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Best Odor Control Cat Litter

Best Odor Control Cat Litter

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Febreze Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Is there a cat litter that smells exactly like Febreze Count me in! The Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter is another clumping litter on our list, which means that it’s super absorbent. Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control features ClumpLock technology, which ensures the litter forms into hard clumps when it interacts with cat waste. The litter did not “cement” with wet litter at the bottom, making it easy to clean up.

This clumping litter is formulated with Ammonia Block Technology to eliminate odors up to ten times per day. The litter box and surrounding area will smell fresh, clean, and odor-free thanks to the Mountain Spring Febreze scent that is activated by paws. Considering some scented litters don’t smell all that good, this one is refreshing on multiple levels.

There is a low amount of dust in this litter, but if you’re looking for a completely hypoallergenic litter, this one won’t be the best for you. The dust may become airborne when pouring or if your cats dig, but you likely won’t find your cats tracking small particles around your house. Your cat won’t be able to track litter particles on their paws because the litter is medium-sized.

This litter is very sticky when wet, so you may find some litter caught on your cat’s rear from squatting, and if they happen to have wet feet when entering or leaving the litter box, you’re likely to have to find that the litter cements onto those wet surfaces. This could be an issue and require additional washing for you.

  • Super absorbent
  • Removes odors for up to ten days
  • Low dust content
  • Reduces tracking
  • It is a wonderful scent
  • Can exacerbate allergies
  • Cats may reject fragrant litter
  • It is very difficult to clean after it has gotten wet.

New Step Multi-Cat Litter

The Fresh Step cat litter is a great choice for multi-cat homes because of its excellent odor control technology.


  • 99% dust-free
  • Scented with Febreeze
  • 10-day guarantee on odor control
  • Constructed from clumping, clay
  • Uses Fresh Step ClumpLock Technology
  • You can purchase 14-18.5, 20 and 34 pound items

We love it!

Fresh Step’s Multi-Cat Litter is great for multiple cat households. Extra-strength formula for odor control stops the odor from coming in contact. No bad smell will greet you upon entering your home, even if there is more than one cat.

They are simple to use and come in small bags so that you do not have to lift a lot of weight to refill or fill the litter box. The bags are also resealable so you’re protected from spills.

The Multi-Cat Litter clumps well, and true to the brand’s claim, there is low to no dust at all. Each bag of clay litter is long-lasting due to its excellent clumping and odor control.

There are some things that could use some improvement.

Don’t let the level of litter get too low in your litter box. Multi-Cat Litter sticks to your litter box’s bottom like concrete and makes it difficult to pick them up.

best odor control cat litter

Use The Right Litter Scoop

Using the right tools makes you a better scooper.

A great cat litter scoop captures every last crumb of soiled litter and easily digs out litter stuck on the bottom of the box or trapped in corners. If you’re guilty of putting off litter box cleaning, a good scoop makes the task easier, encouraging you to do it more often.

This is a great idea!

Next time you scoop your cat’s litter, let yourself dream. Could your scoop possibly work any better than it does?

Could the scoop glide through the litter more smoothly, effortlessly separating clean and dirty litter? It could be made of stronger materials. Could it have a better edge for scraping the bottom of the pan?

You might consider investing in a litter scoop that is more user-friendly to make scooping easier.

Dr Elsey’S Ultra Premium Multi Cat Litter

Dr Elsey’s is a hypoallergenic litter that has excellent odor control to maintain a fresh, clean home. This is the best choice for those who have allergic reactions to litter.


  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Unscented
  • Multi-cat recipe
  • Litter is composed of medium grain and granules
  • Ideal for both sifting and mechanical litter boxes
  • Available in 14 and 40 pound bags

We love it!

This cat litter by this brand offers exceptional odor control. If your cat buries his business, there will be absolutely no hint to indicate that he has eliminated waste. Even if you put the litter box in a small space or room, this litter will cover up all smells.

The litter also clumps well. It turns hard when used and easily scoops out of the litter box with no problem.

There is no tracking when cats use this litter. Large grains won’t stick on your cat’s fur or paws because they are not too sticky. Plus, the litter is also unscented, which is wonderful for cats that dislike strong scents.

What needs a bit of improvement:

There’s also the matter of the litter sticking to the bottom of the cat’s litter box. Baking soda can be mixed in to help remove any soiled litter from the bottom of your cat’s litter box.

best odor control cat litter

Natural Multi-Cat Clumping Walnut Litter

Our only list item is Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Walnut Litter. It’s made from crushed walnut shells instead of more commonly used materials.

Walnut litter is useful for certain situations. It’s dust-free and doesn’t contain any common allergens for cats. And this particular litter is soft as well, making it perfect for aging and senior cats.

However, this litter does lack in a few areas. As far as odor control is concerned, we recommend scooping this immediately after your cat does her business. Although it does clump quite nicely, it won’t absorb odors from urine and feces. This litter can track quite badly, so cat odors could make their way into your home.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter (Walnut)

We are going to introduce you the Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Walnut to anyone who hasn’t heard of walnut litter. This litter is biodegradable and is made to fight strong odors. Its natural walnut scent is strong enough to overpower the unpleasant odors in the litter box.

Naturally Fresh claims to absorb odors better than competitors by up to three times. This litter can be relied upon to trap scents and is quick-acting.

This organic litter is comprised of only plant-based, non-GMO, solar-produced products. If you’re all about saving the environment one step at a time, this is definitely a cat litter you should try out.

However, we noticed that it’s dustier than advertised. It may also rain.

best odor control cat litter

The “Pick Of The Litter”.

Although cat litter might seem simple, it can be hard to find the best one when there are so many options. For the best for odor control, we recommend Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter. Our top pick is affordable, safe for your cat, and it’s a great blend of all of the essential features we’ve discussed. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Clumping Cat Litter also has a strong odor-blocking formula, and it also reduces tracking and messes around your litter box.

Whichever cat litter you choose, we hope that this list of reviews and things to look for in your chosen litter will help make your buying process more manageable.

Cat litter with Step Odor Shield

The Fresh Step Odor Shield cat litter is an effective odor eliminator that’s well worth the mention. With ammonia-lock technology, your litter box will burst with the smell of Febreze–and not waste odors. Ultra packing is possible with the small granules. They adhere to waste and form easy-to-clean clusters.

Fresh Step is not like other litters. It doesn’t break down or leave behind small pieces of trash. Fresh Step can be sucked out and cleaned up immediately. It lingers and combats odors even after it is added. The absorbency is top-notch–and we think your kitty will love the texture of the granules.

The formula label claims it combats these harsh smells for up to 10 days–but we think your litter box will need a little refill refresher each time you clean the box. The litter is 99.9% dust-free, so it shouldn’t irritate your cat’s sensitivities.

  • Febreze ammonia-lock technology combats tough odors
  • You can keep your packs together, but they won’t fall apart
  • Lasting scent
  • Needs a refresher each time you clean

best odor control cat litter


Pine wood fiber is used to make pine litter from scrap lumber. They may be in the form of pine pellets or granules. The natural smell they emit reduces the smell of trash. They’re also environment-friendly, do not track, and are easily disposed of because you can use them for mulch or flush them down the drain.

But, pine litter has sharp edges, which may not be so pleasant for your cat. Another problem is the fact that pine litter does not remain in a solid state after it absorbs moisture. Instead, it turns into wet sawdust and makes it difficult to pick up the dirty litter boxes.

Types Of Litter

First, you should know the different types of litter materials. You can control odors in cat litter using three primary materials: crystal litter, clay, and natural.

Clay litter is the most obvious and the most popular option. Clay litter is very absorbent, and it does an excellent job at neutralizing odors. Clay litter comes in both clumping and non-clumping forms, and we will discuss those differences in a bit.

Crystal litter is made of silica gel, which is the same material that comes in freshness packets. Crystal litter is more expensive than clay litter, but it lasts a long time (up to a month!) It is also effective in controlling odors.

best odor control cat litter

These are the Best Cat Litters for Odor Control in 2022

Cats are pretty easy to take care of. They instinctively know how to use the cat litter box to do their business, and they’re meticulous about grooming themselves. They prefer that their bathroom is clean so they can go to number 1, 2, and 3 in peace.

The ever-present odor of cat urine or feces is something that no one wants. If uncontrolled it can lead to your pets having to eliminate their waste from other places. This is why choosing the best cat litters for odor control is important.

Before you make your decision, it is important to be familiar with all types of cat litter. We’ll cover that later in this article. Let’s now look at some top-rated cat litters on the market, and discuss why it may be right for you.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. Our reviews are also regularly updated and reviewed to ensure that manufacturers do not make any modifications.

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  • New Step Multi-Cat Litter
  • Purina Tidy Cats Tidy Max 24/7
  • Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump Seal
  • 1. Dr Elsey’s Ultra Premium Multi Cat Litter
  • 2. New Step Multi-Cat Litter
  • 3. Purina TidyCats Tidy Max 24/7 Performance litter
  • 4. Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump Seal Cat Litter
  • 5. Naturally Fresh Walnut Clumping Cat Litter
  • 6. The World’s Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats
  • 1. PetSafe Premium Crystal Cat Litter – PetSafe ScoopFree
  • 2. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Litter
  • 3. Feline Pine Cat Litter
  • 1. Recycling paper
  • 2. Wheat and Corn
  • 3. Silica gel crystals
  • 4. Grass
  • 5. Pine
  • 6. Coconut
  • 7. Clay
  • 8. Walnut
  • 1. Non-Clumping Cat Litter
  • 2. Clumping Litter
  • 1. Find the right cat litter.
  • 2. Scoop daily.
  • 3. Clean the cat’s litter box.
  • 4. Place all cat litter boxes in a well-ventilated area.
  • 5. Natural cat litter scenters are available.
  • 6. Consult a veterinarian.
  • What can you do to get rid of the cat smell?
  • Why do I smell cat litter?
  • Can air purifiers be used to reduce cat smell?

Cat’s Pride Total Odor Control Litter Unscented

Cat’s Pride Total Odor Control Unscented is an honorable mention. It is lightweight and affordable. The dual-clay formula with maximum power is patented and keeps things fresh up to 10 day.

This is 25% lighter than competitors’ brands and 99.9% dust-free. This product is safe for all housecats and has the same odor-fighting power as competitors. Because it clumps nicely, scooping is easy.

Even though this best cat litter for smell is an odor-fighting litter, we noticed that it seemed like the smells kind of stuck to the litter over time. So, even after vigorous cleaning, it held a residual smell. This litter will need to be changed approximately once per week if you choose it.

  • For odor control, dual-clay mix
  • Lightweight
  • Patented formula
  • It is possible that the batteries need to be replaced frequently

best odor control cat litter

Best Overall Cat Litter For Odor Control

Our Pick: Tidy Cats Free & Clean


  • TidyLock Technology, which uses activated charcoal, combats odors
  • When used according to directions, promises 10-day anti-odor guarantee
  • Available in a variety of sizes, including lightweight jugs and bulk bags
  • It’s free of artificial dyes and fragrances so that it can be used with sensitive cats.
  • 99.9 percent dust-free
  • Affordable pricing

Consider These Things

  • As is the case with clay litters, some tracking can be expected
  • Tracking can also be expected, as is with clay litters.

Review by a sample buyer: I didn’t realize Tidy Cats had a Free & Clean formula. It was intriguing to me if the charcoal vs. baking powder would really make a difference. I have two large litter boxes which I keep at 4” depth, scoop daily, and do a total change out every month. This particular formula does track, and I do have the mats under each box, but I cannot believe how little odor there is, even if I don’t scoop every day. The clumping is quite noticeable. My older cat, Abby, does her business in only one spot in the corner so sometimes it doesn’t clump up hard, but it is still an improvement. The low dust was also important as Abby has respiratory issues. Free & Clean is a win-win for me and my felines!”

#1 Overall Best: Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan is our top pick for litterboxes that control odors. It is big enough to work for one or two cats, keeps the litter inside where it is meant to be, and has a carbon filter to trap odors before they escape into your home. The box also works with most budgets and is well-made for years of use. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan has all the features we need in an odor-control litter box.

This litter box has a larger hood than other comparable products. It makes it much easier for the owner to pick up the litter and clean out the box. The hood can be removed and disassembled if you have to clean the litter more thoroughly or change the litter.

Even reviewers with multiple cats liked the odor control of this litter box. “I LOVE THIS BOX! It has changed my life,” wrote one pet owner with two kittens. No more stale smells or litter everywhere. It is huge! It’s perfect, because my two cats share it.

Some cats may not like the lid or door, although most reviewers said that their cats got used to the change. One reviewer said that the door flap and filter work very well to prevent odors from getting out of control. “Although my cats initially took a while to accept having a door on their litter, they now use it just fine with only a little resentment.”

  • Carbon filter is used to capture odors
  • It is durable and will last many years
  • Hood can be removed for cleaning
  • It’s not too costly

best odor control cat litter

So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

First of all, we love the fresh, but not overpowering scent of So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter. It’s made from 95% recycled paper, which is highly absorbent.

We don’t like that it makes cleaning a little more complicated. It’s not clumping so it may soil more litter than is necessary. This can lead to extra waste.

For optimal odor control, this product contains both baking soda as well as zeolite. It can be difficult to scoop the product. The non-clumping aspect can saturate more paper pellets than necessary since they aren’t specific.

If you can learn to maneuver the scoop, so you get problem areas right away, it’s definitely worth your money.


It can be very dusty depending on how you treat the litter. Filling the litter box using control and pouring slowly will avoid clouds of dust.

best odor control cat litter

The Cat’s Preferences

If you have a very temperamental cat, making a big change to their litter box setup may not make them very happy. You can choose to tough it out through the transition to a new box or type of litter. You may also want to try a more budget-friendly option to start with to see if they can adapt to a new type of box. Cat owners and cats often have trouble switching from an open litter box to one that is covered. Either make it gradual, or choose a larger opening to allow them to move into the new litter box.

Number Of Days The Odor Control Will Work For

It is important to scoop and clean regularly. If you are unable to scoop every day, make sure to check the label to find out how long the odor control lasts. Make sure to empty the litter box by the expiration date. It is the best thing for your cat and will help keep your house free from litter smell.

best odor control cat litter

Best overall – Best natural litter

Another advantage of this product is its great dust control ability. The litter is made by Dr. Elsey for cats suffering from respiratory problems. They must have perfected their method to keep the litter dust-free.

Finally, of all the products we reviewed, this is one of the most reasonably priced cat litters making it a great purchase for anyone.



  • Exceptional odor and dust control
  • Long lasting
  • Incredible value for your money
  • All Natural
  • Better tracking control is possible
  • Better tracking control is possible

Nonscents Cat Litter Deodorizer – Budget Pick

NonScents cat litter deodorizer contains crystalline clinoptilolite zeolite sourced from the US, according to the manufacturer. Zeolites are porous minerals with high absorbency which can be great for controlling litter odor. It is free from chemical additives which will keep your cat safe. It is much longer-lasting than other odor control litters on the kitty market. A money saver!

best odor control cat litter

Our Domestic Cats’ Ancestors Are Biologically Adapted To Living in The Desert

Now we know why cat pee chokes you up, so let’s talk about how to make your house smell fresh and your cat feel happy.

Notice we’re not talking about lilac-infused litter pellets or heavy-scented plug-ins. Most cats hate those smells. These are all cat-approved and non-obtrusive ways that cat litter smells can be controlled.

Let’s look at science again:

What can you do about cat litter odor control?

Cat Waste Odors

The distinctive smell of cat urine is ammonia. It’s super overwhelming and can be very hard to hide. Pungency is the same for all their poop. It is important to have a high level of odor control when purchasing litter.

best odor control cat litter

Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping cat litter makes it easier to scoop out waste. It will make the litter box cleaner and more fresh. It is cheaper to dump litter than to sift it. Removing the waste from the box daily is the best way to keep litter odor at bay. This will make your cats happy and safer too.

Check to make sure that the litter does not contain any toxic chemicals. Cats are sensitive creatures. Some litters are vague with the ingredients. Always read the labels and reach out to the company if you have further questions. Your cat’s safety comes first.

Odor control goes beyond using fragrances, as you’ll want to limit stinky smells and not just mask them. Many fragrances mask the smell of odors. It is important to choose odor control litter which absorbs the smell. It will help keep your litter box’s smell to a minimum.

Use Natural Cat Litter Deodorizers

Baking soda can be used as a natural deodorizer. It doesn’t mask unpleasant odors. Instead, it absorbs them. It’s non-toxic and definitely safe to use with cats. You can also try using a charcoal litter box liner or filter, which offers superior odor control. Charcoal filters, like baking soda are safe and affordable.

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