Eddie Bauer 650 Down Jacket Review

Eddie Bauer 650 Down Jacket Review

eddie bauer 650 down jacket review

Are Eddie Bauer Jackets Warm?

Eddie Bauer has lower prices, but it comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty. Also, their winter parkas can be very warm. This makes them a solid choice for people who need a jacket that will keep out the cold.

What Is Cirrus Down?

Eddie Baurer CirrusLite Jacket is made from nylon and has premium down insulation. It’s made with 650fill Premium Down insulation. It is extremely lightweight and compact, so you can store it in the pouch provided.

Is it true that down jackets are supposed to be tight?

Fit. You should never make a down jacket too snug or loose. You should allow for adding layers underneath but ensure it’s not too roomy as cold air could get in through the hem and arms.Sep 23, 2021

.Eddie Bauer 650 Down Jacket Review

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