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Best Cat Toy

Best Cat Toy

Catit Treat Ball Cat Toy

Cats love balls, and the Treat Ball Cat Toy from Catit steps it up a notch by creating a ball that you can stuff with irresistible treats to keep your cat stimulated for hours. The treat will be visible to your cat, so they’ll need to work hard to find it. Because they have to move the ball in order to get the treats, this toy will keep your cat active. You can use it as a normal play ball, but the lid must be closed.

The ball does not come apart, which is frustrating for cleaning. It is also poorly constructed, and large, rough cats may easily break it. If the treats are not large enough, the cat may accidentally spill them onto the ground.

Your cat probably spends most of the day playing and sleeping. You might consider cat furniture that does both. Hepper Cat Tunnel Bed has a tunnel that features felt toys, shaded napping areas and is compact.

Excited Cats has always admired Hepper and we decided to acquire a controlling interest in the company so we can benefit from its outstanding designs!

Frisco Cat Tracks Butterfly Cat Toy – Best Value

The Frisco Cat Tracks Butterfly Toy is our favorite cat toy. This affordable toy has everything cats love including a ball to chase, the excitement of the sound a ball makes when rolling around, and a moving butterfly to stalk and chase.

The lightweight plastic toy has three tracks and is light in weight. The toy comes with two butterflies and three balls. This triple-tiered toy provides cats with three levels of interactive play. If your cat loves chasing balls and butterflies, this toy should be just what you need to keep him occupied for hours.

A good thing about this toy is that it can be used by more than one cat at a time. Although the toy itself is small, it has enough space for at least two cats to play with the ball and the butterfly.

A downside to this toy is that it’s lightweight, allowing cats to tip it over or push it all around the floor. This is a good thing, as it will entertain bored cats! We love the cat toy, and we are confident that your cat will too!

  • Lightweight
  • There are three levels to play
  • Can be used by more than one cat
  • Easy for cats to tip over and push around

best cat toy

Smartykat Hot Pursuit Electronic Motion Cat Toy

The toy is composed of a base powered by a battery and a skirt made from fabric that can be laid on the ground. The toy turns on and the hidden cat toy attached to the wand pops out from under the skirt to stimulate your cat.

The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit is designed to encourage a bored cat to exercise and play. This is a good option if you’re away all day and want to keep your cat occupied and out of trouble. You can simply turn the toy on and turn it off once you’re home.

The Hot Pursuit cat toy is powered by a pair of AA batteries which are included. A downside of this toy is that you must use a screwdriver to replace the batteries located inside the saucer-like disc that operates the cat toy under the fabric skirt. You can still change the batteries.

How do cats love this toy? It is a favorite toy for cats. The skirt is so cute that cats can spend hours watching it move and popping out. This toy is one of the most popular in our cat toy reviews and one that’s very affordable.

You can have one cat, or several cats entertained by this toy. If you have more than one cat, this is a good toy to get as there’s plenty of room around the toy for several felines to join in on the fun!

  • Can be left on when you’re not at home
  • Cats enjoy watching the skirt move and waiting to pounce on the toy
  • Your cat can play with this toy alone or with other cat friends
  • When turned on, makes a loud humming sound
  • The skirt portion of the toy’s body is thin.
  • To replace the AA battery, you will need a screwdriver

Homemade Cat Toys

Store-bought cat toys are fantastic, but they’re not your only option. In fact, many cats have an annoying tendency to turn up their noses at the things their parents buy for them in favor of everyday objects like bottle caps and rubber bands.

Alternatives to formal toys include:

  • Aluminum foil balls in small pieces
  • Shower rings
  • Take out all cardboard rolls
  • Paper bags
  • Cartboard boxes
  • Airflow holes for training golf balls

You might be creative and want to make your own fabrics toys. If sewing isn’t in your wheelhouse, stuffing a small sock with padding and catnip might work.

best cat toy

#12 Best Feather Toys: Go Cat Da Bird Original Cat Toy Feather Teaser Wand

Buy On Amazon

This is a high-flying fishing pole toy that mimics the look, feel, and sound of bird wings. This bird hovers above your cat and invites it to chase their prey.

Da Bird can be broken and cats could inadvertently ingest pieces of it. One reviewer said that their cat accidentally swallowed the plastic cap holding the feathers together, necessitating surgery.

Da Bird is a well-loved and loved product, even though it does not score high in durability tests. Since the 1980’s, cats have done flips with this toy.

Kitty City Cat Tunnel bed

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Our tester cats were readily enthused by the Kitty City Cat Tunnel Bed, and its multifaceted uses and durable build won us over. The tunnels were so fun that one cat could be seen running through them before the assembly was complete. Both cats also loved the hanging hearts in the tunnel openings. The toy comes in three pieces; we zippered it all together in a matter of minutes and noticed how surprisingly soft the tunnel fabric was compared with nylon and other polyester material. The tunnels held up to sharp claws, pouncing, rolling, and sprinting, as well as other durability tests like shaking, pulling, and cleaning. The testing included several hours of sleep, both in the tunnels and on the soft bed at the center. Our cats could not keep their paws off this one.

A notable drawback to consider is this cat toy requires assembly, which means extra time for the cat parent. It takes about 7-10 minutes to zip this product together and break it down. At first, we struggled a bit with the zippers, but we discovered that body position makes a huge difference in setup time. The time required to zip one tunnel to another by working from the inside of the tunnels to work inwards was drastically cut. Our fastest time to assemble was roughly four minutes. Although Kitty City is pricey, we feel the versatility and enjoyment for our cats make it worth the splurge.

best cat toy

Petsafe Cheese Motion Cat Toy — Premium Choice

PetSafe’s Cheese Motion Toy is a great choice for cats who love toys that have irregular movement and unpredicted movements. Your cat will be enticed for hours by this toy while you’re away, attempting to catch the two mice that pop out of the block of cheese randomly. It will automatically turn on and off every 45 minutes for a period of time for a total duration of 6 hours. This will ensure that your cat is stimulated throughout the day. To save battery, the toy has an automatic timer that turns it off after 15 minutes of inactivity. To keep the toy from sliding, rubber feet are included. It requires only 3 AA batteries for operation.

Cats may become scared of mice inside. The mice come out only of two holes each, so smart cats can quickly spot this.

Types of Cat Toys

Not all cat toys are made equal, and different toys will appeal to cats in different ways. The main point to consider is that your cat is, by nature, a predatory animal, and they need to be able to have this instinct sufficiently stimulated. The ideal toy is one that imitates prey, encourages stalking and chasing and jumps. Your cay might lose interest quickly if toys only have one function. We recommend going for toys with multiple functions and methods of stimulation to keep them engaged and interested. There are a few different types of cat toy available, including:

best cat toy

Potaroma Electric Fish Toy for Cats – A Premium Selection

The cat toy is constructed of durable, washable and washable material. It features a smart standby mode to save battery power when your cat stops playing with it. You will receive a USB cable to charge your device and a bag of catnip for treats.

The battery can’t be replaced on this fish-themed cat toy. That means once the cat toy dies, it’s game over–unless of course, you’re electronically-gifted and able to switch the built-in battery. The toy’s initial noise when it was turned on, which sounds almost like a remote control car but is not as loud, also did not appeal to us.

The Flopping Fish may entertain you and your friends almost as much as it does your cat. The Flopping Fish looks just like real fish, and is a great toy for watching your cat play with it. If you get this toy, be sure to give your cat some of the included catnip to make his play more fun for you to watch!

  • Stable, washable
  • Rechargeable USB
  • To save your battery, you can use the stand-by mode
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • When the toy is turned on, it makes a mechanical sound

Take a quick look at our top picks

Want a quick look at the products reviewed in this article? In the comparison table below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important features of each product. You’ll find more detailed information about each product later in the article.

  • Large enough for multi-cat play
  • Included ball is smooth and responsive
  • Ideal for solo play
  • Your cat’s batting is what makes the ball responsive.
  • Strong construction is able to withstand lots of active play
  • Perfect for independent play
  • With millions of admirers, classic design
  • Playtime allows you to participate fully
  • Moves like a tantalizing insect
  • Real bug-like movement, independent movements
  • Small enough for your cat to bat around the house
  • You are well-balanced, capable of handling long sessions of play.
  • Cats are required to do some exercise before they can eat
  • This prevents cats from inhaling food.
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic
  • Sturdy but flexible plastic wand
  • Cats love to play with long fabric teasers
  • Priced below $5, it’s affordable
  • Filled with catnip to drive your cat crazy
  • Sold in a three-pack for under $5
  • Fabricated from light, soft materials
  • Entices your cat to scratch and pounce
  • Durable plastic track complete with captive LED ball
  • Captive ball encourages your cat to exercise
  • You can choose between Manual and Automatic Modes
  • Adjustable laser for use on any surface
  • After 15 minutes, the automatic switch switches off
  • Hand-sewn and stuffed with 100% organic catnip
  • It contains no plastic parts or fillers
  • Durable cotton twill
  • Extends over 6 feet when fully cast
  • Line targets heavy-weight denim
  • It is safe for cats and can be eaten with little to no danger
  • Cats encouraged to jump and pounce
  • The realistic feather toy is shaped like a bird
  • Pull-apart rod for easy storage

best cat toy

Frisco Bird with Feathers Cat Toy: Best for Kittens

The Frisco Bird Teaser with Feathers is the perfect way to bond with a young kitten. When you wave this simple toy in front of your cat, the colorful feathers, dangling string, crinkly sound, and included catnip will entice your cat to jump into action. The toy stimulates your cat’s hunting instincts and is a wonderful way to create a bond with your kitten.

The little polyester bird hanging from the end of the 22-inch-long string is filled with catnip to entice your cat to play. The wand is made of sturdy plastic to ensure it will last. This cat toy consisting of a wand, strings, a toy bird, and feathers is prone to breaking and especially if your cat plays rough. This toy has the lowest price in our review, so it’s not a big deal if your cat breaks it.

Overall, this classic cat toy made of polyester and plastic is perfect for getting bored or lazy cats up on their feet. It’s a toy that will trigger your cat’s hunting instinct so be prepared for lots of stalking, hunting, leaping, and other fun cat action!

  • Very low cost
  • Catnip inside bird toy to entice your cat to play
  • It is simple to use
  • Breakage is not an option

Toys For Exercise

Playtime doesn’t just keep your cat busy so they’re less likely to tear up the carpet or shred your sofa – it helps your cat burn calories and strengthen their muscles as well.

Toys that are fun for your cat to play with make them happy. The more excited your cat gets about playtime with their favorite toy, the more they’ll start jumping, lunging, and pouncing. Toy mice and other basic cat toys can be fun, but your cat may lose interest if the toy isn’t interactive.

Fishing pole toys, and other toys that imitate the movements of birds or mice are great choices. These toys engage your cat’s muscles and force them to move in a way they otherwise wouldn’t on their own.

best cat toy

Petfusion Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

PetFusion’s Interactive ambush cat toys will indulge your cat’s hunting instincts. This toy is designed to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts with a colorful feather that randomly pops out of six holes around the toy’s circumference. The toy also features motion LED lights that will draw cats into the action and stimulate their minds. It is simple to replace the turkey feather and to prevent the toy sliding off, non-skid rubber feet are also included. The toy also features an auto-shutoff function that lasts for 8 minutes, which helps conserve battery life.

This toy is noisy, and some cats may be afraid of it. Senior cats might not be able catch the feather as it moves quickly through the holes.

Cat Engagement Level

We analyzed our cat’s engagement level during the designated play times for the toy. Multi-faceted toys lend themselves to being used for longer periods of time. Others, like catnip toys that produce a lot of energy quickly, allow the cat to play with other toys. We looked at the direct percentage of playtime and the level of play (mild, moderate, or extreme).

We analyzed 60 minutes of cat play over three days, for 20-minute sessions. The top performing toys at 100% were the Youngever 24 Toys Assortment (Rainbow Charmer), Kitty City and Cat Dancer 101. Each toy was played with by our cat for twenty minutes at a stretch, and without any breaks. Some other top performers include the Catify (80%), Tower of Tracks (75%), and the Bergan Turboscratcher (75%).

Every toy was different and elicited different levels. Some toys evoked each of these at different times depending on the cat’s energy level. We rated this category for each toy according to the level of play that was most frequently seen. You can play lightly by swatting or lounging down on the toy, as well as guarding it. Moderate play is seen with biting and clawing the toy with some rolling and kicking. Extreme play examples would elicit multiple leaps, tumbling, sprinting, pouncing, and lots of kicking. Our top performers that resulted in an extreme level of play are the Rainbow Charmer, Youngever 24 Toys Assortment, and the Yeowww! Catnip Banana.

best cat toy

We are the right people to trust

Together with other experts, Kate Irvin (our lead tester) has decades of experience in caring for cats. Kate has experienced firsthand how a cat toy can positively affect a cat’s behavior, attributing a small satchel of catnip to saving her previous cat’s life after a stressful move across the country. Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Occupational Therapy; she has spent several years working to help people develop, manage, and maintain routines for health and wellness promotion, including effective strategies for successful engagement in meaningful pet care activities. With the assistance of Pookah (a playful, two-year old tabby cat), she spent more than 20 hours testing toys.

What are the key features to look for in a cat toy?

Each cat is different so one cat may like something another cat might not. There are key features that every cat toy should have. You can find those basic features below.

best cat toy

Material that is Eco-Friendly

When you are looking at the best cat toys, sustainability may be important. We will be looking at different materials and evaluating their environmental impact. The Catify, Cat Dancer 101, and Earthtone Solutions Felt Wool Ball and Mouse were top scorers in this category, either built from 100% recyclable materials or eco-friendly materials.

Safety First

When shopping for the perfect toy, your cat’s safety should be top priority. Be sure to read the instructions and warning labels on any toys you buy. Also, consider what age your cat is at when purchasing the toy.

You should not leave the toy unattended if it is labeled. If this happens, you can play with the toys with your cat and then take it home. Make sure to avoid anything that can get tied around your cat’s neck and choking hazards as well for the best results.

best cat toy

Interactive Swimming Fish Toy

Curious kitties can exercise their natural hunting skills with this swimming fish toy.

Place the fish in a bowl of water and watch them automatically swim and see if your cat tries to catch them.

Some cat owners even said their pets were so transfixed, they stopped fighting with each other to play with the fish instead.

Price: $17.89

Buy from Amazon

Buyer’S Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Toys

Now that we’ve shared our favorite cat toys, it’s time to talk a little bit about how to choose the best cat toy and answer a few of the questions you might have. So, in our next section, we’ll do just that.

best cat toy


To determine the toys’ durability, it was determined whether they could be altered or left intact to ensure safe play. A few of the toys had to be modified, such as reattaching the Youngever’s teaser wand fabric with a hot glue gun, which was successful; however, some toys proved strong from the get-go, like the Potaroma Electric Fish.

Do Cats Really Need Toys?

Because cats spend so much time entertaining and sleeping, it is easy to think toys should be a luxury rather than a necessity. Like humans, cats also need mental stimulation and exercise. A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and that can result in unwanted behaviors, such as overvocalization, clawing and biting. Toys give cats an outlet for their prey-driven behaviors and can provide comfort if they’re feeling anxious or stressed.

best cat toy

Wand Toys

A wand toy is something for you to play with your cat. It almost looks like a fishing rod and has a line and a “lure” at the end of it, which is normally something like a mouse or a colored streamer, but it can be anything that entices your cat. You move the line and your cat tries to catch the lure, by jumping, pouncing and batting at it. It’s a fun way to have fun with your cat, but it doesn’t involve getting scratched.

Additional Benefits for Your Cat

Toys can offer additional entertainment and exercise benefits to kitties, as well as providing fun for them. They may contain a scratcher to maintain a cat’s claws or allow for greater muscle development and movement.

best cat toy

Interactive Cat Toys

Cats play with toys as predatory games. It mimics predator-prey chases in every way.

Interactive toys tap into the hunting instinct. By placing yourself at the other end, the interactive toy creates a responsive experience. The toy can run away from you cat or hide behind furniture. Eventually, the toy will tire and become a toy.

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