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Best Cat Water Fountain

Best Cat Water Fountain

Oyesauto Store Cat Water Fountain

The OYESauto Store Cat Water Fountain is well made and very efficient. The stainless steel prevents bacteria buildup in the design, and there is a double filter inside as well. One of the filters is a sponge that creates a pre-filter that takes out any impurities and extends the pump life. Another filter filters any waterborne debris.

At night, the fountain emits a low blue LED light so both you and your cat can locate it. The pump is relatively quiet as well, so there is no significant disruption while it runs. This fountain is best for multi-cat households.

Veken Automatic Pet Fountain

Many cat fountains come with filtration systems. However, Veken’s Automatic Pet Fountain is more advanced. The fountain features triple filtration, with layers of activated carbon, cotton and ion exchange resin. This ensures that the water stays pure for longer periods.

You can also change the flow of water between stream, waterfall and bubble modes. Choose the one that sparks interest in your cat.

The Veken Automatic Cat Fountain holds 84 ounces of water and operates silently. Users will love the design inspired by a flower and appeal to cats. The most important thing about the product is that cat parents will no longer have to worry about the quality of their furry companion’s drinking water when they are not home.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Capacity: 84 oz
  • Dimensions: 7.5×7.5×5.9inches
  • The chord length is approximately 6 feet.
  • Filter Type: Triple filtration

best cat water fountain

Editor’S Pick

  • Water capacity: 91oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Power source: Corded electric

Laika has created an electric water fountain for cats. Of course, its circuit and water tank are entirely isolated, and the charging cable has an anti-bite function. The fountain simulates a natural water flow. It is described as ultra-quiet at 29 decibels. We tested it and could barely hear the fountain.

The water capacity should be enough for about ten days. That’s convenient if you need to take a short trip, as you won’t need to worry about your pet sitter forgetting to replenish your pet’s water bowl. It’s also convenient.

Thanks to a quadruple filter cover, there’ll be no dirt in the water. Laika offers the product with 2, 5, 8, 11, and 32-pack filters. The price ranges from $39.99 to $154.99 depending on the number of filters that you choose. Filters can be bought separately or replaced every 2 to 4 weeks.

The fountain also features UV germicidal light, as well as LED lights. Although the LED lights can’t always be switched off (which is a bit disappointing), most people don’t find it distracting enough from their sleep. It’s actually a good indicator of where the fountain is at night, and it doesn’t affect your vision at night.

Moreover, there are two modes. In the normal circulation mode water flows continuously throughout the day, while the lamp operates for thirty minutes each hour. The other mode allows water to flow for one minute every five minutes and lights up for fifteen minutes each hour for the same time.

Overall, a great buy for a fair price.

The Petsafe Drinkwell Fountain Review – Best Water Capacity

Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum 5 Liter is the market leader in cat fountains. It’s large capacity makes it an ideal choice for multiple cats.

The silent pouring system works by placing the fountain on a small ramp. This prevents it from sounding like a trickling stream. It’s also silent enough that cats will not be afraid of any noise.

The reservoir can be removed and filled directly at the sink.

The snap lock allows you to easily clip the unit together. It’s dishwasher-safe and very easy to put together.

The active carbon filtration system is made up of carbonised coconut shell filters. These are activated by adding oxygen to them thereby making them highly absorbent. Activated Carbon is very effective in removing common contaminants and chlorine from water supplies.

The largest Petsafe fountain, this one also has two versions: a 1.8-litre and a 4 litre version.

The Petsafe Avalon Ceramic is a free-flowing fountain which does a great job of keeping your pets’ water constantly oxygenated and tasting fresh.

Ceramic bowls are more resistant to breaking than plastic, and they keep water cooler.

Ceramic also makes the water bowl heavier than plastic alternatives. It weighs in at an impressive 2.7kg, before you add any water.

Petsafe Avalon’s broad bottomed drinking cup design ensures that cats of all sizes will not tip it over.

Featuring Petsafe’s active carbon filtration system you can be confident that the water will be kept clean and fresh tasting and should satisfy even the fussiest of furry feline drinkers.

It is quite loud with the water stream splashing directly into the water pool in the bowl, so it does create a constant trickle sound which some cats (and humans!) may not like.

It is available in white porcelain and red stoneware colours and comes with a 5 foot power cable which should be enough to allow you to place exactly where you want it to be.

One thing to be aware of with this water bowl is that when the water level gets lower it can be hard for cats to access it in the lower part of the bowl, so it is important to keep it regularly topped up.

Several customers have reported that despite keeping this fountain running 24 hours a day 7 days a week it is still happily going without any problems well over a year after purchase so long as you look after it and clean it regularly there is no reason why it won’t last a very long time!

best cat water fountain

Catit Fresh & Clear Review

You’re not looking for an artificial fountain, but a Catit clear and fresh circulates water through it. This allows the water to bubble up from the center, making it a very splashy fountain. However, your cat may have different ideas about how big a splash the water bowl makes!

  • Top is now rust-free
  • Prevents kidney and tract disease
  • It provides a steady supply of fresh, filtered water

This fountain is very similar to the Catit Senses 3 however it is made from stainless steel.

Being made of stainless steel is another reason why this bowl is a good choice. Stainless steel bowls are more durable and better for your cat’s health. This is because bacteria is quickly caught and will accumulate in cracks and scratches, which easily appear in plastic bowls, and can potentially lead to illness, such as urinary disease, if you are not careful.

Being made from stainless steel also means that cat owners can rest assured that their cat bowl was not manufactured using chemicals which are often used in the creation of molded plastic bowls.

This drinking bowl is both tall and broad. This elevated drinking bowl is more comfortable for cats.

Your cat will enjoy the fresher water because it is wider than the usual bowl.

The Honey Guardian Cat Fountain Review – Best Value For Money

It is not a honey container or a guardian, but it is a confusingly-named honey guardian fountain.

This cat waterer is packed full of innovative features to keep your cat hydrated, happy and healthy.

  • 3 working modes
  • Patented compact design
  • It is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • High energy efficiency
  • 12 months warranty

There are three modes available:

The Infrared Induction Mode: The Honey Guardian has infrared sensors built into it which can accurately detect if your cat is within a range of 150 centimeters of it. If the sensors detect a cat they will immediately trigger the fountain to flow, then as soon as your cat has had its fill and retreated beyond 150 centimeters the water will stop flowing, thereby saving you on electricity and reducing (by a small amount) background noise in your home.

Continuous Mode: No surprises here, in continuous mode your fountain will flow continuously all day long, regardless of how near or far away your pets are. This is a great setting for timid cats who may get startled when the fountain starts suddenly.

Intermittence Mode: Every 30 minutes the fountain will pump out a small amount of water into the bowl at the top, this can be ideal for timid cats who can come and take their fill when it is off. It can also be useful for over-excitable cats who may try and splash at the moving water creating a huge mess, using the intermittent setting means that your cat is less likely to drink from the fountain when it is flowing than with the other two settings. This setting saves power while still keeping the water fresh and regularly filtered.

These three settings allow you to optimise your fountain for the most efficient method of delivery so that it uses the least amount of power necessary. In fact this fountain can function on as little as 2.6 KW of power a month!

best cat water fountain

What Are The Benefits of a Cat Water Fountain?

It can be a struggle to keep cats hydrated–dry diets and a low thirst drive combine to make cats under-hydrated and prone to urinary tract crystals and other complications of inadequate water intake. When you add on the fact that many cats view their water bowls as dirty, stagnant puddles, chronic dehydration becomes almost inevitable.

Water fountains are a strong solution to the feline dehydration problem.

They oxygenate the water, making it taste fresher than water in a bowl and encouraging your cat to drink more. They also make your life much easier. Instead of refilling the bowl once a day, you’ll only have to refill your cat’s water fountain once every week or two.

This is a wonderful little device! A water fountain keeps your cat’s water cleaner, encourages him to drink more, and cuts back on the amount of time you spend cleaning and filling a water bowl. But pet water fountains aren’t going to work for every cat.

Signs that your cat might appreciate a pet water fountain include drinking water from the toilet or bathroom faucet and playing with streams of fresh water.

Pet water fountains are the best for cats that eat only dry foods. Cats on a strictly canned or otherwise high-moisture diet may get all–or almost all–the fresh water they need from their food. But a little extra hydration never hurt anyone!

Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain

Another popular choice is the Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain. This 100-ounce-capacity water fountain uses an exclusive design with three different water settings. Choose from gentle flow, bubbling top or calm stream to find the one that suits your cat best. You don’t have to worry about dirt getting into the water.

It removes calcium and magnesium, which could build up and cause infection in the cat’s bladder. It also effectively removes odors, which we all know can put fussy cats off from drinking their water. This water fountain can be a wonderful way to get your cat to drink more.

best cat water fountain

Paracity Led Pet Waterbowl Review

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling like your tongue has turned into a piece of sandpaper?

You are confused and dazed as you attempt to make your way down the stairs to the kitchen. However, your only chance of finding your way to the sink is after getting your foot stuck on the doors and tripping on your child’s scooter. Do you sound familiar? It does to me!

Although the LED function is less helpful for cats and dogs, who have better night vision than us humans it can be very beneficial in this scenario.

You won’t have to dry your feet sheepishly before you crawl back in your bed. Instead, your cat will be well aware of the location of its water bowl and can now delicately walk around it.

  • Pet Water Fountain is ultra quiet and has a low consumption pump. Natural water is all that can be heard. There is no reason to worry about your pet or yourself being disturbed while you sleep. The fountain’s longevity depends on how well the pump is cleaned. The pump should be cleaned at most every two weeks.
  • The Triple Filtration System (or Triple Filtration System) comes with a replacement filter. It is made of activated carbon and cotton layers, as well as ion exchange resin. This helps remove dirt, hair and other contaminants from the water. The circulation system helps provide healthy and hygienic water for beloved pets all day.
  • The cat fountain’s large capacity (1.8L) can hold water for up to 7 days. It is ideal for smaller and medium-sized pets, such as cats and dogs. which means that no more worry about your pet’s drinking even you are on a business trip.
  • To prevent burning, the power switch will shut down automatically when there is no water. The water fountain, made of ABS plastic that is eco-friendly and durable, can be easily cleaned.
  • [(LED Night vision)] The soft blue light can attract curious pets to drink water and prevent accidental tripping at night. The large open water bowl allows dogs and cats to drink together without congestion.

Although the blue LED function looks cool, it is not essential if you regularly step in your cat’s water bowl at night.

It is still an excellent fountain, despite the fact that it has only 1.8 liters of capacity.

Featuring charcoal filters to remove even the smallest of contaminants from the water you can be sure your cat will enjoy this fountain.

The water jet is very silent, even though it goes directly into the bowl. There’s very little pump sound.

#3 Quietest Fountain: Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Fountain

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While many cats enjoy drinking fresh water, the sound of a pet fountain can be alarming. The Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain is one of the quietest models we’ve tested. In fact, the Petlibro features a special patented valve that quiets the fountain’s noise right at the start. It also integrates noise-insulated tubing for added noise dampening.

In addition to running silently, the Petlibro offers strong filtration to keep the water smelling and tasting fresh. With the fountain’s stacking design, water flows through the filter after being pumped into the drinking basin, so pet hair and other debris gets trapped in the filter tray before being cycled back through the reservoir.

The Petlibro’s setup and maintenance is simple. It has a unique design that makes refilling it quick and easy without having to disassemble the entire unit. You simply remove the filter tray and water tray then you can carry the unit to the sink to refill.

The biggest downside with the Petlibro is the cost of maintenance. Petlibro suggests that you replace the filter once every two weeks. However, it may last up to 4 weeks in a household with one cat. A 4-pack of replacement filters can be purchased for $16. This will put your annual maintenance cost at around $100, assuming you continue with the two-week replacements.

Although the Petlibro was one of our more costly options, we loved how simple it is to setup and maintain. The transparent tank makes it easy to monitor the water level and we appreciate its quiet performance as well.

best cat water fountain

Are you looking for plastic, metal or ceramic?

Your drinking fountain’s material has an impact on the quality of your water. Steel and ceramic are very good materials for ensuring that flavouring is kept out of the water however many drinking fountains are made of plastic.

Plastic is susceptible to scratches as they age which can be difficult to clean thoroughly. This will lead to bacteria growth which will not only affect the taste of your water but also make it less safe for your pet.

If you do buy a plastic fountain you should make sure that it is made from BPA free plastic. BPA, a chemical that is used often in the manufacturing of plastics, can sometimes cause food and liquid contamination if it is stored in containers that have BPA.

Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food contains up to 78% moisture. This can help your cat increase their water intake. However, wet cat food is generally more expensive than dry cat food and does not last a very long time once it has been opened. Unlike dry kibbles, wet cat food can spoil and therefore you might want to start off with a smaller can. Some owners add water to their cat’s dry kibbles to increase their moisture intake, but this can cause the kibbles to go soggy and this can be less appealing to your cat. Adding water to dry kibbles also increases it’s rate of spoilage.

best cat water fountain

Furrybaby Cat Drinking water Fountain – Best Cat Drinking fountain

The Furrybaby Cat Drinking Water Fountain has fewer setting options than the other models, but it is still a good BPA-free option. This all-white product is a very sleek, modern-looking fountain that bubbles the water for continual movement and filtering.

There are no fancy bells or whistles here–as this product chooses function over fancy attachments. In the front, there is a fill gauge with an LED light so you can see when it’s time to add more water. The product can be disassembled using a quick release portion.

This fountain has pump protection, which is a really great feature. Once the water level goes so low, it enables anti-dry burning protection to prevent the pump from overworking itself. It comes with three layers of filters to filter the water.

With a two-liter capacity, this design is perfect for one or multiple cats. We liked it because it is simple, easy to clean, and has pump protection.

The Pawbo Spring – Best All Rounder

Pawbo Spring, a pet water fountain with smart technology that provides fresh running water for cats, is very popular. This water fountain can help you monitor your pet’s water consumption even when you’re not at home.

The fountain uses a three-layer filtration system including PP cotton, activated carbon and ion-exchange resin to ensure water is clean, safe and high-quality at all times. The filtration removes any unpleasant tastes and odours, making the water more attractive to your cat.

It works well, is very easy to use, and it saves us from having to refill the water bowl each day. We plan to continue using it. It also took less than a minute to get it up and running and only a couple of minutes to get the app running too.

The 15-degree sloping design ensures the fountain is comfortable for all pets to drink from, it offers an easy, comfortable drinking position without your pet having to awkwardly lower their heads which can cause discomfort and spinal injury.

Pawbo Spring’s quietness is a great benefit for pets who are easily scared. If you use the iPuppyGo tag (which comes with it) the fountain can tell you the drinking pattern of each of your pets which can be very useful in a multi-pet household.

The app also includes a camera built in that allows you to keep an eye on pets, and monitor their behavior at the fountain.

best cat water fountain

Petkit Anti-Burn Out Water Dispenser Review: Best Long Lasting

The smart and stylish Petkit anti burn out water dispenser (AKA a fountain!) It’s more than a pretty face. This device features anti-burnout technology that will notify you when your water level is low. You can then switch it off to prevent the system from getting completely dry.

This prevents your motor from continuing to run when the water bowl is empty so that you can be sure that your motor won’t burn itself out and break as has been known to happen with some cheaper fountains. If you are the type of cat owner who is perhaps a bit forgetful then this model would be a good choice for you!

An extra quiet pump that emits 50 decibels (equal to a conversation) can be installed in your bedroom.

  • Comes with free feeding mat
  • Triple Purifying Action
  • Refill reminder function
  • Ultra-silent pump
  • 3 different modes; smart mode, night mode and normal mode

The filter also has a yellow indicator light that will blink to let you know when it is time to change the filter. This saves you both time as well as money.

The PetKit Anti Burn Out also has a smart mode which allows it to work out whether it is day or night time by judging the amount of visible light in the room. In night mode it will output a smaller and more infrequent amount of water under the assumption that your pet is likely to be asleep…or at least less thirsty during the night, and in day mode the output will be greater and more frequent. Smart mode can help you save money, energy and water. You can optimize water delivery to your pet’s most critical times.

Reducing Health Risks

If you have continuous water flow, it takes care of any associated health risks. It can reduce the harmful effects of toxic substances and can make your cat more healthy. The more your cat is adequately dosed on diet and hydration, the better shape their bodies will be in.

best cat water fountain

Reasons To Avoid

With three different modes of flow – waterfall, flower bubble and gentle fountain – you can make adjustments to suit cats or dogs, while the triple filtration system comprising a non-woven fabric, coconut shell activated carbon and ion exchange resin keeps the water clean and fresh. It’s also very quiet, performing its job at less than 40dB. It’s a great little system.


We mean both the needs of your pet and its aesthetics when we use “design”. Fountains that have multiple streams, or bowls that are 360 degrees apart, work well for pets with many. If you have a senior pet, you want a fountain with a bowl placed somewhat higher. You can make your pet’s life easier by making it easier to take care of arthritis symptoms.

The majority of top-rated cat fountains can be adapted to any home by being neutral in appearance. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, so some might be more suitable for your home than others.

best cat water fountain

Easy To Maintain

It is easy to make sure that your cat’s fountain water is always clean. All you need to do is clean the bowl as many of these products are designed with ease of maintenance.

If you’re ready to find the perfect cat water fountain for your cat that fits in with your house, take a look at the best cat fountains we recommend on Amazon.

Make a Water Fountain

The cat fountain is a great way to encourage your cat to drink water more often. It stimulates the cat’s predatory instincts. Because the fountain creates ripples in the water, your cat will think this is the sign of a fish or another animal under the water, and will be fascinated and drawn to the water bowl, making them want to drink from it.

best cat water fountain

Best Overall Water Fountain For Cats:

Petsafe(r) Drinkwell Avalon Dog and Cat Water Fountain

“One of our cats only has one kidney so it was difficult to get her water until this fountain. This is an excellent fountain for cats, the cats are attracted to it. We have never tried to splash cats with fountains while they drink, and my cats won’t be able to use those. This fountain is perfect for them.” -S.M.

Click here to shop for your PetSafe Avalon Water Fountain

Improves Digestion

Adding more moisture to your cat’s diet will improve gastrointestinal functions. Your cat will be able to digest more of their food, which can reduce the likelihood of constipation, GI problems, upset stomachs, and slow digestion.

best cat water fountain

Ease Of Assembly

While assembling water fountains I set up a timer to track how long each took. Apart from tracking time and how long it took to assemble the water fountains, I also kept track of how many pieces were needed as well as the clearness of the instructions.

On average, the water fountains took two minutes and thirty seconds to assemble, fill, and start. The Cat Mate had the quickest assembly at one minute and forty-four seconds, while the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum took over seven minutes to set up the water flow settings–it took a couple of splashy trips to fill the reservoir and bowl.

Predatory Instinct

The predatory instinct of cats is strong and they love water. Your cat water fountain will create moving water, which often your cat will think is moving prey. They may think that the ripples in the water indicate the presence of a fish or other creatures, and this awakens their predatory instinct and gets them excited about being near the water and, hopefully, drinking it too.

best cat water fountain

Catit Design Senses Plastic Drinking Fountain

If you’re looking for a pet fountain with a minimalistic design, then Catit Design Senses Plastic Drinking Fountain might appeal. The large water-to-air surface platform helps increase oxygenation of the water, helping it taste better and fresher for your cat.

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