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Best Litter For Cats

Best Litter For Cats

Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter — Premium Choice

You might consider Natural Fresh Walnut Cat Litter if you have more to spend. This cat litter is all-natural and made with 100% walnut shells. Walnut litter is different from clay and may be a problem for some cats. If they’re willing to try it, it may be one of their best choices.

This litter has malodor counteractant, which helps eliminate urine and fecal odors. It is also low on dust. Natural dust is not as common because it’s not made of clay. This feature makes it a good decision for picky cats and those with respiratory problems.

This cat litter is free of chemicals, toxicants, clay, corn and other grains. It is completely safe for your cat and low in ingredients.

This cat litter can be quite costly. It is best to buy litter if you have more money.

At A Glance: Best Cat Litter To Buy

Below is a comparison table that highlights the key features of each product. The article will provide more information on each product.

  • Creates hard, easy-to-scoop clumps
  • Affordably priced under $0.50 per pound
  • Relatively large granules help reduce tracking
  • Affordablely priced at $0.38 per pound
  • For tight and hard clumps that are easy to scoop,
  • It performed quite well when controlling the litter box odor
  • Contains pH-detecting particles that change color
  • Litter with light weight and a sandy texture
  • It absorbs urine and dehydrates hard waste
  • For easy scooping, form firm, cohesive clumps
  • Fine granules are gentle on your cat’s paws
  • Biodegradable, made from plant-based materials
  • Clay litter that isn’t naturally scented won’t cause irritation to sensitive nostrils
  • Easy to scoop: Forms hard, tight clumps
  • Uses automatic litter boxes
  • It contains an herbal cat attraction to promote litter box usage
  • Easy to scoop: Forms hard, tight clumps
  • Performed fairly well in odor control in a multi-cat household
  • Very affordable, priced around $0.14 per pound
  • Made from highly absorbent pine materials
  • Kiln-dried to make it safe for cats and other small animals
  • Non-clumping formula may be safer for kittens
  • Incredibly low in dust, great for sensitive noses
  • Recycled paper material used in this product
  • Moderately sized crystals, excellent absorption
  • When pouring, dust levels are relatively low
  • It lasts for longer than average clay litter
  • Creates hard, easy-to-scoop clumps
  • Clay litter produces relatively little dust
  • Offers strong, long-lasting odor control
  • Complete litter box system, all in one
  • Dehydrating zeolite pellets help dry out solid waste
  • Under the system, urine collects on the underside of the pad.

best litter for cats

Nature’S Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter

Nature’s Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter is an up-and-coming formula that appeals to the pickiest of cats–and we think you’ll approve, too. This bio-enzymatic formula will take care of odors and appeal to your finicky feline, too.

We were concerned about how the litter bag would handle odors because it was scent-free. However, it performed admirably. The litter bag is packaged in a plastic container that can be resealed with a handle on the side. This will prevent any spillages or mess.

We do want to point out that the company offers a successful purchase–or your money back. So, if your cat gives this litter a big paws down, you can get a refund to move on to other options.

Frisco Unscented Odor Defense Clay Cat Litter – Best Overall

For most picky cats, Frisco Unscented Odor Defense Clay Cat Litter is the best option. The odor defense technology prevents the overwhelming ammonia scents. There are no fragrances, perfumes, or dyes included, which is helpful for picky cats. It is also helpful for humans with sensitive noses, since fragrances can often be overwhelming.

The litter is clay-based, so most cats don’t have any problems with it. It clumps and absorbs liquids quickly. It makes cleaning and scooping much more easy, while the ammonia smell is not allowed to penetrate the air.

The clumps also use less litter, saving you money over time. This litter does not create huge clumps like some other litters do.

This litter has low dust content, so it is ideal for pets with sensitive respiratory conditions. This cat litter is the perfect choice for cats with picky habits.

best litter for cats


Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clay Cat Litter is hypoallergenic and made to be almost completely dust-free. Therefore, it is quite suitable for pickier cats. You won’t find many substances it is sensitive to in the product.

Clay is medium-grain, so it tracks better than other litters. This formula is suitable for multi-cat households. This formula traps moisture and odors making it ideal for cats who don’t want to share the litter with other cats. It is also great for cleaning and sifting litter boxes.

The clumping of this litter isn’t the best, though. It can be a bit difficult to clean, which may be a problem for cats that are sensitive to odors and liquids.

#10: Unscented Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter.

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This clumping clay litter has a full kit of odor-neutralizing features. This clay litter is very absorbent and protects against urine odor. It forms hard, tight clumps.

Three agents are included in the Ever Clean odor management system. The first is activated charcoal to capture ammonia and feces odors, followed by an antimicrobial to stop bacteria growth, and plant extracts that, according to Ever Clean, eliminate any residual odors.

It’s also worth noting that this litter is a little on the heavy side. This can be a challenge for cat owners when it comes to carrying and scooping the litter but it does help reduce tracking and scatter.

Want More Options? You can click here to see a list of the best litter for odor control

best litter for cats

Frisco Multi-Cat Clay Litter Unscented – The Best Value

For homes with multiple cats, we recommend Frisco Multi-cat Unscented Clay Cat Litter. This litter is quite inexpensive.

This litter can be used to clean up after pets. It may contain a little dust because it’s clay-based. This formula is designed to fight odors, but it is unscented and does not include any artificial fragrances. This formula is low-tracking which may prove to be very useful in multi-cat households.

This formula is completely hypoallergenic. It does not include any plant dyes, perfumes, or fragrances. It also doesn’t have any plant proteins, which cats are sometimes allergic to.

This litter is clumping, so it quickly forms clumps. This litter is ideal for mechanical boxes and sifting.

This litter tracks more than other litters on the market. It still qualifies as “low-tracking,” though. It is easily the best cat litter for picky cats for the money.

Elsey’S Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This premium cat litter has been rated five stars by over 28,000 Amazon customers. It’s dust-free at 99% and hard-clumping to ensure that the litter sticks to cat’s feet. It’s hypoallergenic, so you and your cat can both use it. The medium-sized grains, which are about the same size as the litter, will not track outside of the boxes.

According to one reviewer: “Using this […] for the first time tonight was such a refreshing experience, as there was no odor, no dust, no tracking, and the litter even formed a more solid sustainable block that my huge stainless steel scoop could easily run through and scoop up! !a

best litter for cats

Best For Sensitive Skin Or Allergies: Purina Yesterday’S News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

This highly absorbent litter is excellent for cats that may have allergies or sensitive skin. The litter is non-toxic and chemical-free. It also doesn’t contain any scents or additives that could irritate the skin of your cat. It’s made from recycled paper and features larger pellets that won’t cling to your cat’s paws the way finer, sand-like litters do. The paper pellets also allow for triple the absorption to keep their litter box totally dry and clean.

According to one reviewer: “I hate most litter options out there because my cat instantly makes a mess as soon as they use it. This litter is the cleanest and easiest to clean out there. As the litter [absorbs] liquid, it breaks apart and falls to the bottom of the litter box so there is always clean litter at the top and my cats don’t track litter clumps around the house.a

Nature’S Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Cat Litter

Nature’s Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter is a natural cat litter that uses crushed and ground cat litter as its base. The litter is extremely dust-free and quickly clumps to retain moisture and odor. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which makes it better for the planet. Also, it has no scent. It is also gentle on cats’ paws and they love digging into it.

Nature’s Miracle Premium has a downside. It contains scents that can help with odor management. However, perfumes can be too strong for your cat, especially if you use a covered litterbox. This litter could also stick to the cat’s feet and cause it to track in your home. The clumps formed would be fragile so we had to break them when we tried to remove them.

  • Low dust
  • Clumping fast
  • Biodegradable
  • Soft
  • Odor control
  • Contains fragrance
  • Tracks
  • Weak clumps

best litter for cats

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter: Best overall

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is our pick as the best overall. It’s a walnut-based litter that uses crushed walnut shells and is very soft on your cat’s feet. This litter is much more absorbent than clay litters and has less dust. The clumps won’t break apart when you scoop it. Because it is lightweight, it can be packed in large bags and 100% biodegradable. The walnuts are renewable each year, and the trees are also useful for wood.

The downside of using Naturally Fresh Cat Litter that we experienced was that it’s easy to kick out of the litter box since it’s so light. Because it is a dark-colored litter, it can be difficult to find the treasures that your cat has left you. You might also spend more time cleaning it up than you would normally. It also has an odd smell that some people might not like.

All in all, though, we think this is the best natural cat litter out there.

  • Lightweight
  • Low dust
  • Absorbent
  • Paws are soft
  • For strong clumps
  • Dark colors
  • Strange odor
  • It is easy to get out of the box

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter – Best Value

If you’re trying to save a few bucks but need your cat to do their business in the box–try Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter. The product has zero dust and will keep your cat’s nose clean.

It was amazing how well this litter clumps. The litter forms instant bonds with the litter and microgranules keep it clean.

Arm & Hammer offers a seven-day guarantee on freshness, which makes this litter great for homes with a few cats. It uses natural odor-fighting power, like baking soda, for optimal freshness. You’ll appreciate the extra strength–and the price tag!

best litter for cats

Arm & Hammer Litter Slide Multi-Cat Clay Cat Litter

As the name suggests, the main purpose of Arm & Hammer Litter Slide Multi-cat Clay Cat Litter is to be easy to clean. The litter is meant to be able to slip right out of its box. It is a good option, but it may not be the right choice for you feline.

This litter has a scented scent. Although this helps mask odors, certain cats may be more sensitive than others to scents. Before you buy, it is worth considering your cat’s sensitivities.

The litter is also very heavy and therefore the packaging may not be the best. It takes a lot of strength and effort to lift the litter, particularly when cleaning up after it.

It must be turned every day. Otherwise, the clumps on top don’t provide anywhere for your cat to bury their solid waste. While this isn’t necessarily a huge problem, it can be quite annoying.

That said, this litter is practically dust-free. This is always a nice feature because it prevents the litter from negatively affecting your home’s air quality.

#2 Best Budget: Fresh Step Simply Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

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This clumping litter costs only $0.38 per pound. You can easily purchase it online, but this brand is also available in many grocery stores and major retailers.

The Fresh Step Simply Unscented cat litter contains clay, which can produce silica dust. In testing this product, we found it to be significantly dustier than Dr. Elsey’s, which could be a problem. That being said, our test cats really seemed to enjoy the litter.

The granules are small and gentle for cats’ paws. It is also unscented so it can be used by both humans and cats. The litter formed tight, hard clumps that were easy to scoop, and it controlled litter box odor fairly well.

best litter for cats

Best Cat Litters For Tracking

The scent-free, clay cat litter has low tracking and hard lumping. This makes it easy for owners who are tired of cleaning up all the litter in their homes every day. This litter is hypoallergenic, and does not contain any plant proteins. It’s dust-free and leaves your cat’s environment clean. It’s made for multi-cat households so it maintains a fresh scent for longer.

Made from mini-pellets of soft wood, this plant-based cat litter contains no animal waste. This litter is biodegradable and can be flushed, which means it reduces messes. Its dust-free formula and clumping ability means it stays inside the litter box, and you won’t find it scattered throughout your home. The litter has a seven-day anti-odor feature that keeps it fresh and free from ammonia, which can sometimes build up in non-clay litters.

Undesirable Texture

Your cat may not like the feel of the litter on their pads, even if it doesn’t stick. If you notice a lot of flicking

best litter for cats


Wheat is a type of grass that is a fine powder litter that is soft on your pet’s feet. This litter is less dusty and tracks better than grass. It is easy to clump and biodegradable. The downside is that you can’t use it with cats that have a gluten allergy.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Natural Cat Litter

The type of cat litter you choose will have a significant impact on your decision. Here, we break down the types of natural cat litter so you have an idea of what to expect.

Different types of natural cat litter

best litter for cats

Best Cat Litters For Clumping

This advanced, extreme clumping litter uses Febreze to create easy-to-dispose-of, clumps. It also retains odor, making it fresh and pleasant. Its super clumping action prevents too much waste and also reduces the amount of crumbling from those clumps. The product is dust-free which keeps track down to a minimum and helps maintain cleanliness. This product promises 10-day anti-odor. It’s also one of the most affordable options.

The Best Cat Litter Is Made Without Irritating Fragrances

Some people prefer litter made with added perfume, but these fragrances may irritate sensitive noses. The best cat litter doesn’t lean on fragrances to disguise the smell of cat waste.

best litter for cats


Corn is another entirely renewable grain that is also 100% biodegradable. It makes a great cat litter that’s absorbent and controls odors naturally. This brand is also affordable and easy to find at your local shop. However, you shouldn’t use it with cats with a gluten allergy because they might ingest it as they clean off their paws.

The scent of nothing

If you’re concerned your cat is sensitive to the fragrances used in cat litter, try out a scentless product.

best litter for cats

Maximum Coverage

Some cat litters, such as most non-clumping types, can make it difficult for your cat to cover. It could lead to litter box problems if they can’t properly bury their mess.

Non-Clay, Low-Dust Litters

Try one of these litters if your cat doesn’t like clay, or you can’t handle any clay dust

World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

sWheat Scoop Fast-Clumping All-Natural Cat Litter

best litter for cats

What Kinds Of Cat Litter Might Irritate Cats?

Tons of factors might influence why your cat is rejecting their litter. Each cat is unique and you might be able to pick up on some cues.

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