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Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials?

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Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

Shane Matsumoto

Shane Matsumoto is the owner and operator of SER Soundworks in Chandler, AZ. It's a music rehearsal, recording and post-production studio. Shane's work for Nickelodeon's Birthday Club Project involves him editing and recording hours of recordings of voices from actors like Patrick Star of Spongebob, Josh and Blue of Blue's Clues and Lincoln Loud of the Loudhouse. Shane also worked in the studio with talents for projects like Busta Rhymes, or Des Linden Brooks Running Shoes. Shane has taught audio and post-production courses at Grand Canyon University and the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. He also teaches other audio classes. Even as a panelist on the Q&A of production experts at the first annual Phoenix Sci-Fi and Horror Film Festival, he was able to share his knowledge and experience. Shane produced and edited 94-episodes of Indie Music Phoenix, a regional show on AZTV7, booking, filming, and/or interviewing famous musicians passing through town for his show - artists such as Lacuna Coil, Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Wayne Static from Static X, Mayhem, Dave Ellefson of Megadeath, Sen Dog from Cypress Hill, Zella Day, Ian Anderson band, members of Yes, Vanilla Ice, and tons of others.

He also makes music with his progressive industrial band, Paradigm Lost, writing an epic rock opera to release later this year. Though Shane has edited numerous commercials, occasionally he writes jingles too - his most commonly heard jingle was purchased by O'Riley's auto parts and used by them for nearly 20-years in nearly every one of their commercials nationwide. (O-O-O-O' Riley's Auto Parts - Ow!) Shane, not exactly modest, is also known for his sense of humor. He brags about the fact that, in the past 20 years, more people have heard him record and edit Janet Ault's voiceovers, which are heard on every English AT&T Voicemail system in the entire world, than Miley Cyrus, or Madonna. His music recording credits also include two albums for BJ Thomas, mastering for DJ Mickey Oliver, production credits on albums featuring Larry Norman, and song demo recording for the Gin Blossoms, as well as production for numerous independent acts. Shane's work with Comedy Central on several seasons of voice talent for Crank Yankers at Porcupine Studios allowed him to record and edit Drew Carey, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Sarah Silverman, David Allen Grier, Ludicris, Eminem, Jeff Goldbloom, Hank Azaria, and many others. Shane plans to wind down his production of audio books to make time to focus on this new venture here. Since January of 2020 until the day hired at Such-A-Voice the following year, Shane completed narration, or record/editing, for 38 audiobook contracts and counting, including Kimber Leigh's memoir - an Amazon best-seller. When he has a minute, he likes to hang out at the pool with his wife, two kids, and two dogs and profusely apologize to all of them for how busy he is.

Me For Business Inquiries

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I make certain my commercials are done exactly as requested, thanks to my many years of work on major campaigns in the biggest radio and tv markets in the country.

Some of my happy customers include:


Mc Donalds


Disney Cruise Line

Caesar's Palace

Columbia Crest

Style Network

LA Kings

Armstrong Garden Centers

Fresh Brothers Pizza

Wolfgang Puck

Galpin Motors

and many more.. like these below! Home Depot, Dreamworks Animation and The Los Angeles Dodgers are just a few of the many.

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Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

Home Depot

Home Depot is a multi-billion dollar corporation with locations across the US, Canada and Mexico. It also has offices in Guam, Puerto Rico, Guam Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands. Home Depot has 70 distribution centres in the United States, and they offer a wide range of job opportunities in their store.

You can choose to work at Home Depot as a cashier or retail sales representative. Some of the warehouse employees of Home Depot are paid on a salary basis, and their pay is slightly higher than that of retail associates. In Home Depot, the average senior manager earns over $100,000.

Although there are consistently good deals at Home Depot, the best sales to look for are the Black Friday sales held right after Thanksgiving and in the spring. During both of these, you'll discover some incredible discounts.

However, there are rumors that Lucas records his voiceovers for Home Depot at his house. The majority of Lucas' voice-over work is done in an aesthetically pleasing studio.

Home Depot’s first commercial?

Home Depot's first official television commercial has been removed. However, the original commercial, which is likely to be reflective of one of its oldest advertisements, still is.

It tells the story of an old man living in a trailer, and his life is changed when he is forced to share his trailer with an attractive young woman who is also living in the trailer park. The movie was filmed in 1985, and was released the following year.

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Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

John Cusack - Chevrolet

Cusack came on board as the car company's main (voice) man back in February, when he replaced another actor, Tim Allen, as the voice o' Chevy. Cusack, the actor from Say Anything might not seem like the best choice for a 30-second commercial that deals with "a truck driver and a little calves and rain outside and broken fences," but he brings some gravitas and seriousness to the spot. Will that little lost calf be okay? Cusack's narration makes it seem like the story is safe.

What Is Sam Elliott Accent?

Elliott, despite being born in California and having Texan heritage, considers himself a Texan. Elliott also spent time in Oklahoma, so his vocal style is influenced by several other influences. I think that as a child, my voice was considered funny. It had a Southwest accent.

Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott are friends. Selleck says, "Sam Elliott and I had been good friends for a long time." Fox had a talent program similar to the old studio system. We were part of it. Sam, I have always thought, was better formed back then. He knew exactly what he desired.

What is the voice of Chevy Truck Commercials? 1. John Cusack - Chevrolet. Cusack came on board as the car company's main (voice) man back in February, when he replaced another actor, Tim Allen, as the voice o' Chevy.

Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

Ron Howard - Gold Peak Tea

Ron Howard voiced Gold Peak Tea ads in 2014. These ads were 30 seconds long but they popularized "the taste that brings us home."

Gold Peak Tea is manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. The goal with their 2014 ad was to highlight "the home-brewed taste" that makes this iced tea so delicious. Ron Howard may not be the obvious choice but his work as a family-friendly narrator on "Arrested Development" and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is proof that he can do the job.

Queen Latifah - Pizza Hut

Have you been craving a pepperoni pie? Blame it on Queen Latifah! The talented celebrity did the voice-overs for a ton of ads for Pizza Hut starting in 2003.

Tom Jones, the CMO at Pizza Hut, wanted to promote "family" in the campaigns and believed Queen Latifah would help push the idea. Pizza Hut spent $300 million on the advertising, while 7,000 stores went even further and gave away free DVDs when you ordered a large size pizza. So a whole family can spend the night together watching movies and eating pizza (hopefully with Queen Latifah).

Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

Aaron Paul - Mazda

Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad," was known for his love of the extreme. He also voiced Mazda's 2016 "Driving Matters." ad campaign.

Mazdas are high-end vehicles that cater to car enthusiasts. Their marketing team claims that their target loves fun-to-drive vehicles. Aaron Paul, who played a driving dealer on "Breaking Bad" and starred in Need for Speed was the obvious choice for voiceovers.