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Best Cat Treats

Best Cat Treats

Feline Natural Lamb Healthy Bite Grain-Free Cat Treats

Feline Natural Lamb Healthy Bites Grain-Free Cat Treats are high-protein and grain-free healthy treats made with a blend of freeze-dried lamb meat and organs. These are great for pets with allergies or cats who have a restricted diet.

These treats are freeze-dried, but the texture is still soft and not dry. These treats are small enough that cats can easily eat them. But, we still think these are one of the best treats for cats available this year, and they’re healthy cat treats too.

Halo Liv-A-Littles Grain-Free Cat Treats

The Halo Liv-a-Littles Grain-Free Cat Treats use whole meat protein from wild-caught salmon that has been freeze-dried, not dehydrated. Farm-raised salmon is a definite no when it comes to these treats, as is the use of any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. These healthy Halo treats only contain 6 calories each, so they are great to use for cats on a calorie-controlled diet.

These treats come as quite large chunks of pure freeze-dried salmon, so you’ll likely need to break them up into smaller pieces to feed them as a bite-sized treat for your cat. You can also crumble them up to use as a topper over kibble or wet food to tempt a fussy eater.

best cat treats

Treats As Part Of A Healthy Diet

Treats are an important part of your cat’s diet. This is something that you should remember.

Although it is important to consider whether or not you offer treats every other day, this will affect how many treats are included in your diet.

Excessive amounts of treats could cause a cat to gain weight and eat more calories. This can have negative side effects on your cat’s health.

Treats can throw off your cat’s diet depending on their macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs).

You can add health to your diet by choosing any of these recommendations. We highly recommend one of our top choices.

But if you have treats that are full of corn and other low-quality ingredients, feeding a few per day can seriously skew your cat’s nutritional intake.

Make sure that you keep in mind that you’re adding more calories and potentially altering the macronutrients of your cat’s diet when you feed treats!

Best Stew: Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Wet Cat Treats

  • CONTAINS: This pack of Delectables Stew contains twelve (12) 1.4-ounce lickable cat treats.
  • CATS LIKE TO EAT THE BOWL CLEAN! These cat treats are made with tender chicken and succulent fish. They also have a rich, hearty sauce that makes it so the cats can lick their bowls clean.
  • SENIOR CAT TREAT NUTRITION: Added Vitamin E and various B vitamins help support your senior cat’s health, plus the small wet flakes make it easier for your cat to enjoy.
  • TASTY Texture for Cat Treats: Your cat will eat the entire dish, not just the sauce.
  • MANY USES: These delectable cat treats can be used as a quick cat snack or a cat food topper to entice finicky eaters. Hartz Delectables Senior Cat Lickables Treats come in a variety of flavors, including chowders, stews, soft pates and chowders.

If your cat is a fan of stews with chunks of meat, the Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Treats may be the right choice for them. These 1.4-ounce pouches include a thick and yummy sauce mixed with pieces of meat or fish for cats to devour. There are many flavor choices available, including chicken and veggies, tuna shrimp, tuna whitefish, tuna fish, chicken & tuna, variety packs, and formulas made for seniors.

Your cat will enjoy receiving this stew as a tasty treat, but you can also use it as a food topper for extra encouragement to help him or her eat his main meals each day.

The senior formulas included additional vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E and vitamin B, to keep seniors healthy.

You can click here to see Hartz Delectables Stew Licable Wet Cat Treats at Amazon.com

best cat treats

Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats — Premium Choice

As our premium choice of healthy cat treats, we selected the Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats. They are a bit more costly than the average treat but well worth it. Each treat contains raw minnow, which is then frozen-dried. This means that there are no fillers, artificial flavors, or by-products. Just pure goodness.

These cat treats are the perfect choice if you care about the origin of your pet’s best treat. Not only are the treats processed and packaged in the U.S.A., but the minnows are also wild-caught in Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can be sure that your cat gets local goodness. The only reason that we didn’t select these natural cat treats for the top two spots on our list is that they are pricey.

These are the best treats we recommend for healthy cats.

Purebites Chicken Breast Freezed Cat Treats – Best Overall

A simple way to guarantee that your cat is only eating a clean diet is to stick to brands that use minimal ingredients with names you recognize. They are 100 percent chicken and are considered the best cat treats. Your cat will feel as if they are having a little bit of fun, with only 2 calories per piece. These PureBites treats are also sourced in the United States, and the freeze-drying process preserves all the beneficial nutrients that you want your pets to have.

Healthy cat treats can be a great option for sensitive cats. They are simple to break down into smaller pieces because they shred just like cooked chicken does. They are safe to eat because they only contain one ingredient. Gluten and grains can cause problems.

  • Only one ingredient
  • Preserves that have been frozen dried retain their nutrients and flavor
  • Gluten and grains are not allowed
  • Minimal calories
  • Sourced in USA
  • Bag size is small

best cat treats

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Treats

When you start your hunt for the best healthy cat treats for your own feline, the first thing to decide is what type of cat treat you’ll choose.

  • Freeze-dried treats. They can be made with one source of animal protein or from a combination of several sources. Other than animal protein, they don’t generally contain anything else, so they’re a great choice if your cat has allergies or they’re on a limited-ingredient diet. The vitamins and minerals of the real meat are preserved by freezing.
  • Dry treats. This is the typical cat treat. It contains a mixture of ingredients and then shapes. You’ll find a variety of types and flavors, so you can be sure to find the right one for your cat.
  • Soft treats. These have a higher moisture content than other treats and a softer texture that can appeal to some cats. Senior cats who have trouble crunching dry treats do seem to prefer softer treats.
  • Multi-texture treats. You might find treats with a creamy center and a crispy outer shell. You can give your cat both textures if they aren’t sure which one to prefer.
  • Specialty treats. Certain treats can be tailored to cats who have special dietary needs, such as a diet that is low in calories or high protein. Just because your cat has specific dietary requirements doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a treat to suit them! Some specialty treats will require veterinary authorization before you can buy them. This is as simple as providing your vet’s details to the online retailer.

Making Homemade Cat Treats

Many commercial cat treats are packed with carbohydrates and unhealthy additives. Although they may taste great, most commercial cat treats are not good for your cat’s health.

If you want to indulge in your cat’s cravings without taking away from his everyday diet, you might consider making your own cat treats at home.

When it comes to making homemade cat food, you want to stick to a veterinarian-approved recipe to ensure your cat’s needs for balanced nutrition are met. However, treats are still treats. They aren’t intended to make up more than 10% of your cat’s daily diet, so they don’t need to be nutritionally balanced.

It’s important to make sure your cat enjoys both tasty and healthy treats.

Homemade cat treats can be made with a variety of ingredients, but we recommend sticking with meat or fish. These ingredients will be the most flavorful and attractive to your cat and your cat could always use a little extra protein in his diet.

Here’s a quick 5-step recipe for baked tuna treats:

  • Put one can (in water) of tuna into your blender.
  • Mix one egg white until it forms stiff peaks. Then, add 2 tablespoons of the egg whites to your tuna.
  • Make a paste and then place small amounts of it on a parchment-lined baking tray.
  • Alternatively, spoon the mixture into a freezer bag and snip off the tip so you can pipe it onto the baking sheet.
  • Bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 350degF until the treats are dry. Allow to cool completely before you serve.

You may also be able substitute canned tuna for canned salmon, or canned chicken if you do not have enough tuna. You can also add some dried catnip to enhance the flavor!

Our handy guide will help you learn more about homemade cat diets.

best cat treats

#3 Best For Kittens: Shameless Catnip N Chill Cat Treats

View on Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets cat treats are made with meat as the first ingredient. These treats are full of flavor, low in calories, and perfect for small mouths.

These sweet treats also contain meat, but they don’t have to be made from fresh meat. Shameless pets “rescues” unwanted and overgrown produce to use in their recipes. They also prioritize working with North American suppliers and do everything they can to employ sustainable solutions.

Kate, one of our writers tested Shameless Pets treats on her feline friends. They were an overwhelming success. The bag had not been opened when all three cats gathered together and began meowing. The treats were given to one cat, who vomited after about an hour. However, the problem didn’t return and they all tolerated the treat perfectly.

Shamless Pets Cat Treats come in 3 flavors. You can either buy them individually or as a combination pack. They come in three flavors: Catnip N Chill, Yam Good Salmon, More Lobster, and Cheese. Our test cats preferred the catnip flavour.

#13 Best Catnip Treat: Meowijuana Crunchie Munchie Salmon Cat Treats

View On Chewy

Cats go crazy for catnip. At least, most of them do. However, dried catnip can cause a lot of mess. Catnip toys that are filled with catnip lose their charm as the scent fades.

If you are looking for an easy and tasty way to introduce catnip in your cat’s lives, these crunchy Meowijuana catnip treats will be a good choice. They’re packed with species-appropriate animal protein from chicken, salmon, and tuna and supplemented with chicken fat and pork fat for flavor and essential fatty acids.

The treats are crunchy on the outside and creamy in their catnip centers. Although they do contain some starchy ingredients such as tapioca starch or barley flour the bulk of their main ingredients are animal-based. These products are free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

Although many cats love the treats, there are some people who have reported that their cats were not interested. They are not universally loved by cats, who tend to be picky eaters.

best cat treats

#1 Best Cat-Man Doo Bonito Flakes Review

Bonitos, also known as skipjack or medium-sized sea fish that are related to tuna, can be described also as skipjack. Bonito flakes are simply dehydrated pieces of this fish’s flesh – but don’t let their unassuming appearance fool you. This simple treat is absurdly delicious.

Bonito Flakes are well-known among cat owners as an appetite stimulant. They also make a great food topping, particularly for those cats that need extra push to eat.

The flakes, which are extremely appealing and high in protein, provide omega-3 fatty acid support for your cat’s coat and skin health.

The problem is that bonito flake flakes can be difficult to share. Be aware that treats can easily crumble and become dust in the bag. To prevent the bonito flake from crumbling, many reviewers suggest that you transfer them to a container.

The Best Value Temptations Chicken Flavor Cat Treats

It can be difficult to find the right cat treats that are affordable. You want healthy treats for your cats to snack on without breaking the bank every time you buy them. These Temptations Chicken treats offer the most bang for your buck. There are many sizes available, but the 16-ounce tub is the most affordable. They are my favorite, because they’re so addictive for my cats. The second they hear me open the top, they come running from the other end of the house.

They are ideal for adult cats. They are crunchy on the outside with a soft center. They are only 2 calories each so you can give them to your cat once a week. These treats contain an amino acid known as taurine, which is beneficial for feline health. There are many different protein flavors to choose from as well, so you can tailor them to whatever your cat’s preferences are.

  • Various flavors
  • Different packaging sizes to choose from
  • Two different textures keeps cats intrigues
  • Affordable
  • Only for adult cats

best cat treats

Vital Essentials Rabbit Bites Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

  • Biologically appropriate rabbit meat
  • Organ meat
  • Cats with stomach allergies to poultry are well-suited for this product.
  • Price: $4.94 ($5.49/oz)

One of the very few treats that has more than one actually good ingredient, Vital Essentials takes everything that makes their cat food so amazing (one of our few 5 out of 5-star picks) and turned it into a treat.

If your cat is sensitive to chicken protein, this flavor will be a great choice. If your cat is indoor, the “novel protein” of rabbit will be something that they have not tried before. It’s also great for cats who are allergic to poultry.

Actually, rabbit is the largest source of food for most outdoor cats in regions where they’re readily available, so this is incredibly biologically appropriate.

Not to mention it’s packed with important organ meats like heart, liver, and kidney.

Organ meat in cat food is a big bonus and helps us know that it’s usually a good quality food. It’s almost impossible to find organ meat in pet treats!

To ensure the absolute healthiest treat for your cat, we recommend Vital Essentials if you prefer a freeze-dried option.

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Bravo Healthy Bites Cat Treats – Best For Kittens

Bravo Health Bites Cat Treats are healthy for any cat, but we think it’s a great starter for kittens. Because it’s totally healthy and 100% meat, it teaches your kitty hood habits while filling their diet full of necessary protein.

These little pieces are ideal for quick snacks or to sprinkle on top of their regular meal. These little pieces contain one and only one ingredient: salmon. The product has no preservatives and is completely freeze-dried.

One serving contains 100 calories. The guaranteed analysis of this product contains 65% crude protein, 8% crude fat, 1% crude fiber, and 10% moisture.

We can only say that not all of the cats tested were interested. This might make it difficult for cats to enjoy the different textures, smells, and flavors. It might also be a little difficult for some to chew.

best cat treats

What Makes A Cat Treat Healthy?

The same thing that makes a cat food healthy.

High protein, low carbs (link to this page), and full of real meat.

This is it.

You can reward your cat by giving her something that she considers a treat. I’m talking about some delicious meat for her carnivorous tastes.

Many popular brands contain junk such as by-product meals (see here to learn more about dog food but also cat food), corn and unnamed animal fats.

Do you want your cat know that you are devoted to her?

So yeah, take a pass on the cheap, colorful, and downright disgusting options you probably see at the grocery store, and read our list below!

Here are the top 13 best cat treats on the market

We tested hundreds of brands to help you choose the right treats for your cat. Read on to see what we think are the best cat treats on the market.

best cat treats


Sometimes the treats are more about the cat parent than the pet.

Sometimes you just really need to give your kitty a bit of extra love, and treats are a definite love language to your cat!

Flavor And Consistency

First, consider the flavor of the treats. Does your cat seem to display a preference towards chicken, beef, or seafood? Do you think your cat would like a mix of delicious flavors or a variety pack?

best cat treats

Use Crunchy Cat Treats for Puzzles and Play

Cats need regular play sessions where they can show off their skills as apex predators without actually harming live birds, mice, or your fingers. However, trying to entertain a cat with toys can sometimes be a frustrating endeavor when your cat refuses to do more than bat lazily before slinking off for another nap. But if your cat is motivated by food, treats can become part of the game.

Best Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

PureBites Chicken Breast Freezed Raw Cat Treats is our pick

  • Single Ingredient Goodness. This single ingredient treats contain only 100% USA-sourced chicken breast.
  • It’s fresh and delicious. PureBites treats are frozen at their peak freshness to preserve the scent and texture, which makes them irresistible for cats.

Amazon.com has more reviews from buyers

best cat treats

The good

The variety of flavors will surely keep your cat interested in eating the treats. The treat has a crunchy outer layer with a soft inner layer giving it a dual texture that makes eating it more fun for your cats. To avoid any harmful ingredients, the treats are free from artificial flavors and colors.


Broths can be a great way to add hydration to your cat’s food. Often, cats don’t drink enough water alone. These tasty liquids are a great way to increase their water intake and provide valuable nutrients.

best cat treats

How to Prepare for Budget Cat Treats

Budget cat treats generally will contain more animal by-products and additives than more expensive treats like freeze-dried meats. Think chicken byproduct instead of chicken. You may save money by baking your own treats or growing catnip and cat grass at home.

The temptations

This affordable tub from a popular brand, Temptations Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats is packed to the brim with 30 ounces of dry cat treats featuring a dual texture that’s soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.


Your cat will love licking puree treats. Many cats like this type of treat because they are highly appetizing and easy to eat. There are plenty of puree snacks that are clean and free of harmful additives.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Cat Treats

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Cat treats are a great choice if your cat is looking for a tasty and nutritious treat. At only 1.3 calories per treat, these are a great choice to use during training sessions or to reward your cat simply for being awesome!

While they do contain real chicken as the first ingredient, they also contain chicken meal, which some cat owners may want to avoid. These little snacks are very popular with cats. However, they can be quite tiny so not everyone will enjoy them.

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