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Addalock Review

Addalock Review

addalock review


Chain could impede installation

It can take some time to learn

This may need some explanation when it comes to airport security. Amazon

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The possibility that a station has a poorly maintained restroom is one of the worst things about a long-distance road trip. Some gas stations don’t have the proper locks, and we’ve been to some that had them. The jokes of being forced to open the doors like Game of Thrones characters while doing your business is more than jibes.

Great for emergencies like a damaged or broken lock.

Our hope is that this sharing of experience with the Addalock Portable Key Locks makers will be a common one. As the name suggests, it’s a portable gadget you use to add a lock to a door. The Addalock offers more than just clever words.

addalock review

Materials & Aesthetic

Out of the pouch the Addalock appears like an emergency kit, or heavy-duty tool in a firetruck. It’s thick and solid as one would expect. However, the bright red insert is made of metal, which looks exactly like the pins on maps.

They feel strong and sturdy as you would expect from a lock.

Why red? Rishon Entrepreneurs, which is behind Addalock’s website states it’s red for safety. You can see the Addalock sticking out of your door in dark.

A rare, exotically-sounding combination of chrome-plated carbon and steel makes the metal plate. However, it’s not clear what kind of plastic was used for the lock’s bright red housing. Given its toughness and strength, we are assuming that it is ABS plastic. The plastic is not as tough and sturdy as carbon, but it’s still very similar to a Fisher Price toy.

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they kindly include a red pouch.

They even included a matching red pouch as a bonus. It has a big “Addalock” logo printed across, which gives it a hardware store vibe. When the velcro has been tightened, the Addalock is snugly fitted in. When the Howsarlock Metal Portable Lock is inside our bag, it sounds a little jingly. The Addalock is able to do this without any problems thanks to the handy pouch.

addalock review


Each one was different so I made a review. Since I had one to keep at home, I thought I could also take it with me when I travel. Or, I could return them if they were not satisfactory and get another one.

The case is certainly nicer. It features a hook-and-loop strap, and thick vinyl.

Addalock Case The Red Handle of Addalock (pictured below, left) is larger than the finger hole at its top. This makes it easier for large fingers and two smaller fingers to remove the Red Handle from the PDL.

It also has a bigger Red Handle that the MasterBolt. This may indicate it is more durable and therefore harder to break. They are both one piece, but the Addalock is “thicker” and doesn’t seem as breakable as the MasterBolt.

Red Handles comparable – Addalock left, MasterLock right. Addalock’s Track may also be slightly longer that the MasterBolt to help with circumvention.

PDL tracks compared (left: Addalock and right: MasterBolt). The Addalock Track is slightly longer.

addalock review

Addalock Review-Safe On The Go #Travellock

Imagine a lock on the go. Addalock is an easy, portable and efficient little device you can keep in your luggage. Since safety is my top priority and I have a wandering child, I was curious about this device. Although Addalock was not intended to be a tool for special needs, there are many uses. Since my daughter was very young, she could open any door. She also had little impulse control. We were very vigilant and still are. In our house we have extra security on doors and we have bolts to keep her from running out our front door. With her growing up, she will be able to go on longer trips with the family.

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The opportunity was presented to us this past weekend to run an overnight camp specifically for kids with special disabilities. The lock was so easy to use that I decided I’d take it with me. It was simple to use at our home, and even easier in the motel. I like the compact nature of the lock. It also comes with instructions, a carrying bag and some basic information.

Addalock is $20, which I find well-worth it. I will admit when I pulled the lock out of the package at first I thought it looked a bit like a can opener with handle. And initially I thought the instructions looked pretty tricky to figure out. However, it was possible to get the lock working with just a little patience. Caveat – this lock doesn’t work on every door. The device helps you determine if the lock will work. If the tool shows that the strike plate is not correct, don’t force it to close. The gadget was easy to use and portable. You can also afford it. Addalock, $20 seems like an essential addition to your suitcase or purse.

Disclosure: For this review, I received a complimentary Addalock as well as a couple of other products.

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