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Best Cat Nail Clippers

Best Cat Nail Clippers

Conairpro Cat Nail clippers

ConairPRO Cat Nail Clippers were specifically designed for kittens and small cats. The delicate stainless-steel blade has built-in safety guards to prevent you from cutting your cat’s nails too short. You will have no problems trimming your cat’s nails with the non-slip handle and ergonomically designed handle.

These are great for small cats and kittens, but they might not work well for large breeds due to the small blades. These handles are the same. If you have large hands, or are more familiar with plier-style clipspers, you might find them difficult to use.

Best For Small Cats

  • No.

Do you want to find the best small cat nail trimmer? Pet Republique has got you covered! This product is also suitable for small animals such as puppies, rabbits, guinea-pigs and hamsters. It’s also extremely affordable.

Cat owners have rarely had to report accidents despite not using a safety guard. It’s extremely easy to use, even if you’re a beginner. Some people wish that the blades could be sharper. Sometimes they can split nails and cause a messy cut. They still manage the job quite well, based on what we could see.

We always like to see companies that assist pets in need, and Pet Republique is one of them. This company donates 15% of all its profits to the American Animal Rescue Society, which will surely make your purchase even more satisfying.

best cat nail clippers


Declawing cats poses many risks. There is a good chance that complications will occur, which can be very uncomfortable for the cats. In fact, many countries around the world have even banned this surgery.

This is not only a difficult experience for cats but also studies show that declawed cats often develop hyperflexion (also known as clubfootedness).

It’s important to address the fact that when a cat gets declawed, it’s a version of amputation. The vet is not merely removing the claw but has to actually cut it off from the source–which is the last bone in a cat’s paw.

Because of this, cats are forced to painfully walk on their paws. Doctor’s have linked this intense pain to heightened cortisone levels, which increases the chance of diabetes in cats.

This pain also contributes to changes in behavior. Cats are more likely to behave aggressively, such as hiding, biting and urinating outside the litter box. There is also a higher risk of arthritis because of their change in walking.

Hertzko Angled-Blade Cat Nail Scissors

Hertzko Angled Blade Cat Nail Scissors feature a sharp blade that angles upwards from the handles. The half-moon marking makes it easy to spot where your cat is cutting their nails. The comfort grip handles are covered in a soft rubber, which makes these scissors easy to grip.

The high-quality blade is made from stainless steel, but it does seem to dull faster than some of the other nail clippers we reviewed. If you only have one cat and don’t plan on using these often, then that shouldn’t be an issue, but if you have multiple cats who all need regular nail trims then you may find the blade loses its sharpness sooner than you might like.

best cat nail clippers

The Budget-Friendly Cat Nail Clippers

If you want to spend a little less, these small cat nail clippers are an affordable, easy-to-use option. Many reviewers found the scissor-style scissors to be comfortable to use. They have stainless steel blades and soft-grip handles. Plus, this brand donates a portion of profits to local shelters that help abandoned animals find a forever home. The popular grooming tool also has an Amazon rating of 4.7 with over 16,000 reviews.

A success story is that these cut smoothly and easily without any pressure. They also cut cleanly, with little splintering. They arrived so fast, I was mad that they took this long. It was not something I expected from such a cheap pair to perform so well.

Gopets Nail Clippers For Dogs & Cats With Nail File

These clippers from GoPets are sharp, strong, and tough. They cut your cat’s nails smoothly while also being easy on your grip due to great anti-slip handles. Like many of the other top choices on this best clippers review, this device also features a safety guard blade to reduce the risk of injury to your cat and help you stay far away from that precious quick!


  • Comfortable to hold and ergonomic
  • 3.5 mm stainless steel blades that are durable and stay sharp
  • Comes with a file for the more fastidiousness cat owners
  • Also comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Noisy to use
  • Sometimes, the locking mechanism activates incorrectly while in use

best cat nail clippers

Epica Pet Nail Clipper

If you’re looking for a professional quality clipper for your cats, then the Epica Pet Nail Clipper is the way to go. This design ensures smooth and precise clipping thanks to its perfectly placed blades.

The safety lock keeps the blades safe when they are not being used. While saying pets actually enjoy having their nails cut with these clippers would be a little over the top, I’ve found the process goes a lot smoother when using the Epica Clippers.

The pros

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Safety locks ensure any issues or painful cuts
  • Safety for cats is enhanced by anti-slip handles


  • A little too big for small breed cats
  • Small breed cats may find it a little overwhelming


We haven’t included any guillotine clippers on our list, but we still thought it important to tell you more about them.

Guillotine clippers work by having a blade that slides out from the handle and cuts anything in its path (in this case, your cat’s nails). They usually have a hoop where you rest your pet’s nail before depressing the handles. Though the concept is similar to a real guillotine, the blade is moved by squeezing the handles rather than via gravity.

Unlike other styles of clippers, you have to take care with how you hold a guillotine. You should always have the blade’s sharp edge facing you. This means you can’t clip from any angle, so it’s harder to sneakily clip your cat’s nails while she’s asleep.

A guillotine equipped with sharp blades is a good choice for cutting nails. However, it may not work well if the cat shakes their head a lot while being trimmed. You can use scissors to hold the blades against your nail and safety guards are included with pliers. Guillotine clippers, however, don’t offer quite as much control.

A guillotine-style cutter is a great choice because it offers replaceable blades. This means that if your blades become dull, you don’t need to purchase a new one. Instead, you simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the blade and put in a brand new one.

best cat nail clippers

Know The Anatomy Of Your Cat’S Claws

The majority of cats possess 18 claws. There are five for each foot, and four for the back.

A cat’s nails usually retract when they are relaxing and can be extended by applying pressure gently on the top and bottom of each paw.

You can practice this in a relaxed environment often so as to gain experience and to normalize the sensation for your cat.

You must also know how to identify the quick. The quick is a vital organ that supplies your cat’s foot with blood and contains nerves that gives the nails sensation. It’s just as sensitive in cats as it is on us humans.

Many guides will recommend firstly that you have Styptic Power on hand before you begin clipping your cat’s nails. This is a great tip, especially for people new to this practice.

There is a good chance you’ll cut the organ if you are too aggressive with your trimming. Your pet will feel a lot more pain and may even get bitten. The quick can easily be identified by its color which is usually a red tinge or pink color.

If at any point you do cut the quick, you can apply Styptic Powder to help stop the bleeding and relieve the painful sensation your cat will be going through.

A small amount olive oil can be applied to the claw of your cat and will help make its quick visible.

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Many pet parents prefer grinders to clippers because they feel more in control of them. However, if your cat has a sensitive reaction to noise or vibrations, this device may make her afraid.


  • Portable and electric, it can also be charged via USB.
  • A diamond bit grinder works as well as any pair of regular pliers.
  • Ideal for households with multiple, different-sized cats (with three size ports included)
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to clean


  • Not as effective on larger thick nails
  • More time consuming than other claw clippers for pets

best cat nail clippers

Pet Republique Dog And Cat Nail Clipper

These clippers from Pet Republique are reportedly well-used among professional nail trimmers, including groomers, veterinarians, and vet techs. This small trimmer is a great choice for kittens and tiny cats.

Additionally, the company pledges 15% of its profits to American Animal Rescue Society.


  • Durable Blade
  • It is simple to use
  • Professionals approve
  • Your purchase goes towards helping animals in need


  • A safety nail guard is not available
  • Some reviewers say the small handles make their fingers tired
  • Not good to use on larger animals or large cat’s claws

Frisco Nail Clippers For Cats And Small Dogs – Best Value

Even cheaper than the JW Pet Gripsoft set in first place is the Frisco Nail Clipper For Cats And Small Dogs. The clippers have a similar design, with a large thumb hole and smaller fingers. They also feature a rubberized grip that is comfortable for users. There’s also a tang, as seen on hairdresser scissors, which is designed to offer greater control while cutting.

The blades are made from stainless steel and they also have a semi-circular nail guide that ensures you are cutting the claw using the right bit of the blade and to ensure a straighter and more precise cut.

The Frisco Nail Clippers are the cheapest set on our list, but they are let down somewhat by their size. Large adult cat nails are difficult to trim and the handles too small for larger hands. Even users with small hands will find it difficult to maneuver and achieve the best possible cutting angle. However, for the price, they are very difficult to beat and the addition of the nail guide and the tang does add some control, making them the best cat nail clippers for the money.

best cat nail clippers

Trim Your Cat’S Nails Like A Pro: How To Use The Best Cat Nail Clippers

The technique for cutting the claws of your cat is simple and effective. Proper pet claw care is better for your kitty’s health, your family’s health, and your home.

So, beyond using the right type of cat nail trimmer for your feline, it’s also important to know how to use cat claw clippers correctly. Of course, getting your cutie to sit still while you cut her cat claws can seem nearly impossible. Many kitties get scared of the sharp blades made from stainless steel and run away!

If you’re really unsure about how to cut your cat s nails, you can always consult with a professional nail trimmer or even your veterinarian. You should get some pointers from them.

Keep these tips in your mind to ensure that you have a successful manicure.

  • Start ’em young! The earlier you introduce your kitty to the experience of having her paws handled, the better. As soon as she is a kitten, you can gently stroke her nails and paws to help them get used to the idea.
  • It should be rewarding. Give your feline special food after her nails are trimmed or even while touching her adorable little feet. This provides positive reinforcement that will teach your cat how to stay comfortable during this chore, even if she doesn’t necessarily like it.
  • Your pet should be still while you cut her nails so the task is easier and safer to do. If she won’t sit still without a little help, you can hold her in your lap with your forearms resting firmly but gently on her neck and hind-end.
  • Gently squeeze your cat’s toe between your thumb and forefinger to expose her claw (which normally retracts into her paw).
  • Hold the cat nail clippers perpendicular to the end of her nail. The claw will easily be split and splintered if the blade cuts if the locking blades are held parallel to the nail.
  • Use a guillotine to trim your cat’s nails. Make sure you face the blades. And no matter what type of clippers you’re using, make sure they’re positioned so that you cut the kitty’s nail from top to bottom–not side to side.
  • Gently squeeze the clippers until they snip the nail. Cut about two millimeters from the end of her nail.

Remember: the goal is to keep the process of the claw trimming experience as comfortable as possible for your little one! Keep some yummy food on hand, use a calm voice and be gentle but firm. And make sure you’re watching out for your own health, too–find a way to do this task without having to maintain a lot of tension or awkward posture in your body.

Guillotine Style

The guillotine is another type of clipper, which is comparable to the scissor-style. It is called this because it is a tiny guillotine that has handles and an opening in the bottom for a cat nail to be inserted.

These are also effective because they allow a quick clean trim. These are great if you cat is not able to sit still. As long as they are not sharp, these blades won’t cause any splintering.

The handle is decently-sized and allows for a good grip. It also reduces trimming time. These are a great option because they have been used before but we couldn’t get used to them after using the scissors-type cutter.

best cat nail clippers

Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper

JW Pets Gripsoft nail scissors are another great scissor-style clippers. We found them to be extremely comfortable to use and easy to move.

They’re small enough to be able to navigate your cat’s claws without any trouble, but large enough to hold firmly in place. These nail clippers are a great alternative to scissor-style cat nail cutters. We were impressed by their precision and accuracy.

We felt the angled blades gave us a clearer view and better control over cutting pressure.

To minimize risk of cutting too close or hitting the quick, cats’ nails need to be clipped in small pieces. These scissors are great for this purpose. These scissors are small, nimble, and quick to trim. We’re impressed!

Get the Best Cat Nail Clippers

Avoid using scissors or human nail clippers. These are not designed to trim cats’ claws. They can be intimidating and may cause them to look a little strange. As well as the reviews above, you can find a guide on the types of cat clippers below, but you have a choice of basic manual clippers and grinders. These are more affordable if you’re able to do the job with manual clippers. Good clippers will cut neatly and quickly, making the job as stress-free as possible for all parties.

best cat nail clippers

Electric Grinders

Cats can be sensitive and won’t tolerate a loud electrical appliance buzzing around their nails. This speedy grinder is a great choice for dogs but can be frightening for cats.

A cat’s nails are also much smaller than a dog’s, so it may be difficult to control the depth of the cut with an electric grinder versus a set of handheld nail clippers.

The pros

  • + Ergonomic handle with non-grip
  • + Antimicrobial plastic
  • + Safety guard
  • + Extremely durable

best cat nail clippers

How to Cut the Nails

If you don’t know how to cut a cat’s nails properly, it can become a complicated task. It is not wise to attempt trimming while your cat is in a hyper mood or running around the house.


Apart from high quality, affordability is a significant factor for many cat owners because nail clippers are just one of the many things you need to properly take care of a pet. The cost of owning a cat these days is far from low, so it’s natural that you want to be careful with your budget. Of course, different people may have a different opinions on what’s affordable. We believe that all of the products we have reviewed were good value.

best cat nail clippers

Sharp Blades

Even if you paid top dollar for a set of cat nail clippers, there is no point in using them if the blades aren’t extremely sharp. You can think of your cat’s clippers in the same manner you would pick razor blades to your body. Dull blades might be easier on your wallet, but they are also more likely to injure you and be more painful while you’re using them. Sharp blades can cut through thick nails without crushing them. This is why stainless steel is the most suitable material. They last the longest and are not easily dulled.

Tips For Trimming Cat’S Nails

You now have a better understanding of the importance trimming nails for your cat. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you both and your feline companion. Purchasing the perfect tools is undoubtedly the first step, but there are other things you should know.

best cat nail clippers

Build Up

If you are trying to lessen stress in your feline companion, it is best not to grab him and spread his claws. No matter your cat’s age, you can practice exposing their claws while they are calm and relaxed. Pressing the toes on the pads exposes the claws. This will help you when the time comes to use the clippers. Continue practicing until the cat is comfortable with it.

These are the Best Cat Nail Clippers

You might think that the differences between these options are minimal. This is, after all, a guide to picking the best nail clippers, so it’s inevitable that the top picks that are of the same style will be similar to one another.

Stick with us though, and we’ll explain the benefits of each purchase and why we think the Epica is the best cat nail trimmer around. Here’s a listing of top cat nail trimmers based on comfort, durability and value-for-money.

best cat nail clippers

Pliers Style

The pliers-type clipper combines both the best and worst of each world into one. The pliers-type clipper has the blades of a scissors-type clipper with very similar handles as the guillotine-type. This clipper is as effective and clean cutting as the scissor type and gives you the grip of the guillotine.

The handles are made out of a type of rubberized plastic for the best grip and they are thick so you cannot lose your control. The precision and cleanliness of this type of blade can be achieved with the clipper.

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