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Best Cat Shampoo

Best Cat Shampoo

Pro Pet Wash Organic 5-In-1 Oatmeal Shampoo + Conditioner – Best Overall

Cat owners love this shampoo! It is our best overall cat shampoo because of its gentle ingredients, great value, and freedom from skin irritants. Pro Pet Wash is a great option for cats with dry, itchy or irritated skin. Pro Pet Wash is cruelty-free as well as paraben-free. This means you don’t have to worry about where it came from.

This shampoo is also safe for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. This shampoo will save money as you don’t need to purchase separate shampoos for your furry friends. Finally, it has a great almond scent which makes post-bath snuggles even better!

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Packaging made from recycled materials
  • Cruelty-free
  • Good for dry skin
  • Detangler
  • Excellent value
  • Some pet owners may not like the scent

What Are The Causes Of Unnatural Shedding In Cats?

In some ways, cats’ shedding is healthy and natural. It allows for healthy growth on an annual basis or bi-annually.

Cats shed a lot because all their hair follicles must die and new ones take its place. That is why cats shed in spring and around fall to get rid of the old coat and form new healthy coats.

Here are some causes of unnatural shedding in cats:

A poor diet can be the number one factor behind unnatural shedding.

A healthy diet should include omegas, protein, amino acids and vitamins. If the diet is lacking in these nutrients, then your pet could show signs of a poor coat with unhealthy shedding.

Hair loss can be caused by environmental changes.

Stress could result from perceived competition by other cats. Being left alone for hours can also build up stress.

Your cat may feel anxious and stressed if you recently moved into a new home. Loud noises from the street, AC vents, or other noisy machinery could also cause stress and subsequent hair fall in cats.

Sometimes, as cats get older, they could shed because of reduced appetite.

As they get older, cats may need to groom their cat less often due arthritis and lethargy. This can cause matted hair and increased shedding.

Some underlying health issues which lead to hormonal imbalances can also contribute to unnatural shedding in cats.

Thyroid, diabetes, and other endocrine or adrenal problems can cause weight and appetite changes, which, in turn, can cause tremendous shedding.

Food allergies and sensitives can also cause unnatural shedding in cats. Check out this guide for the best cat food to treat skin allergies.

In some cats, the presence of parasites or intestinal worms can also lead to deficiencies and unnatural shedding of hair.

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Dandruff, dry skin, ringworm, fungal and bacterial skin infections, and poor grooming on the part of the owners can also manifest in the form of excess and unnatural shedding in cats.

Thankfully, this type of shedding can be quickly reversed through proper bathing, grooming, and regular brushing of your pet’s coat.

Discuss any skin conditions with your veterinarian so that you can provide the best treatment for your pet. Once the infection is under control, the shedding will stop too.

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best cat shampoo

#6 Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Teerless Shampoo

You will absolutely not like it if your Pet has tears in their eyes. And if this is the case with you, then the Four Paws’ Magic Coat Cat Tearless Shampoo will be the best option. It is formulated to be gentle on the cat’s body and won’t irritate their eyes or skin.

The saturation of this cat shampoo is also suitable and effective for any type of coat and the gentle formula also makes it safe for kittens as well. It not only cleans the cat’s coat, but ingredients such as protein and lanolin used in it also condition their fur and give a natural shiny luster.

Besides cleaning the coat and fur, the fragrance gives a long-lasting Citrus-Breeze Scent to your pet’s body. The scent also helps to remove any loose hairs from your pet’s fur, making it easier to brush and groom.

This Shampoo contains Aloe Vera Extract, which naturally conditions the hair. It also has natural antiseptic qualities that make it easier to soothe itching and irritation.

The Key Features

  • Size: 12 ounce
  • Also available in a Pack of 3
  • Tearless Shampoo
  • Citrus-Breeze Scent
  • Lanolin and Keratin are included in this product


  • Sensitive cats are safe
  • Fur conditions and gives natural shine
  • The cat’s skin is sprayed with a pleasant, long-lasting deodorizer.


  • Careful cleaning is required after using, as its residue will be harmful to your cat if ingested
  • It is important to clean up after use, because the residue can be dangerous for your cat.

Espree Silky Show Cat Shampoo

This product might be a good choice if your cat is known for having a luxurious, long-haired coat. It is made to specifically target your cat’s coat by moisturizing and detangling the hair. This product is different from other products because it does not soothe your cat’s skin.

The only problem with this product is the inclusion of ‘conditioners” and ‘detanglers in its ingredients. This non-specific detail makes it harder to determine if your cat will have a negative skin reaction to this product. This shampoo is also not suitable if you are looking for something to prevent or soothe itching.

  • Hair conditions
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Detangles
  • Ingredients are not fully listed
  • Can irritate eyes
  • Some humans may not enjoy the fragrance

best cat shampoo

Natural Chemistry’s Natural Flea shampoo for cats & kittens: The Best Flea shampoo For Kittens

As its name clearly suggests, the manufacturer focuses on naturally-based products.

The shampoo is thus a good choice for those suspicious of harsh chemical formulas. It combines botanical ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, and cedarwood oil that act in synergy to kill existing fleas and prevent re-infestation for up to a week.

Remarkably, the product has a pyrethrin-free formula. Pyrethrins, naturally occurring compounds that have insecticidal qualities and may cause nervous system problems when they are released into the environment.

The 16.9 oz. bottle of Natural Flea Shampoo For Cats & Kittens is ready to use. This shampoo can be used on kittens and cats of all ages, which is an advantage for those with younger pets. The manufacturer stresses that kittens must have their body temperatures monitored.

It is a good idea to see a veterinarian before you treat a young pet. The product is unique because it has a catchy, appealing smell and stays on your fur for quite a while. Although undoubtedly natural, some people might find it too harsh.

  • Effective in killing fleas
  • For up to seven days, prevents more infestation.
  • Safe for kittens of any age
  • Natural smell
  • Natural formula
  • pyrethrin-free.
  • runny texture.
  • Runny texture

John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Oatmeal Cat Shampoo – Best Value

John Paul Pet Sensitive Shampoo for Cats is the most affordable cat shampoo. This product is a high-quality shampoo with a small price point, making it ideal for the shopper on a budget. It contains aloe and almond oil which will keep your cat’s skin moisturized. Itching can be prevented by soothing oat protein.

This shampoo can be used on horses and dogs, increasing its versatility as a shampoo. Some pets may be sensitive to sodium laureth-sulfate. However, overall, you can’t beat this shampoo for the best value for your money!

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Great value
  • Cruelty-free
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Contains sodium laureth sulfate
  • It does not contain a conditioner

best cat shampoo

Espree Kitten Shampoo

Espree Shampoo for Kittens is gentle and won’t cause any tears. It is hypoallergenic and great for kittens with sensitive skin. Organic aloe vera and jojoba are included in the mild formulation. Natural coconut oil is also added. These ingredients help to moisturize and condition your little pet’s coat.

This shampoo is hypoallergenic and safe for your cat. This shampoo is able to withstand even the most severe dirt. This good product will help you train your kitten to bathe from an early age!

The shampoo smells great. This shampoo has received rave reviews and is sure to help your pet.

The pros


  • Made with jojoba and coconut-based cleansers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hydrates your cat’s skin, coat and hair.
  • None.
  • None.

Summary: This shampoo can be used to bathe nursing and pregnant kittens.

This combination helps to comb the hair and get rid of tangles in long-haired cats. It contains all the necessary substances to moisturize and nourish the wool, give it elasticity and accelerate growth. It restores hair damaged, eliminates dandruff, and moisturizes.

Regular use reduces the molting period and has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the animal.

Conditioner and shampoo contain only organic and natural ingredients. They do not contain soap, dyes, detergents or sulfates.



  • Vets are recommended
  • Paraben, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, soap-free.
  • No sulfates and colors.
  • The solution is dilute not concentrated.
  • Concentrated solutions are not recommended.

Summary: This special conditioning product helps reduce hairballs. It gently washes away any loose or excessive hair to make brushing more easy.

Why Is It Important To Wash Your Cat?

Indoor and outdoor cats can build up oil, dirt, sebum or dander. Shampooing your cat with shampoo will clean their fur and get rid of any trapped dirt or oils. Furthermore, shampoos can benefit cats who suffer from certain skin conditions, as each shampoo has unique grooming features which target a specific fur or skin problem in your cat. Freshly washing your cat will reduce odors, shine the fur, detangle the hair, and give it a fluffier appearance.

You, the cat owner, will also benefit from using a shampoo that is clean and hygienic. This will prevent dirt and smells from getting on furniture or your hands as you pet them. We’ll show you how to choose the right cat shampoo.

best cat shampoo

Earthbath 2-In-1 Conditioning Shampoo For Pets

Earth Bath is a 2-in-1 formula-part shampoo and part conditioner in one. The botanical fragrance features tropical mangoes combined with an exceptionally mild shampoo that adds brilliance and shine to your cat’s coat.

The shampoo contains all-natural ingredients. It comes in a variety of scents, including vanilla, almond and mango tango. All cats and kittens can use the Earth Bath 2-in-1 conditioner shampoo.

It is mildly sanitizing and helps to untangle hair. It is a pH-balanced and soap-free formula blended with the finest ingredients, like renewable plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers, organic aloe vera, and vitamin E. Overall this shampoo has positive reviews and is safe for dogs, puppies, cats & kittens over six weeks old.

#2 Best Cat Shampoo For Dry Skin: Bayer Hylyt Shampoo

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This soothing conditioning shampoo was formulated for sensitive skin, featuring a blend of natural oatmeal, palm and aloe vera, along with other vitamins, minerals, and oils that help to clean and nourish your cat’s coat.

Hypoallergenic means it is suitable for cats suffering from allergies.

It is unclear what the ingredients list contains. The shampoo claims to contain water, coconut oil and plant-based surfactants, aloe and oatmeal extracts, as well as fragrance and an unknown preservative.

It’s less popular with cats than it is for dogs. However, customers report that the formula works well and leaves their pets clean and fresh. They also get a shiny, soft coat.

best cat shampoo

Oster Naturals 4-In-1 Cat Shampoo

Oster’s oatmeal cat shampoo works well for feline dandruff.

It’s formulated to deoderize, moisturize and condition the fur with a combination of coconut based cleansers and natural oatmeal extract (2%).

The rich vanilla smell is pleasant, though it is probably the strongest sent on our list (they aren’t joking about it being rich!). Our kitty didn’t seem to mind at all though. It has no dyes, parabens or alcohols and the ingredients are all 100% biodegradable.

Our one tiny gripe with this shampoo is that it’s very thin, and it pours out of the bottle really quickly. We ended up using more shampoo than was necessary, so it did not last long. ).

It’s an all-round shampoo for cats, despite our ineptness.


Sprays are easy to use, do not need to be washed off, provide an antistatic effect and enhance the hair-combing process. Shampoos in the form of sprays are applied to the animal’s dry hair, evenly distributed over the body (excluding the eyes and ears), and then the pets are dried with a towel or a hairdryer. After manipulations, the animal should be well combed. These products can be used in intermediate situations between bathing with liquid types.

They can be used when the cat gets dirty in bad weather if the animal has recently suffered stress or surgery, but bathing is necessary. Dry care products can’t replace water or a shampoo. These products are intended to revive the skin and fur of animals. Sprays can be irritating to cats because they may not respond well to their sounds.

best cat shampoo

Natural Chemistry Cat Shampoo – Get Rid of Pests

Did you know fleas can also affect your pet cat? If they aren’t satisfied with the blood of your cat, fleas can bite you.

There are a number of ways to eliminate cat fleas in your home. You can use a flea comb, use salt on the carpet, or use the mixture of dish soap and water on the comb to scrape those pesky fleas away.

They may not work as well as you would expect without an effective weapon. Some of these solutions may even be harmful to your cat’s health.

Natural Chemistry Cat Shampoo is made to eradicate the fleas on your cat. It’s made of all-natural ingredients so rest assured it’s safe to use even on cats with sensitive skin. You can get rid of ticks and mites from your pet’s skin with this shampoo.

You don’t have to mix this into a solution, unlike other cat shampoos that have a highly concentrated formula.

#6: Best Waterless Cat Shampoo: Vet’S Best Dry Clean Waterless cat bath

Check out the View on YouTube

If you’ve ever used a dry shampoo in your own hair, you’ll understand the ease and convenience of a cleaning product that you can spray on, rub in, and forget about.

Spray this waterless cat shampoo on your cat and brush their hair. Then let it dry. This non-toxic cat bath can be used on your pet’s hair. It contains neem oil and micronized oatmeal as well as vitamin E, Vitamin B-5, allantoin (a skin conditioning agent), and natural scent.

While this shampoo might not work for serious messes, it’s a good choice for cats who need a little help to stay clean.

best cat shampoo

How Do I Bathe My Cat?

Bathing cats can be difficult because they are afraid of water. However, there are a few things you can do to make it better for yourself. First of all, having a helper can make the situation much easier. If they can hold the cat and distract them while they are being washed, then the process will be much quicker. Having everything you need close-by without having to reach is also great, because it will take less time.

Your cat should not be submerged in water. Just washing the body of your pet should suffice. You may need to clean your cat’s head with water, but if you do have to use it, make sure that you are using a damp cloth. Cats can be very afraid of being near water.

What is the Best Way to Give Your Cat a Flea Bath?

You don’t have to rinse off waterless shampoos. Instead, you can just rub them in the animals’ hair and then let them air dry. Traditional shampoos require that you first wash your cat’s hair and then massage the product all over its body.

Some manufacturers specify that you should start with the head. It is recommended that you leave the lather on for several hours.

best cat shampoo

The Best Cat Shampoos for Dry Skin

Shampoos for cats are great to control fleas, dry skin and itching. Each shampoo brings different benefits to the party, so you should make your decision based on what you think suits your cat best.

You’ll be wanting to check the ingredients and allergy warnings of each product carefully before purchasing, but in a vast majority of cases your cat won’t have a negative reaction to natural cat shampoos. We’re gonna take a look at some of the options in depth. Below is a listing of 5 top cat shampoos that will help dry and dandruff-prone skin.

Burt’s Bees for Kittens: Natural Tearless Shampoo with Buttermilk

Burt’s Bees, founded in 1984, has been working with the environment to develop products that are safe for pets and people. These products bring the best for your pet. Burt’s Bees for Kittens is a hypoallergenic shampoo that freshens, soothes, and softens your kitten’s skin and coat.

While frequent bathing of kittens is not recommended, it’s best to opt for organic and gentle pet shampoos. It has a light, sweet scent that will make your kitten’s hair soft and silky. It is paraben free and can be used to prevent shedding or breakage.

best cat shampoo

For Giving Special Care To Kittens – Espree Natural Kitten Shampoo

Babies, whether animals or humans, don’t have fully-developed body systems yet. To avoid allergies and irritations, specially-formulated products for skin are used.

For your furry little kittens, the Espree Natural Kitten Shampoo is the best choice to use on them. It’s tearless, hypo-allergenic, and gentle on their skin.

Buyers Guide

Finding difficulty in choosing a Cat Shampoo for your feline friend? With this Buyer’s guide, it would be easy for you to select the Best Shampoo for your furry friend.

best cat shampoo

Can You Use Flea Shampoo For Dogs On Cats?

No, you can’t. Certain pesticides, which can be applied to dogs for flea control, can also be harmful to cats. That is, if you are looking for a safe flea shampoo for cats, choose one that has “for cats” written on its label or a product designed for both felines and canines.

Research Tips (From A Veterinarian)

  • Avoid harsh chemicals – It is best to avoid cat shampoos with parabens or phthalates as they can cause skin irritations.
  • Waterless shampoo is a good option for cats who are water-lovers. It may not be as effective at getting rid of dirt if the cat has been urinating, but this will still do the trick when your cats need some help grooming.

best cat shampoo

Is it possible to use human shampoo on cats?

This question has a definitive answer: It would cause skin and hair problems in your cat due to the pH differences between human shampoos. You need to make sure that you buy shampoo that is specially formulated for cats.

The Things We Love About It

  • Professional groomers use this product to decrease unnatural shedding of cats and dogs
  • Aloe vera and wheat germ moisturize, protect, heal, nourish, and soothe the skin and coat
  • Light mandarin scent
  • It is ideal for pets and kittens with sensitive skin

best cat shampoo

Best Cat Shampoo For Shedding

The best cat shampoo for shedding eliminates dead hair and dander, controls shedding, and makes your cat’s fur healthier.

These 5 cat shampoos are great for eliminating stray hairs from your cat.

In case you’re in hurry, just click the summary below to see our top 5 reviewed cat shampoos for shedding.

  • Top Performance Shed Patrol
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