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Emojoy Knives Review

Emojoy Knives Review

emojoy knives review

An excellent set of knives

Let’s start the Emojoy review of their knife sets. Which properties are important? What materials should be?

We should first consider buying knives sets that fit our financial budget. A good set of knives should not cost less than $100. It is true that the greater your budget, the better the knives you’ll get. This does not necessarily mean you’ll get poor quality knives.

You are the most important factor. You will need either a fillet or boning knife to cut the meat. Basic knives are always necessary. We’ll get to the bottom of it in this review.

Last, but not least, think about knife properties. You need to consider certain aspects when choosing a knife. For example; its tang is vital as it increases its stability and durability. A good blade needs to be full tang. Full Tang means the blade doesn’t end at the handle, but it continues within the handle.

Further details will follow. Let’s first learn more about Emojoy’s 16-piece knife collection.

Emojoy, for starters, is an affordable brand that offers high quality products at affordable prices. The engineers and designers use the highest quality that this price level can afford. So, you will not have to worry about the overall steel quality if you end up with this set of knives.

emojoy knives review

Emojoy 15-Piece Knife Set

Emojoy kitchenware is not the most well-known brand, but they still have a lot of customers. For this review, we took a look at the Emojoy 15-piece knife set.

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Emojoy’s 15 piece knife set is certainly attractive. It’s easy to see the 15 knives that are contained in this wooden knife rack. Every knife has its very own compartment.

It is made out of wood, as you can see from the description. It appears that the wood has been well-polished and treated. It has a feeling of strength and durability. However, this is dependent on how constantly you clean it.

You can clean the knives by using a towel and drying them on a magnetic board before you place them in your rack. It will keep moisture away from the knife and prevent it becoming soiled.

These knives include a bread knife as well as a slicing and santoku blade. They all measure 8-inches. You will also find a utility knife measuring 5 inches, a paring knife measuring 3.5 inches and kitchen scissors along with six steak knives measuring 4.5 inches.

Emojoy includes a free knife sharpener to keep your knives razor sharp. Isn’t that very considerate of them?

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emojoy knives review


Do not put in the dishwasher

Editor’s Note:

Emojoy is proud to have crafted their Emojoy knife collection from high-quality, high carbon stainless steel. This shows Emojoy is determined to keep their market share by only using high quality materials.

Emojoy provides this knife set as a 2-piece. The rosewood-colored variant was our review model. The other one is beige wood colored.

Pakkawood handles are used in the ergonomic design of the knives. Pakkawood is a professionally designed high-quality wooden material which is designed to be tough and withstand a lot of strain.

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Premium Choice J.A. Henckels International statement 15-piece knife set. The J.A Henckels15 piece knife set represents our best choice for kitchen knives. The knives’ premium stainless steel finish makes them visually appealing.

This 15-piece set is available in Henckels’ three colors: black, dark brown, and light brown. You can also get a 12-piece set if you need a smaller collection of knives.

.Emojoy Knives Review

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