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Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats

Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats

Doc And Phoebe’S Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

  • You can fill your “Mice” with cat food
  • To stimulate the hunting instinct, hide the mice
  • Set comes with three mice, one training pod, and scoop for filling pods
  • Pods are dishwasher safe

This cat toy/feeder combo is amazing. It requires a little more work than just dumping some cat food into a bowl, but man is it worth it for some cats.

The deal is, you take these little mice and fill them up with cat food. No big deal. Easy.

Then, hide them in the house so that kitty can find them.

You heard me: You’re giving your cat food to hunt that doesn’t involve dead mouse carcasses laid on your pillow.

The idea behind these is to help your cat re-engage in her natural hunting instincts which can help a lot of things in her health. For example, she’ll be less likely to overeat, since she’ll have “caught” her prey, played with it, and eaten it. Because she has to actually work to get the food, rather than just grab it from a plate, she will be less inclined to eat too fast.

It is ideal for cats’ grabby claws.

The set for $20 comes with three mice, one trainer pod, and the scoop designed to fit perfectly with the holes.

Additional bonus: Both the pods and “skins”, for mice, are safe to wash in the dishwasher. Easy clean-up. Can’t beat that.

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Toy Catit Treat Ball for Cats

Cats are fond of balls. The Treat Ball Cat Toy by Catit takes this to the next level. It has a ball you can fill with delicious treats that will keep them entertained for hours. Your cat will need to earn their treat and figure out how to get the visible treat from inside the ball. This toy will keep them active because they need to keep moving the ball to access the treats. It can be used as a regular play ball with the lid closed too.

The ball does not come apart, which is frustrating for cleaning. It is also poorly constructed, and large, rough cats may easily break it. If the treats are not large enough, the cat may accidentally spill them onto the ground.

Your cat probably spends most of the day playing and sleeping. You might consider cat furniture that does both. Hepper Cat Tunnel Bed has a tunnel that features felt toys, shade, and storage space.

Excited Cats has always admired Hepper and we decided to acquire a controlling interest in the company so we can benefit from its outstanding designs!

best cat toys for bored cats

Best For Hunters: Frolicat Fox Den

The Frolicat Fox Den

Ahh, technology. If you think kids have a lot of electronic toy options these days, you should check out what’s available for cats. There have never been so many electronic interactive toys for cats. Electronic toys are great as they simulate hunting and encourage your cat’s instincts. This is perfect for indoor cats as they don’t have access to real prey oustide. On average, outdoor cats spend 2-3 hours each day stalking and hunting prey, so it’s important to provide an indoor cat with an alternative outlet.

Why we love it:The Frolicat Fox Den has a fox tail on a track, and swivels it around in a random, hide-and-seek pattern. Your cata’s instincts to chase and hunt prey is stimulated by the unpredictable movements. The device has a Play All Day motion sensor and it will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

Best For Exercise: Frolicat Bolt Automatic Laser

Frolicat Bolt Laser Pointer

Automatic laser pointers are almost like a treadmill for your kitty. Simply set them up, turn them on, and watch your cat run rampant after the red dot. You would think your cat would eventually figure out that a laser spot is simply uncatchable, but alas they continue to chase endlessly… perhaps thinking ‘maybe today is the day I’ll catch that darn red bug…’ We can only admire their persistence, can’t we?

We love it! Simply place it on a flat surface, turn it on, and watch your kitty pounce, chase, and frolick. Laser point patterns mimic prey movements and are randomly generated. It also uses batteries, rather than a plug-in cord, which means it is totally portable for any part of the house.

It is important to note that laser pointers can be used in young dogs. This could lead them to develop compulsive light-chasing behaviors. Do not use laser pointers for long periods of time with your dog.

best cat toys for bored cats

Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy

Our final pick is the Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy. If you’re a budget-conscious cat owner, you’ll appreciate the fact that this cat toy costs less than a premium cup of Joe at your local coffee shop. The playfully energetic Hexbug will keep your cat busy with its lifelike movements and actions.

Your cat may believe that the Hexbug Nano is a real insect that is scurrying about on the floor. The adorable toy is able to navigate between objects on the ground and around corners. To escape your cat, it can flip over on its back. This toy moves via vibration and with the help of a button cell battery that’s included.

The Hexbug Nano comes in your choice of fun colors. You can be sure that this tiny toy will pick up dust and stray hairs as it goes about its daily business. This can lead to it shutting down. Although it’s not the longest-lasting cat toy, you can replace it for very little money if it gets damaged.

The Hexbug Bano is rather noisy as it buzzes around the floor. Plus, since it’s only half an inch tall, it’s prone to getting stuck under furniture. If you keep the toy on for a long time, it will need to be replaced once a week. The only battery that comes with the toy is the one installed inside it, so you’ll have to stock up on the required batteries.

  • It’s affordable
  • Simple operation
  • Additional batteries not included
  • Produces lots of buzzing sound
  • Tends to get stuck under furniture

Petsafe Fun Kitty Egg Cerserator

  • Interertiful
  • Food shakes are served in Holes
  • You can adjust the openings so it is easier for you or your cat.
  • Egg-shaped for stimulating odd-rolling patterns
  • Dishwasher safe

For the kitty who’s motivated by food, this little egg-shaped kibble dispensing interactive toy is a winner.

The toy has a couple of holes in the sides where kitty can shake her food out – by whatever her favorite means. You can adjust the openings to make it more or less difficult to remove food.

It’s egg-shaped so the ball rolls in strange patterns. This keeps it lively and your cat busy getting her food.

This can be used to give treats to your cat. This is what I would use it for if I didn’t have a cat who was unable to stop eating.

Finally, the toy is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and only costs $6.

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best cat toys for bored cats

How Enrichment Helped My Own Cats

This was something I witnessed firsthand when Zsa Zsa and Rajah started fighting. The three-year-old siblings started fighting suddenly and rather aggressively. My family considered moving one of them to a different home. Although it would have been difficult to do, the situation was negatively affecting our lives.

It’s not uncommon for this type of behavior to occur if cats are bored. All of our cats’ toys had (somehow) disappeared and beyond the occasional affection we gave them, the two of them would sit at home with no real mental or physical outlets. So, I asked Dr. Koski to share some of her favorite enrichment ideas and listed some of our favorite DIY enrichment projects, toys, and games to help you provide an enriching experience for your cat.

Environmental Enrichment

Walking your cat can provide them with physical and mental exercise, while you watch. Our article, “How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash Safetyly” will help you decide whether to just attach a leash to your cat.

When enriching your cats’ environments, be sure to consider all of your cat’s senses. We humans often pay less attention to how things feel or smells than our feline counterparts.

Imagine what senses are tapped into when your cat sits on a perch and watches nature outside! The window cat perch can be used for visual enrichment and is great for seniors cats with limited mobility. It can be placed lower so that elderly cats have a great view of the outdoors.

Another idea to enrich your cat’s environment is by providing elevated spaces or a cat tree! This link will take you to the cat tree that I use in my home. After taking care of our pets (and children) over the last three years, it’s an excellent value and is incredibly sturdy!

These are just a few of the other environmental enrichment options that you might want to look into:

Shop at Tuft & Paw

We are big fans of Tuft & Paw. Their products are designed to blend into your home, not stick out against your decor. This cave-like cat bed is a peaceful retreat that creates a secure and safe place to retire. Hand-crafted with 100% wool, a hand-stitched small entrance window is the perfect size for your cat to get in and out with a sense of total seclusion.

Many people don’t have enough scratching posts and pads around their home. We have a great article on Why Cats Scratch and how you can redirect them to appropriate places. You don’t need to compromise on style; your cat can still scratch at many places.

You can save your furniture by finding the best scratching post for cats.

Mazel enjoys scratching his Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, and also loves to monitor what others are doing.

A circulating filtration system is great to occupy your cat and keep your water fresh. They will be hydrated just by their curiosity. Food puzzles can also be great enrichment tools too!

If you have space, a popular idea with cat lovers is a catio! This is a great way for your cat to explore their senses and keep them safe inside. Check out this video below of Serena the tabby exploring four different catios:

best cat toys for bored cats

The Smartykat Skitter Critters Catnip Mice

  • For durability and fun, rope tails
  • Filled with recycled fiberfill
  • Catnip of high quality

Sometimes, you may just want to give Felix a catnip-infused mouse toy. SmartyKat’s choice of SmartyKat is great, with a 3 count of fuzzy, catnip-filled mouse. It costs only $2

They’re the perfect size for cats to easily carry around, bat, or toss, and they have little rope tails that add to their enticing nature.

They’re packed with high-quality, potent catnip, and recycled fiberfill for a safe, happy kitty toy for pretty much any occasion.

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Soda Box Cat-N-Mouse

This is a cat’s “whack-amole” version. Putting this together is super simple, and you can really use any kind of box around the same size. You can put anything on the end of the wand that your cat prefers, such as a feather, fluffy ball, or a stuffed mouse! Another option if you don’t want to mess with sticks and glue — use a large wooden spoon and put the prize on the end and eventually let them capture their prey!

Dr. Koski recommends even cutting holes on the side of the box and placing treats or toys inside for your cat to fish out. You can up the difficulty level by throwing in tissue paper or packing paper as an obstacle for them as they try to extract their “prey.”

Safety Warning: Although the risk is low, your cat can irritate or injure their paws on the cut edges of the cardboard. It’s an easy preventive measure to put tape around any cut cardboard edges. Painter’s tape is fine. It will make your DIY toys last longer and stronger.

best cat toys for bored cats

Cats Love The Hunt

Cats are natural hunters. Their agility, stalking abilities, and sharp claws are ideally suited for catching mice. The philosophy behind most interactive cat toys is to mimic this exciting activity (with no mice injured).

Perhaps take a feathery toy on a string and twitch it as if it is alive. Interested cats will stalk this “prey.” To make their hunt more fun, you can give them objects to hide behind as they approach. Keep your cat interested by giving him small toys that aren’t too hard for them to choke on. Be careful not to leave toys with wands where your cat might get caught.

Organic Pet Wool Pom Poms with Catnip

  • Four-pack
  • Multiple colors
  • Wet and soft
  • 1-inch diameter pom poms

My cats don’t seem to be too excited by pom-poms but a friend of mine has one who is, and it’s all catnippy.

They’re wooly, fluffy, colorful, and super-soft, and just the right size for playful kitties to toss around, run with, or play a game of fetch with. And since they’re filled with pure catnip, your cat will be thrilled to play with them for hours.

They’re a little bigger than the average cat’s paw, which means they’re easier for you to find and toss for games. And they come in a four-pack for just $5.

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best cat toys for bored cats

The Best Frisco Basic Plush Cat Toy with Catnip

The Frisco Basic Plush Mice Cat Toys are a great option if you want something affordable, but still effective and fun for your cat. We found this to be the most popular cat toy among all the ones we looked at.

Every mouse can be grabbed by your cat on their terms. To entice play, each mouse is filled with catnip. However not all cats will be affected. The product’s fuzzy texture is very well made and won’t fall apart from aggressive play.

The product will help your cat become a predator and target the mice. This product helps to strengthen their instincts while keeping them entertained for hours.

The Ripple Rug From Snugglycat

  • Multiple enrichment activiities supported including scratching, pouncing, and hiding
  • Durable
  • You can fold the rug and make it ripple in many ways that will enhance your cat’s experience.

This is not your average tunnel. In fact, it’s not really a tunnel at all. But it is an amazing, interactive, burrowing toy for your kitty.

It is a great option for felines. This allows your cat to burrow, scratch and snuggle as well as hide from predators, hunt, hide, and hide.

The Ripple Rug is made of super durable carpet fibers and has been designed with multiple holes cut into it for play. Some of the holes are small, for paws to reach out through as victims pass by, while others are large enough for kitty to launch a full-body pounce through.

You can fold and ripple the rug in just about any way you want, allowing your Furball to dive, play, hide, and hunt.

To encourage your cat to play inside, fold it in different shapes. You can also sprinkle some catnip underneath to encourage burrowing, until your cat figures out how things work in there.

The Ripple Rug runs around $40.

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best cat toys for bored cats

The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer

  • Long 18” tail
  • Amazing price
  • Colorful

This cat teaser’s simple design is just right. It’s set on a solid plastic post, with a single soft material “tail” for your kitty to chase. And unlike most teasers, the “tail” is fairly long at 18-inches, with a 12-inch wand. That means that even if you’ve had a long tiring day, you can still play with kitty.

Personally, I love this one for leaning back against the couch and flailing about on the other end where kitty pounces and plays at my level. Although I don’t always feel exhausted, this teaser is very helpful when I do.

Chewy charges $2.50 for the teaser.

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Self-Play Toys

Self-play toys usually involve basic textures, shapes, and sizes. These toys are perfect for your cat to keep themselves occupied on their own. You can stuff many of them with catnip to enhance play.

best cat toys for bored cats

Best Electronic Cat Toy

The Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy scurries around like a real bug to engage your cat’s hunting instincts.

Toys for Kids: The Ultimate Multi-Pack

There were several good multi-packs that I could find. There was one toy that stood out to me, though. It had multiple toys in different colors and they were redundant.

best cat toys for bored cats

Cat Toy Durability

Cat toys can be expensive. The last thing that you want is for the toy to break within the first hour. Cats are powerful animals with strong jaws and sharp teeth and claws, and the toy that you choose should be able to withstand the onslaught of a cat in full hunt mode. A toy that is not durable can easily fall apart, posing a danger of choking for your cat.

These are the Best Laser Pointers for Cats

Most cat laser pointers are the same. The expensive batteries are inserted and you can play endlessly until the battery dies. Then kitty gets upset, and you can’t play anymore, after only maybe a day.

These two laser pointers were discovered by me while looking at my cat toys.

best cat toys for bored cats

Our Top Toys For Indoor Cats

1. The best all-round cat toy

2. The best way to bond with your cat

3. Best for exercise

4. Best for hunters

5. Ideal for puzzle solvers

6. The best kitty play area

7. Best catniptoy

8. Best treat dispenser

9. Best splurgetoy


The Catnip Crunch Fish cat toy by Petstages was designed to satisfy your cat’s urge to bunny kick, wrestle and play. To ensure the product’s longevity, durable polyester fabric was used. Premium catnip fills the body of this cat toy and crinkle material is used in the fins, for a multi-sensory experience your cat is sure to love! This cat toy is great for all cats!

View Details

best cat toys for bored cats

This Cat Tunnel That’Ll Nurture Your Pet’S Stealthy Side

Some kitties love to sneak through tunnels and dark places in order to play. This cat toy is made by Easyology and offers cats an exciting maze-like experience. This five-star toy is nearly perfect. However, reviewers recommend connecting at least two tubes to make your cat’s play time memorable. Each tunnel is sized to accommodate most cats and can be attached to the other using Velcro. It’s lined with extra soft, cozy material so that cats feel comfortable while inside.

Toy for the Best-Food-Dispensing Cat

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree stimulates the brain of your cat as they hunt, forage and eat.

best cat toys for bored cats

Cat Scratcher

You must also make sure it is sturdy. If it isn’t, your cat might not use it. No cat wants a wobbly scratching post.

Some cat scratchers do double duty, acting as loungers as well, while others have balls inside of them that your cat can bat at for hours on end. You can find some with catnip in them, too. You know your cat loves catnip toys so be sure to check Amazon or similar websites for these.

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