is a Cat Litter Mat?

A cat litter mat is a mat you place in front of your cat’s litter box to catch tracked and kicked litter. Cat litter mats come in many shapes, sizes, materials and colors, and some are even waterproof to further protect your floors.

best cat litter mat

A-Z Animals Top Picks For Cat Litter Mats

  • Double-layer design features a honeycomb-pattern top layer.
  • Bottom layer waterproof
  • It is easy to rinse and vacuum mat.
  • Non-toxic materials used
  • Durable and soft
  • Super-affordable pricetag
  • Two sizes available
  • It is easy to wash with cold water and dry air.
  • Available in seven sizes and 19 colors
  • It is easy to vacuum clean
  • It stays in place thanks to its non-stick bottom
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