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Where Do Petsmart Get Its Animals?

Where Do Petsmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc.
Formerly Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. (Former legal name)
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Products Pet supplies and live animals
Brands Unleashed by Petco, PetCoach, PetInsuranceQuotes.com
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US$194 million (2021)


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US$219.083 million (2021)


Number of employees
27,000 (January 30, 2021)



Knowing where your pet was purchased from allows you to assess its health and social dynamics.

  • PetSmart partners not only with hundreds of adoption centres, but also sells small pets at their stores. You might be wondering where PetSmart gets their animals. This is what I found.
  • PetSmart’s Fish Sources

    PetSmart’s fish are often sourced directly from fish sellers. These companies supply various species of animal to pet owners. Most often, these animals are imported from breeders.

    Fish Mart is the largest supplier of PetSmart fish, according to former employees. In addition, Fish Mart is a special supplier for most US pet stores across the country.

    Where Do PetSmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

    Where Does PetSmart Get Their Reptiles From?

    PetSmart is known for getting their reptiles through Reptiles By Mack. This company has been raising reptiles in the area since 1985.

    At Reptiles by Mack, the reptiles are kept from babies until they are strong, large, and old enough to be transported to pet stores like PetSmart.

    Reptiles by Mack is likely to supply PetSmart with the following reptilian animals:

  • Crested Geckos
  • Corn snakes
  • King Snakes
  • Ball Pythons
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Milk Snakes
  • PetSmart: Where do they get their birds?

    PetSmart sources their birds from the Kaytee Preferred Birds program, which is an establishment that purchases birds from other mass breeders.

    Kaytee Preferred Birds raises birds that are healthy and ready to go for PetSmart.

  • Kaytee Preferred Birds is a program that has two locations, one in Florida and another in Las Vegas. Kaytee also has a separate bird food business that sells supplies from food and cages to treats!
  • Where Do PetSmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

    PetSmart Where Do They Get Their Small Pets?

    PetSmart sells live small animals from their stores. This small pet range includes guinea-pigs, hamsters and rats as well as chinchillas.

    PetSmart asks customers about their origins. Many have been told by PetSmart that the animals were sourced locally from ethical breeders.

    However, some people have expressed concern that breeders could be just animal-mills looking to make as much profit as they can.

    PetSmart gets their kittens and cats from where?

    PetSmart does NOT directly sell kittens and cats. They partner with several adoption centres with several cats that are advertised for adoption.

  • PetSmart has partnered up with the Brown County Humane Society in order to adopt neglected or abandoned cats into their forever home.
  • The Brown County Humane Society’s animal shelter in Martinsville and Bloomington Eastside lists any cats available for adoption.

    Where Do PetSmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

    PetSmart’s Dogs & Puppies are Sourced From.

  • PetSmart will not allow you to buy puppies or dogs from any of their locations. However, they are happy to help you adopt one!
  • PetSmart’s adoption centers are managed by experts who coordinate adoptions for the partner adoption groups.

    PetSmart’s coverage of different areas means that these groups can vary. PetSmart Charities still allows you to find the appropriate adoption group for specific dogs by clicking on “learn More”.

  • The New York City husky, for example, is from ‘No Dog Left Behind’
  • What’s an Animal Breeding Mill?

    Farms that breed animals are called animal breeding mills. These farms produce large quantities of animals without giving them the care or ethics necessary to live a full and happy life.

    Due to overpopulation, these animals often live in unsanitary conditions. Due to mass overpopulation, these animals can often be kept in poor conditions, which could lead to many problems.

    Where Do PetSmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

    Do Animal Breeding Mills Have to Be Ethical?

    Many animal breeding facilities are seen as unethical regardless of what they do.

    However, not all animal-breeding mills are bad. They have extensive knowledge of raising responsible animals.

    In order to avoid overpopulation, responsible breeders will keep only a few animals at all times. The breeders will provide exceptional care for each animal and ensure that they raise them in a healthy and happy environment.

    If you’re looking to find out about breeding mills, it is worth visiting the area where your animal will be adopted or purchased.

    Additionally, online reviews of the business are also a great way of establishing the conditions that the animals live in. Don’t fund unethical breeding yards. They won’t be in business.

    PetSmart: Should I buy an animal?

    PetSmart will let you decide if you wish to buy live animals. PetSmart claims that live reptiles and fish are from responsibly-bred breeders.

    PetSmart is the best place to inquire about the care of your animal.

    You can also ask PetSmart staff where the animal was sourced. If the staff can provide information on a breeder or business, it is possible to search this information online.

    Doing this will enable you to get more information about the breeder. This will help you to make a more informed decision before purchasing the animal.

    However, it is a good idea to adopt another animal, such as dogs, cats or rabbits from PetSmart’s charity. They come from reputable rescue and animal charities.

    To see more related posts, you can see our guides on how much it costs to put a dog to sleep at PetSmart, the PetSmart fish return policy, and our mega guide on the PetSmart Hotel.

    Where Do PetSmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

    Conclusion: PetSmart where do their animals come from?

    PetSmart has a variety of suppliers, including breeders and vendors. They also have partnerships with rescue shelters and charitable organizations.

    PetSmart will stand by its claim that all live animals are from ethical breeding facilities, however PETA or other animal groups insist otherwise. There have been internal and/or undercover investigations which exposed harsh conditions.

    Adopting animals wherever they are available is a great way to ensure their ethical care. PetSmart has a wonderful adoption program at many of its stores.

    In order to give the best care for abandoned and neglected animals, these shelters work in partnership with several animal rescue organizations.

    Where Does Petsmart Get Their Fish From?

    Fish Mart

    What is the best way for pet stores to get their animals?

    The majority of animals found in pet shops are from puppy mills. They don’t get socialization or exercise and they do not receive veterinary care.

    Petco where does it get its reptiles?

    Re: From where do Petco’s reptile stores source their reptiles and fish? Bill Brant/Gourmet Rodent supplies 99% percent of Petco’s animals. Petco is the largest producer and importer of c.b reptiles. He buys/imports between 30,000 to 50,000 c.h balls per year.

    Why You Shouldn’T Buy Reptiles From Petsmart?

    A lot of reptiles that are sold in pet shops chain stores were wild caught rather than captive bred. Mar 3, 2016,

    .Where Do Petsmart Get Its Animals? (Fish, Reptiles, Birds + More)

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