Eagletec Kg010 Review

Eagletec Kg010 Review

eagletec kg010 review

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We reviewed the Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard and provided a guideline for what makes a gaming keyboard different from regular keyboards. Also, we discussed whether these features are worth paying the extra price. To refresh your memory, those were mechanical switches, premium features like anti-ghosting and customizable macro keys, and a striking, eye-catching design.

These features are usually $150 in the lowest price bracket, though there is a range of budget-friendly alternatives. Our verdict was that the $50 Corsair K55 R RGB keyboard was a decent keyboard. It was a bit too costly for the features it provided. What about the EagleTec KG010 model?

That would seem to be the case. Let’s dig in.

The EagleTec KG010 mechanical keyboard is much more affordable than the Corsair RGB K55 RGB. It has real mechanical switches. It is a high-end keyboard that offers premium features, but the EagleTec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard is the most affordable on the market. You can feel the click when you press the key. The gaming experience is not much different from traditional membrane switches. But it’s sure to feel amazing as you move your fingers along the keys. EagleTec has boasted about these switches’ longevity and ability to resist “tough games conditions”. Editorial note: What is considered a hard gaming situation? We don’t have time nor energy to evaluate these specific claims but it seems remarkably well built. EagleTec’s one-year warranty is available for all purchases.

Apart from the actual keys, the keyboard also has rubber protection to avoid sliding. Though it’s a minor bummer it doesn’t have one to match the keyboard’s look. It is better to get a cheap keyboard and not throw away some plastic crap that will end up in the trash.

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eagletec kg010 review


If there’s one area where the EagleTec KG010 does fall a bit short of other keyboards, it’s in the category of premium features specifically designed with video games in mind. Layout-wise, the keyboard is an ordinary 104-key design with no extras such as customized macro keys and dedicated media buttons. Although media playback controls can be accessed using function keys, they are not allocated their own space on your keyboard.

On the contrary, though, the keyboard offers nkey rollover. This means, theoretically, that you could hit every key simultaneously and not lose any inputs. Because I only have ten fingers I cannot test this claim. But I could press all ten keys simultaneously and get each one to recognize. While this exercise is purely theoretical, there are never likely to be situations in which you’ll need to use more than ten keys simultaneously.

Last but not least, let’s discuss the EagleTec KG010’s most distinctive feature. The darn thing’s aluminum construction! OK, not all of it – although the bottom plates and keys are made of plastic, the bulk of the structure is constructed from solid aluminum. EagleTec offers other options, including a silver version and white keys. The review model had the black aluminum finish. Combine that with the LED backlit keys and this is an extraordinarily good looking keyboard; one that looks far nicer than its budget price tag might suggest. Be aware that this backlight has only one solid color. It doesn’t have any pulsing, chasing or blinking patterns. You can toggle the backlight by simply turning it on and off. EagleTec does offer a RGB variant for slightly more if that’s more your speed. This keyboard is stunning. Although the keyboard’s body is made of brushed metal, it looks very different from any other. It still feels sleek and minimal, rather than trying too hard to impress people with fancy, over-the-top design elements.

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I don’t have much negative to say about this keyboard when it gets down to business. While it may not be as feature-rich, it’s still one of the best gaming keyboards available. Unfortunately, the price for the few features it has is usually much higher than the others. You might think that forty dollars is a bargain, but when you take into account the solidity of its construction and how beautiful it looks, you will feel you have gotten away with something.

You won’t find a cheaper entry-level keyboard. It might not be for everyone, and the fact that there are no macro keys on a keyboard might make it a problem. However, a budget keyboard won’t come with a complete set of features. It all comes down ultimately to your priorities. Do you want the satisfying, tactile “click” of real, mechanical switches, or do you crave the customizability of macro keys and multiple lighting profiles? EagleTec KG010 doesn’t come cheap if your preference is for the former.

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