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Worlds Best Cat Litter

Worlds Best Cat Litter

worlds best cat litter

#2 World’S Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

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Made from natural compressed corn materials, this clumping cat litter is free from silica dust so you and your cat can breathe easy. The litter forms hard, tight clumps that make it easy to scoop. It is also biodegradable, flushable, and easy to dispose of. It is both eco-friendly, unscented and a great choice for multi-cat homes.

This litter, like the others tested, produced some dust upon first pouring. However it settled quickly so was not an issue for long. The litter did take on an unpleasant odor when exposed to large volumes of urine, but frequent scooping was sufficient to control litter box odor. The litter itself had a very slight scent to it but nothing strong enough to irritate cats with sensitive noses.


  • Litter may take on an unpleasant odor when exposed to a significant amount of urine.
  • Some cats don’t like the scent of lavender.

The litter is available in bags of 7, 14 and 28 pound. The litter is lighter than traditional litters because it’s made of compressed corn, rather clay.

Pet owners are a picky bunch, to be sure. There are some basic criteria that cat owners must meet when it comes to cat litter. World’s Best Cat Litter generally meets these standards and most customers love the product.

This being said, every customer’s experience is unique, and there are both good and bad reviews for the brand online. Keep reading to see a positive and negative customer review for each of the three cat litter formulas featured above:

“I love this cat litter. I made the switch after discovering that most traditional litters contain silica, which when inhaled over time, can cause lung diseases including cancer. What did I lose? Maybe it was, after all the name World’s Best Cat Litter. Well, it sure is. This litter is literally just ground up dried corn. That is it. It is magical, clumps very tightly, and doesn’t have little bits breaking off and crumbling away. My cats had zero issues adjusting to their new litter.” – CaitlinCatLady, reviewing World’s Best Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

“Highly recommend the World’s Best green bag formula! I’ve used this product for 12 years with two cats. Because we are very sensitive to smells, it was important to be able to clean out the litter box easily. This was recommended by a friend. It’s easy to clean the litter box daily or hourly. Clumps well too. I tried the multi-cat formula once but seemed to have a perfume/odor. This green bag formula doesn’t have odors and works great.” -Julia, reviewing World’s Best Clumping Formula

“Happy customer! This stuff is awesome! My 2 cats with 3 litter boxes means a lot of scooping. This is the easiest, cleanest litter to scoop. The pee doesn’t stick in the container, it just clumps up quickly. Even if your cat, like mine, pees at the very edge of the box, you’ll scoop the clump without any scraping or chipping away to dislodge it from the box. “It lifts out.” – Cleaner. Review World’s Best Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumbing Formula

worlds best cat litter

#1 World’S Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

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When you have more than one cat, litter box odors can add up quickly. This clumping formula is uniquely designed for multi-cat households to reduce litter box odor and to make scooping easy. The clumping formula is made with compressed corn, which has high absorbency. They form tight clumps to trap the odor and make it easy for you to scoop. This dust-free formula is environmentally-friendly, flushable and natural.

Multi-cat litter is extremely lightweight, making it easier to carry and less dusty than clay litter. It was a bit dusty at first when we put the litter in the boxes, but it settled quickly so that the problem wasn’t recurring. The litter formed tight, hard clumps which made the box easy to scoop and it resulted in very little waste.

Discussion of the Primary Features (Good and Bad).

For a company to call itself “World’s Best,” it must have gone out of its way to separate itself from the rest in terms of quality and efficacy. It seems that the World’s Best Cat Litter brand did just this.

Unlike most cat litter brands that utilize inefficient or low-quality materials, this company uses natural compressed corn to ensure a lightweight, easy-to-maintain, dust-free, pet-friendly, and environmentally-friendly cat litter. The clumping nature of compressed corn makes it great for odor control and making the cleanup process easier.

The following are some notable attributes of World’s Best Cat Litter.

Actions to Stop Clumping

Because compressed corn is so absorbent, the World’s Best Cat Litter formulas create tight, solid clumps. The clumps do not crumble easily, allowing for easy scooping. According to most customers, compressed corn is far more effective at clumping waste than clay litter.

Odor Control

World’s Best Cat Litter does not contain any “special” ingredients to control odors, unlike other litters. One of the formulas contains lavender for odor control.

The reason for insisting on only using natural products for odor control is to ensure that no harm comes to your cat’s health. However, corn and plant fibers are not as effective at odor control as agents such as activated carbon are.

This means that World’s Best Cat Litter might not be as effective at odor control as some other products on the market.


World’s Best Cat Litter claims its litter is dust-free, as we have already mentioned. Because concentrated corn doesn’t disintegrate as other litter materials it ensures dust-free litter. You don’t need to worry about your health, or that of your pet.

Easy Scooping

As mentioned earlier, the absorbent nature of concentrated corn gives it a remarkable clumping action. The resulting large clumps are easy to collect, meaning that you will not have to empty the entire litter, resulting in cost savings.


Obviously, World’s Best Cat Litter is pricier than your standard run-of-the-mill cat litters. After all, it is a premium product. World’s Best Cat Litter is not as expensive as other premium brands.

It is also cost-effective and you don’t have to empty every litter box to get rid of the waste. This could make it a more affordable option.

worlds best cat litter

World’S Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula For Multiple Cats

Multi-cat households will love this litter. Its quick-clumping system and ease of scooping make it easy to maintain.

The clumping litter formula comes in two forms: one with a natural scent, while the other is lavender-infused for better odor control. However, the scented version can be irritating to cats. A high concentration of lavender can actually make your cat sick.

The litter is lightweight, which means you won’t have to strain your back every time you need to change it. Additionally, it is dust-free and environmentally friendly.

#3 World’S Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

This scented formula offers the same hard-clumping benefits as the other two formulas, with the addition of a pleasant lavender scent. Generally speaking, World’s Best Cat Litter offers average odor control – when exposed to a significant amount of urine it can retain some odor. In this case, the lavender scent helps to mask that odor, keeping the litter box smelling fresher for longer.

In addition to its pleasant scent, this cat litter is eco-friendly and flushable. The litter forms hard clumps when it comes in contact with solid or liquid waste. It relies on the lavender scent for longer-lasting odor control. It is very low in dust and low-tracking as well, helping you keep your house clean. Plus, it is formulated for multiple cat households.

worlds best cat litter

Review Summary

The need to have the best cat litter has been evident since the first humans kept cats at home. While cats are renowned for their exemplary litter habits, the stench of their waste is almost otherworldly. Cat waste is not only unpleasant, but can also be very messy.

Unfortunately, not many cat litters are effective at odor control and clumping the waste to make it less messy. As a result, for a long time, cat parents have been burdened with the unenviable task of cleaning their cat’s litter box and replacing the litter regularly. The frequent replacement of litter can be tedious and costly.

A group of scientists set out to find the perfect cat litter to address this problem. The litter had to not only be effective in controlling odors but should also be clumpy to allow the litter to last longer without needing to be changed.

Their efforts were successful, resulting in the birth of World’s Best Cat Litter. This revolutionary litter utilizes natural ingredients, such as dried corn, which is a highly absorbent material that forces both liquid and solid waste to clump together, resulting in a cleaner litter box due to less mess and waste.

Also, the formation of tight waste lumps makes it easier to scoop waste and also ensures that litterbox cleaning is easy. What’s more, the World’s Best Cat Litter also has exceptional odor-control capabilities, ensuring you do not have to worry about litter box smells again.

Is this product really worth the price? Read on to learn everything you need to know about World’s Best Cat Litter.

Overall, Is World’S Best Cat Litter A Good Choice?

We are happy to report that World’s Best Cat Litter lives up to its name. There are many things to love about this brand, not least the affordable price. The fact that this brand uses only natural, compressed corn materials means that every formula is lightweight, highly absorbent, and flushable. This makes World’s Best one of the easiest, most convenient cat litter brands for cat owners.

All of World’s Best Cat Litter’s formulas are safe for kittens over 8 weeks of age and for adult and senior cats. It is also made of natural materials, so insects may be attracted to it. You can avoid this issue by tightly sealing the bag and by not placing your litter box outside in humid areas.

worlds best cat litter

Brand Overview

In 1996, the World’s Best Cat Litter Company was established by a team of scientists who set out to create the most clumping litter available. They discovered an innovative process to transform natural ingredients such as dried corn into cat litter with concentrated liquid-absorbing and odor-absorbing power. This allowed them to create a litter box that was cleaner and fresher.

World’s Best Cat Litter is the brand’s most famous product. It offers cats the possibility of a clean litter box that leaves less mess and produces less waste. Compressed corn is a highly absorbent material that forms tight clumps, making the task of scooping the litter box quicker and easier than ever. Because of the hardness of the clumps, there is less waste and your litter will simply fall back in to its litter box. You can flush the clumps down your toilet to dispose of them.

World’s Best Cat Litter is so confident in their products, that they offer a money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase.

World’S Best Cat Litter Attraction Action

Christened the “Attraction Action,” this litter formula is designed to lower the risk of your cat pooping anywhere else in the house by drawing it to the litter box. The litter formula contains a cat attraction that’s natural and highly attractive to cats.

The litter box is extremely soft and comforting for cats. This attribute also helps encourage the cat to visit the litter box whenever they want to go. It is soft and quick to scoop, even though it has a slow texture.

The only issue with this litter formula is that it is prone to tracking.

worlds best cat litter

Negative Customer Reviews For World’S Best Cat Litter

This litter is great straight out of the bag. The litter forms tight clumps that trap odors. It never smelt anything. However, a few weeks of just topping off the litter when I scooped as needed, I noticed the litter overall was turning into a fine dust. This dust ends up everywhere plus the litter tracks far and wide. “I assume that clumping litter tracks, but I can assure you this isn’t nearly as harmful as clay litter.” CatOwner reviews World’s Best Clumping Formula

“My first impression is the lavender smell is not great. Second, it does not hide smells it more mixes with the smells and creates an even worse smell. Before I bought this litter, I used basic clay litter at my local grocery. It was much cheaper and it didn’t smell as bad. With this litter, I smell it all through the house. However, it is really easy to clean! It clumps really well.” – Imalady, reviewing World’s Best Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

Natural cat litters are often more costly than clay litters. But, World’s Best Cat Litter is different.

This brand is similarly priced to traditional litters, but you actually get more for your money due to the concentrated power of naturally absorbent corn materials. A small bag of World’s Best Cat Litter lasts one cat 30 days or longer because it is low-waste and would normally cost between $1.1-$1.2 per pound.


  • Strategist

Dust levels: Some clay cat litters can create a lot of dust, which can be irritating to both cats and humans. If you’re very sensitive to dust (or have a small bathroom where it’s hard to dissipate), consider alternative materials like crystal or grain.

Here are nine litters and one deodorizer that our experts recommend to satisfy your feline friend. You can also jump right to the cat litter that you are looking for.


For a litter that checks all the boxes and should work for most cat-owning households, Bosley and Kerrie McKeon, resident cat expert at the animal-welfare and adoption organization Bideawee, recommend World’s Best. “It’s clumping, it’s natural, and I have asthma and allergies and it doesn’t set anything off for me,” says McKeon. “If you scoop it morning and night, a bag gets you through quite a while.” Made from corn kernels, it’s a natural option that’s also septic-safe so you can easily flush away both liquid and solid waste. Bosley says that this litter “cuts down the smells the best” of all the litters she has used.


Low dust

Because she has three litter boxes at home, Angie Krause, a holistic veterinarian and consultant for I and Love and You pet food, really likes that this litter provides excellent odor control and is lightweight and easy to carry. Although her two cats with kidney failure and one with IBS use this litter the most, Krause says that it is equally good for those who have healthier cats or don’t mind carrying heavy litter bags. Krause claims that this litter also provides “the best smell control” for cats than lighter litter. Elizabeth Bales, a vet, recommends Tidy Cats litter to her clients. Bosley also likes Tidy Cats litter as it isn’t scented and doesn’t cause allergies. Even though it doesn’t contain fragrance, the litter does feature activated charcoal to naturally absorb odors.


For a cat who isn’t using the litter box — or is learning to use one as an adult — this litter contains a proprietary blend of herbs that, much like catnip, lures felines in. McKeon promises, “I’ve actually seen it in action and it does work.” When her shelter rescued a large group of cats that had never used litter boxes before, she says they put Cat Attract in all of their boxes, and “no one ended up needing meds to use a litter box; they all eventually learned how to use it.” Krause agrees this litter can be a huge help for cats with behavioral issues, but she does advise to check with your vet before purchasing to ensure your cat isn’t avoiding the box due to illness.

Lightly scented with odor-absorbing baking soda

Some kitties, just like people, are sensitive to dust. For these cats, experts recommend looking for a low- or no-dust litter. Bosley says, “Imagine going to the toilet in a duststorm.” It’s not fun. Litter that is prone to generating a lot dust from cats digging in and kicking it up can be a nuisance for humans. Bosley claims Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter has the closest thing to dust-free. Plus, it’s great for managing odor, she says, thanks to the addition of baking soda.

Low odor

Compared to traditional clay litter, litters made from alternative materials like corn, wheat, and grains are more environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable. Heike Klassman, an adoption-seminar leader with Anjellicle Cats, recommends this litter, which blends naturally odor-controlling hinoki (cypress) wood and green tea. It’s easy to clean and does not contain sodium bentonite which could cause problems for cats with the bad habit of eating litter.

Low dust

Another biodegradable (and flushable) litter, this one is made from wheat and comes recommended by Bosley, especially for cats who are sensitive to scents or dust.

Low dust

Made from recycled paper

While clumping litter is usually the easiest to deal with, there are some cases when you’ll want to use a non-clumping variety — including when you have a new kitten. Fox explained that clumping litter may stick to or irritate the incisions of cats that have had recent surgery, such as spaying or neutering. It also doesn’t allow you to monitor your cat’s urine output which can be important for caring for diabetic animals. Kittens are more likely to eat litter, too, and clumping varieties may irritate their sensitive stomachs. Yesterday’s News is recommended for these cases. It’s basically newspaper in pellet form. The urine can sit on top of the box and won’t stick incisions. It’s also what shelters use for newly spayed or neutered kittens; for instance, at Bideawee, McKeon says they’re “using it for a cat with skin issues because it’s hypoallergenic” and doesn’t produce any dust.

Although this is not technically litter, Julia Gomez Kramer, a contributor, raved about the odor eliminator and we decided to add it to our collection for cat owners who do not want their home to smell like cats. Kramer has tried many different deodorizing products, including charcoal filters and odor-absorbing balls. But this deodorizer was the winner: “When I use it, the litter box smells more like nothing than anything,” she says.

worlds best cat litter

What Other Users Are Saying

It is good practice to check other people’s experiences with a product before buying it. You will get an idea of the product’s features by reading about other users’ experiences with it.

We scoured the internet for user reviews on the World’s Best Cat Litter. We found that most customers are not only satisfied with the brand but also mention that the litter exceeded their expectations.

Nonetheless, there were a few complaints about this brand’s products. Most of the complaints revolved around litter’s tendency track. The majority of World’s Best Cat Litter reviews are positive. These reviews are available on Amazon.

What Formulas Of World’S Best Cat Litter(tm) Are Available?

We have a total of five formulas that all deliver the concentrated power of corn so you can do more with less litter. The Original Series offers long-lasting litters with outstanding overall performance. For homes with up to 2 cats, the Clumping Formula is for you. The Multiple Cat Clumping Formula for those with more than one cat. Lavender Scented Multiple-Cat Clumping Formula for owners with multiple cats. Advanced Series products have a concentrated power and unique ingredients that address specific needs. This series is available in the following formulas: Zero Mess(tm) is the multiple-cat-strength litter that guarantees fast and easy cleanup with 2X better clumping and 2X more odor control, so you get less mess with less wasted litter. This litter combines corn’s concentrated power with super-absorbent fibers from plants that trap liquids quickly in tightly clumped clumps. You don’t need to scrape or chisel the box. Once you have sucked, it’s done. * Zero Mess(tm) Pine Scented delivers the fast and easy cleanup of Zero Mess(tm). Plus, it adds a blend of real pine ingredients for a gentle, natural scent you’ll love.

worlds best cat litter

What is the minimum number of times I need to change all the litter in my cat box with World’s Best Cat Litter?

Depending on the number of cats and their frequency using the litter, how frequently you change cat litter will determine how frequent you should do so. Customers report that World’s Best Cat LitterTM harnesses the concentrated corn power for long-lasting performance and don’t need to change it as frequently as other litters.

Zero mess by the World’s Best Advanced Cat Litter

The World’s Best Cat Litter Formulas all have a tendency to quickly clump to prevent messes. However, “Zero Mess”, takes this attribute to the next level.

This formula is made from a proprietary blend of whole corn kernels and plant fibers. It creates a highly absorbent litter. In addition to its ultra-fast clumping action, this formula is also great at odor control. It is also safe for septic use, so you can dispose it off the drain.

Unfortunately, this formula is susceptible to tracking.

worlds best cat litter

Our Review Process

With a name like “World’s Best,” you should have high expectations for this brand. This brand uses high-quality, affordable materials and is not like other litter brands. All of its products contain natural compressed corn, which allows for light, clean, airy litter.

The multiple formulas are long-lasting and easy to dispose of. Simply put, World’s Best sets a new standard for cat litter.

Products Included in This Review

Are There Any Special Requirements For Storing World’S Best Cat Litter(tm)?

World’s Best Cat Litter(tm) is a natural product, so bugs may be attracted to the litter if they gain access. Seal the package or store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing litter boxes in moist areas.

worlds best cat litter

World’S Best Cat Litter Reviewed

Here’s a list of all the information you should know about this brand. If you’re considering buying cat litter made by this brand, you will be able to make an educated decision.

Is World’S Best Cat Litter(tm) Safe For Kittens?

World’s Best Cat Litter(tm) products are made from food or feed-grade ingredients and are safe for kittens over eight weeks of age. Cat litter is not recommended for kittens younger than eight weeks of age by veterinarians.

worlds best cat litter

How Did World’S Best Cat Litter(tm) Get Its Name?

Our company started back in 1996, when a group of scientists set out to create the best clumping cat litter possible. What they discovered was a revolutionary process that turned our natural ingredients into a cat litter that delivered concentrated power for a cleaner litter box–with less hassle and less litter. After several tests with consumers, we quickly realized that our litter could go by no other name, and World’s Best Cat Litter(tm) was born!

What Are The Differences Between The Original Series And Advanced Series Formulas?

To satisfy the needs of all cat parents, we offer two series of litters that deliver the concentrated power that helps you do more with less. Original Series litters are long-lasting and have outstanding overall performance. Advanced Series litters are long-lasting and specifically designed to address specific issues.

worlds best cat litter

Recall History

Based on the available information, the World’s Best Cat Litter Company has never recalled any of its products.

Is World’S Best Cat Litter(tm) Flushable?

Yes! All World’s Best Cat Litter(tm), formulas, have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for sewer and septic. Unlike clay-based litters, World’s Best Cat Litter(tm) harnesses the concentrated power of corn, so you can simply scoop, flush and move on with your day!

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